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Our Story

Our Story



Scaramanga was founded in June 2006 by Carl Morenikeji when he discoverd an old iconic vintage leather satchel whilst travelling in India in 1998. Inspired by the style and quality, he sought out artisans who would use the same traditional methods and tools to recreate modern leather satchels. At the same time he started sourcing vintage furniture and so Scaramanga became what it is today; a lifestyle brand handcrafting classic leather bags and supplying unique vintage furniture. 

Scaramanga currently have two large warehouses in Fife for stock and have a high street presence at our store in Cupar, which you are welcome to visit at any time. Although only a small team we are all passionate about our products and were delighted to receive the Retail Business of the Year award. Carl and his wife Emma are the owners and Directors of the company, Dehra is the Operations Manager supported by Eilidh, Georgia, Kelly and Becca; Sharon is the Finance Manager, supported by Gill; with Graeme looking after the Warehouse. Eilidh is also the Wholesale Manager and Georgia is the Buying Manager. Katie is the final member of the team who looks after all our Branding and Marketing.

Most of our satchels and other leather bags are made by a family run business established 75 years ago. Our traditional leather satchels are still made the same way a leather bag would have been made 80 years ago in Britain. The high quality vegetable tanned leather is hand cut from patterns and expertly pieced together by experienced leather-workers using traditional tools and techniques without a hint of modern machinery or hi tech finishing to create a beautiful leather satchel. Our leather bags, furniture and other products are all fairly sourced, directly from unique and traditional craft-based families and small enterprises.

We believe that the quality that makes Scaramanga a little different is that Carl still hand selects each piece of furniture that Scaramanga sells. He travels to different parts of the world to source interiors and furniture and always brings back some real treasures. Each piece is old, but it was built to last with the amazing craftsmanship of eras past. Scaramanga really appreciate that, and it seems that you, our customers, do too.


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Our Leather

Our Leather

Our Leather

Scaramanga's unique Hunter leather uses quality buffalo leather hides because they are tough-wearing, give a large yield and have a bold varying leather grain that ages beautifully.

Our Hunter leather is tanned using a semi-vegetable tanned (VT) method, which means more natural substances like tannins, dyes and oils are used instead of harmful chemicals like chromium salts. This is better for the tanners and the environment. Our leather tanning and finishing brings out the natural attributes of leather.

The final stage of the leather tanning involves rolling hot waxes and oils into the leather to give it a unique vintage finish. While most modern leather processing often involves the removal of the surface texture and the application of a ‘finished’ layer to give a more uniform appearance, we embrace the uniqueness of our leather and keep all the natural variations of leather, making each leather product truly unique. Different parts from several buffalo hides may be used to make a single Scaramanga leather bag so there is often some variation in colour and the texture to the different parts of a leather satchel and bag, which will all create a wonderfully unique effect.

  • All natural marks and lines are left fully exposed.
  • No two pieces are exactly the same.
  • These features go to show the genuine origin of our leather bags, they form part of the bag and do not affect its durability.
  • With a little care leather will look better with age.
  • Like all our leather products, our leather bags are handmade and your new leather bag may be subject to natural variation in size and colour.

All this simply enhances the unique appearance of each bag and adds extra character.

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Our Furniture

Our Furniture

Our Furniture

Scaramanga's founder, Carl, has a lifelong love and appreciation of well made furniture and interiors. He spends many hours searching and discovering original vintage and antique furniture from around the globe. He carefully selects every piece himself and oversees their careful restoration.

It takes a considerable time to acquire the knowledge, gain the experience and master traditional furniture restoration and making. The people who restore our furniture are dedicated to excellence and fine detail. They bring our furniture back to life without loosing its history, acquired patina and character built up over many years. You can read about our buying trips to India and how they restore the furniture HERE

                                   Buying trip  Restorer Bill

Scaramanga also works with a small number of specialist vintage and antique furniture suppliers in the UK to find original furniture from around the world. Read about our restorer Bill who has been working with wood for over 60 years and can repair anything!

If you are looking for a particular piece and cannot find it on our website please contact us and we will try to source it for you.


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Why shop with us?

Why shop with us?


Why shop with us?

Let’s be honest, there are numerous places to buy products from these days, whether it be online or traditional store fronts, being spoilt for choice, we often make decisions based on prices and who has the best deal going at any given time.

Being a small business, we aren’t always able to compete with high street stores when it comes to deep discounts. We don’t buy huge amounts of leather from unknown sources because it’s cheap for example, we use the same suppliers that we’ve been using for 6 years, because relationships are more important to us and knowing where our leather comes from is equally important.

Here’s what you are doing when you buy from Scaramanga:

  • You are contributing to a local economy; as we buy most of our goods and materials from traditional small-scale producers, craft based families and communities which means more opportunities for other entrepreneurs to realise their dreams.
  • You are supporting a company that provides an eco-friendly service with eco-friendly tanning processes to upcycled shopping bags.
  • You are getting rare and unique furniture that is original and expertly restored, so it will last a lifetime, not just a few months and end up as waste.
  • You are getting leather products that won’t need to be replaced in a few months’ time; rather an investment piece that will last for years.
  • You are supporting a company that values relationships more than cheap prices and unknown sourcing. We pay our suppliers a fair price, agreed through discussion and participation, which improves their standard of living and their community. We pay at least a 75% advance for orders.


"I would have all my bags from Scaramanga if I could. Not only it's great quality but I'm always amazed about the huge amount of this I can fit in my bag!"

"Ordered a purse yesterday and it arrived today, postage-free, packed beautifully in a little fabric bag. Love the purse, love the service, love the wee details."

"Gorgeous bags, brilliant customer service, what more could you ask for? When I recently had a problem with one of my bags I was very impressed with the help from customer service, Georgia kept me updated on what was happening at each stage and I was very happy to receive my back back, repaired, free of charge in another beautiful silk bag. I'll definitely be back for another bag in the future!"

"My vintage shaving box arrived today and I am over the moon! It is absolutely stunning! All of their products are so tactile and scream quality! I have got quite a collection of their products!!!"

"Getting quite a collection of bags from here and love all of them and a really fast delivery service to Turkey."

"Really really impressed with the products and with the level of customers service, extremely helpful to boot ! Highly recommended !!!"

"Excellent service, really good quality satchel, many thanks."

"Just got all my Scaramanga goodies! Satchel, pencil case, wallet, key holder & coin purse... beautifully made & brilliant service. Ordered (over the phone) yesterday at 9:30 & delivered today before 12 with thier next day delivery. 6 stars out of 5!"

"Everyone needs to have a Scaramanga bag (or 2, or 3!) in their life!!! Fantastic quality leather and beautiful colours!!!"

"This is the second product from this company and the product is of the highest quality. I will shop here again when I require something very special. Great price."

"The quality of this product is outstanding, I would no hesitate to order again."

"Gorgeous pencil case that I am using as a purse. Really good price, really quick delivery and lovely item. Thank you."

"Very impressed with the case. The leather has a worn look which I like, I have an iPad mini retina, and it fits in with its magnetic clip on screen cover, it looks well made too!"

"Beautifully crafted purse with a lovely personal touch - would recommend to a friend and would definitely buy from scaramanga again"

"Arrived well packaged and just as described. The service was quick and efficient with good email updates. Most importantly...... I absolutely love my satchel!"


Please read our Ethical Policy to find out how we support local communities and encourage local entrepreneurs.

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