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Vintage Distressed Storage Unit (D) Vintage Distressed Storage Unit (D)

This is a wooden 8-hole pigeon hole shelving unit that is flexible enough to be used in a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or lounge. Its proportions make this unit makes an excellent display case for your treasured collections....


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Vintage Distressed White Painted Teak Cabinet (D) Vintage Distressed White Painted Teak Cabinet (D)

The painted patina of this low-rise cabinet has a lovely appeal which will only improve with time. The classic proportions of this wooden teak cabinet make it a great feature in a living room, bedroom or in a study. ...


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Vintage Teak Cabinet (D) Vintage Teak Cabinet (D)

This is a great example of a large high-quality vintage teak display cupboard. It would be an excellent storage/display item if you’re looking for an iconic piece in a retro or vintage styled interior. With ...


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Vintage Teak Armoire (D) Vintage Teak Armoire (D)

Vintage distressed armoire with two sets of paneled double-doors. Internally is a distress blue painted finish and a couple of shelves This piece was probably originally a bedroom cupboard and would have original...


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Old Distressed White Cabinet (D) Old Distressed White Cabinet (D)

This is a lovely old distressed white-painted teak hardwood cabinet which features an eye-catching semi-open storage area enclosed by vertical wooden slats. It would make a great feature in a living room, bedroom or in a study....


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Vintage Teak Storage Chest (D) Vintage Teak Storage Chest (D)

This is a lovely vintage teak chest. The patina of its teak has a lovely visual and tactile appeal making it ideally placed to take up a dominant place in a retro or contemporary home. A chest like this makes a great feature a...


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Vintage Industrial Architect’s Plan Chest (D) Vintage Industrial Architect’s Plan Chest (D)

An impressive piece of vintage oak furniture, which would make a stunning icon feature for your home. We think this item is from the 30’s. Once this plan chest would have graced the interior of an architect’s office...


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Upcycled Vintage Wooden Temple Mirror (C) Upcycled Vintage Wooden Temple Mirror (C)

The exotic profile of these hanging wall mirrors make for an attractive visual feature in any retro or contemporary home. Bedroom, lounge, bathroom or hallway you can never have too many mirrors. The distressed su...


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Old Coloured Vintage-Style Photo Frame (C) Old Coloured Vintage-Style Photo Frame (C)

These eye-catching photo frames would make an excellent feature for your favourite snaps. Made (upcycled) from reclaimed hardwood teak from vintage furniture. Pick your favourite distressed colour: Green, White, Re...


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Vintage Spindle Candle Holder (C) Vintage Spindle Candle Holder (C)

This vintage candle holder has been innovatively upcycled from an original Indian cotton spinning bobbin. Originally made many decades ago from teak hardwood for the Indian cotton industry. Scaramanga now offer them as attracti...


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