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Bearded Basturds

We teamed up with Craig McKay from local barbers, grooming and beard oils experts, Bearded Basturds. Team Scaramanga worked with Bearded Basturds to make a branded washbag for their grooming oils and balms. 

The business was started two years ago by Craig after he created an organic beard oil after high street oils gave him a rash and made his beard itchy. Bearded Basturds now have a barber shop in Dunfermline and plan to open several more across Scotland.

With a growing line of men's beard oils and grooming products, Craig was looking for a classic toiletry bag to create a beard grooming kit. The bag increases their average order value and helps to create a luxury look to the range.

We debossed each bag with their logo and used antique style brass zips hardware to make a unique toiletry bag. The bag was also made from our signature Hunter leather of course.  

Craig shares his experiences of starting his business and working with Scaramanga:

Who are Bearded Basturds?

We are on a crusade to challenge the big pharmaceutical companies that cosmetics products can be achieved without using harsh chemicals or alcohol. Our beard oils and grooming lines were born from baby-skin care research. I took inspiration from my own infant son’s skin issues to develop better organic and cruelty free products than they, or the doctors could offer. We're on a mission to convince everyone to be as passionate about grapeseed and cupuacu butter as we are. We just happen to make great male grooming products.

Why did you decide to offer a leather washbag to your customers?

The washbags first and foremost gave us the ability to create grouped product discounts. Reducing the price of other less profitable products and pairing them with the bags gave us the ability to offer deals. The first thing that happened was order value went up but also order volume too. People actually spent more. Incredible really.

What does having a leather washbag do for your brand?

I knew right away, it allowed us to further position ourselves as a premium brand. In fact, we just sent a bag and a balm to Staten Island, New York today. How’s that for reach due the credibility the bags give us!!!

What are your competitors offering their customers?

Most of our competitors are trying to bundle sets together with the cheapest combinations, cheapest extras (plastic washbags from China that fall to bits in weeks) to have the lowest 'deals' but they devalue their brand. With a well made leather wash bag, we are now being viewed as the go to place for a premium male grooming products with a useful well priced luxury leather accessory for the fashion conscientious hipsters and their partners. It’s put us on the map.

So why did you choose to work with Scaramanga?

When trading with suppliers we always look for that person or company to have similar ethics, brand and core values we have. We have said no too many advances because those companies have simply not been aligned. We care far too much about the quality of our products and services to have our organic, harsh chemical, alcohol and cruelty free way of working to be compromised. We won’t cut corners for anyone.

Working with Scaramanga has been a dream come true. Scaramanga is a renowned award-winning leather goods maker. But they are also passionate about helping other companies grow and getting involved in Scotland’s entrepreneurial culture. They do that by investing their time and allowing start-ups like Bearded Basturds to developed luxury branded goods under their roof and existing infrastructure. Which ultimately would be impossible to do from scratch in-house without serious investment. I can't articulate how delighted I am for what they have done for us in such a short space of time.


Tell us an interesting fact / any interesting customers?

Yes. We also sent a Scaramanga wash bag to the American business magnate and investor, Warren Buffet’s private jet pilot. He came in and got his hair cut at our barbers and said he loved our branding and of course our bags...he travels often and carries toiletries all over the world. Who knows who’s going to see what you produced for us and who knows who will see our logo, too.

What else has been happening at Bearded Basturds?

After just 5 months of opening Bearded Basturds Barbershop just won barber shop of the year at the Fife retail awards. We’re now aiming to transform the traditional barbershop experience. Too many barber shops in Scotland have turned into chop-shops, sitting you down, carrying out their service and booting you out in 8 minutes with no coffee, no conversation and often disappointed. It’s turned into a turnover chasing industry. The sad fact is, a lot of shops have turned their back on delivering a good experience. Barber shops need to wake up and realise they don’t just sell haircuts, they sell confidence and style. In order to do that well, you need to take your time and treat each customer like a king. A consultative approach to barbering, shaving and beard care will be our forte. An old boss used to tell me, turnover is vanity, profit is sanity. So we will striving to create a wonderful environment for our customers while building a viable and resilient business.

We will make sure our gents, bearded or not, will not be rushed, they will be so relaxed at times we’re taking bets on how quickly someone will fall asleep in the chair. We are pulling out all the stops (budget permitting) to take the barbershop experience in Scotland to another level. Having the Bearded Basturds product based business wrapped around the barbershop will certainly put us at an advantage.