TV & Movies Props

We specialise in supplying vintage furniture, interiors and leather satchels and bags to TV and documentary and feature film production companies, threatres  a diverse range of trade customers including props departments for feature films, across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

We are used to dealing with tight timeframes and can deliver the next working day and are also experts at sourcing unusual items and large quantities, so if you need a prop in a hurry just let us know by calling 01334 657642.

Our amazing antique steamer trunkspirate style chests and suitcases have been featured in films such as The Legend of Tarzan, Tim Burton's movie "Dark Shadows" and Angelina Jolie's "Maleficent". We have supplied antique brass padlocks for the Peter Jackson blockbuster "The Hobbit"and the Hugh Jackman movie "Pan" as well as providing leather bags for the Tom Cruise movie "Edge of Tomorrow". 

Dark Shadows    Edge of Tomorrow       The Hobbit  



We have also proudly supplied our unique antique padlocks to the 2016 Celebrity Big Brother series, and to the TV series' "Jericho" and "Peaky Blinders"; suitcases and furniture to Strictly Come Dancing and the BBC drama "Remember Me" featuring Michael Palin; satchels and journals for TV programmes such as Peter Andres 60 Minute Makeover, Hollyoaks, House of Anubis, Holby City, Rocket Island, Larkrise To Candleford and trunks and props to productions by the Royal Shakespeare Company.


       Strictly Come Dancing   House of Anubis    Remember Me

       Hollyoaks   60 Minute Makeover   Holby City

       Rockets Island   Larkrise to Candelford    

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