Leather Satchel Bags for Men


Leather Satchel Bags for Men

Scaramanga’s classic leather satchel bag collections are a range of British designed luxurious vintage leather satchel bags that are well suited for work, travel and a little adventure. We have one of the widest ranges of satchels for men in the UK that are classic, practical and affordable.

All our brown leather satchel bags are crafted from our signature Hunter leather. This gives them that perfectly aged exterior distressed look. This handsome rugged leather combined with classic satchel designs make for the best men’s bag. We’ve just modernised the classic satchel, added adjustable straps, multiple pockets, added laptop sleeves and made several sizes to suit that classically styled man.

You’ll find this range of men’s satchels extremely versatile and practical. These leather bags can be used for work, travel and of course adventure. Taking your laptop on the daily commute has never been easier with a satchel. You’ll laptop will slide in and out with ease and stay protected with padded lining. The ease of a cross body strap means you won’t have to fuss with your bag when you’re carrying coffee, looking at your phone and trying to get your smart card out! Our leather satchels for men are crafted from our signature Hunter leather, which is incredibly durable. Commute comfortably knowing you have a very sturdy bag with you. All these things and more make them ideal for travel as well. With long adjustable straps and handles you’ll find getting through an airport a breeze. Our range of satchels includes our Large Overlander Bag, this bag is designed for weekend trips or long-haul journeys. It will hold clothes, shoes and there is a laptop sleeve if you’d like to carry that, too. Don’t forget about adventure, these satchels are the perfect companion for exploring the hills or a city, as they comfortably carry a camera, water bottles and well, anything around that size, really.

You’re probably thinking for all this great value, they must be expensive. They’re actually not. We make sure to make we have affordable leather bags for men in our range. Our bags are for every budget. You’ll see satchels start at just around £70, which is terrific value considering you’ll have this leather bag for years to come.

Enjoy browsing our range of men’s leather satchel bags at Scaramangashop.co.uk today.

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