Leather Satchels for Boys & Girls


Leather Satchels for Boys & Girls

Our range of classic kid’s leather satchels harks back to the days when every child would have a leather satchel for school. And it has many advantages over modern canvas backpacks.

First, if you choose a canvas backpack, you may need to replace it every school year, or even several times a year. After all, the rigours of school life can wear through canvas. A Scaramanga leather satchel is built to last. The durable leather exterior will stand up to everyday life for years. In fact, as the leather ages it gets even more beautiful and develops a unique character all of its own.

Each of our satchel bags includes a thick leather shoulder strap. This is fully adjustable, ensuring the bag is comfortable whatever your height. It also distributes weight evenly, so you can carry everything you need comfortably and is double stitched to ensure the bag is able to hold the weight of books and belongings.

Our range of backpacks, satchels and messenger bags are spacious enough to carry the electronics, books and snacks you need for even the busiest school day. At the same time, the clever pockets and compartments ensure the bags are compact rather than large and unwieldy.

All our leather bags are created by our expert design team and put together by artisan leather workers. The range of leather satchels is inspired by the classic school satchel, as well as the classic 70s airline bags. Items such as our overlander bags draw inspiration from the travelling bags that where be popular with overseas travellers in the early 20th century.

Using this range of starting points, Scaramanga have created an exclusive collection of leather satchels for kids, that are perfect for school and everyday use.

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