Scaramanga’s Vintage Finds: The French Military Leather Satchel

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One of Scaramanga's Vintage Military Satchels - perfect for the festival look.
One of Scaramanga’s Vintage Military Satchels – perfect for the festival look.

Always on the look out for vintage finds, last week we were lucky enough to get our hands on an authentic vintage French military satchel from 1953.

The small leather and canvas satchel, still in excellent condition almost sixty years later, is a true lasting piece of history and everything from the unusually shaped compartments made for holding grenades, to the stamps under the flap show the authenticity of this quirky satchel bag.

In fact, the unusual compartments – four, vertical divided areas within the satchel – were the immediate point of interest for us here in the office as we considered what we might be able to put in them. The quickly settled conclusion: miniature bottles of wine!

Seriously, though, at first glance the vertical compartments look like a bit of an inconvenience – and there’s no denying that if you were looking to carry a notebook or diary that it’s not going to happen in one of these – but the compartments add an unusual twist to the satchel bag and are well suited to carry all of the main essentials: phone, purse, keys, sunglasses and, of course, the alcohol miniatures…

What with the sunglasses and the wine stored neatly in there, what you’ve got is the ideal satchel bag to see you through the upcoming festival season! The tough dark green canvas and chunky leather is perfect for roughing it in a field for the weekend, and there’s no need to worry about your bag getting damaged or dirty. All the essentials can be packed neatly inside in the individual compartments, making everything easily locatable, even when you’re squashed up in the crowds!

Just in time for festival season coming up, Scaramanga have managed to source a limited number of these genuine vintage bags, which are soon to appear on the website – so keep an eye out for these quirky military bags, perfect for adding a vintage yet practical edge to your festival look for this summer!

Prices and availability to be confirmed.

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