Leather Satchels & Bags for Women

Leather Satchels & Bags for Women

Our range of handmade classic women's leather bags includes leather satchels, leather tote bags, leather holdalls, travel bags, messenger bags, backpacks and saddle bags. These leather bags are all inspired by timeless iconic vintage leather bags seen throughout the years.

Our leather bags for women are great for all the necessary daily stuff that you need at any given moment without being bulky, making these leather bags for women practical yet stylish. If you are looking for a leather clutch bag for a night out, a women’s laptop bag for work, a leather travel bag for a weekend break we are sure you will find one at Scaramanga.

Each women’s bag is handmade by expert leatherworkers using quality leather, traditional techniques and tools. The leather is ethically sourced and tanned in an eco-friendly way. Our signature Hunter leather is thick and durable which means your genuine leather bag will last for years to come. Not only are they durable, but they are extremely practical as well. We thoughtfully design our bags for function. You’ll get long adjustable straps, multiple pockets, secure zips and other functional aspects that make our bags the best leather bags in the UK.

Many of our customers wouldn't leave home without their Scaramanga leather bags! Our vintage leather bags have a perfectly aged exterior giving them an antique leather look, so you do not have to wait ages for that vintage leather bag look.

Shop our beautiful range of women's leather satchels and bags. Take advantage of our free shipping on leather options, too!

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