Make it Special

Choose from 3 colours, 2 text fonts, numbers, characters & symbols


You can choose either traditional gold font, silver font or blind embossing (with no colour). To see the placement of the letters please refer to the image on the relevant product page.



  Text Fonts

Font A letters are usually approx 12MM high.

Font B letters & numbers are usually approx 8MM high. 

 Symbols & Characters 

Choosing from the drop-down menu on the product pages, you can choose from our vast array of characters and symbols. If opting for text embossing & symbol embossing together, we'll place the symbol after the text. If you'd like it somewhere different, get in touch via the comments box at checkout.

 SYMBOL SIZES Our symbols are 12MM high with the exception of the star symbol which is 10MM high.




To order:

Choose YES Personalisation. Then choose 'embossing' and type what you want to have embossed on your item in the "Emboss text" box e.g. DJS. Or choose 'symbol' which you can then choose from a drop-down menu as to which symbol you'd like embossed. Choose both if you'd like text embossing & a symbol together. We'll place the symbol after the text unless you let us know in the comments box that you want it somewhere else.
We charge £10 for up to 4 characters or £15 for 5-10 characters (FONT B only) and £5 per symbol.

All letters are evenly spaced unless requested otherwise and we cannot do spaces.
Because some letters containing angles and curves (example: A,W,Y,V etc.) they may appear to have wider spaces between them. Every effort is made to ensure the embossing looks as well spaced and aligned as possible.

We are not able to accept Returns or Exchanges for items that have been embossed.

Free bag tags - where a free bag tag has been provided as the bag cannot be embossed, the bag can be returned as it has not been personalised. However, the bag tag should not be returned, and the embossing charge will not be refunded. If a bag is unable to be embossed because of its size, we will supply a FREE bag tag which you can then choose to have embossed.