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Shweta Mistry Wallpapers

Carl discovered a wallpaper collection drawn and designed by the talented Shweta Mistry, while looking for an unusual classically styled wallpaper for his office. All of Shweta's art is inspired by her time growing up in Gujarat northwest India.
He liked Shweta's wallpapers so much he decided Scaramanga had to stock them. Her amazing wallpapers are now part of our interiors that range from vintage, antique and repurposed furniture, decorative homewares and art.

Shweta uses age-old techniques inspired by the famed miniature Merwar artists of Rajasthan that go back more than a thousand years. It is an art form that's usually passed down the generations. Fresh original designs, meticulous techniques, she painstakingly researches natural pigments that go back thousands of years. She mixes colours using minerals, vegetable extracts and other natural materials.
Then using the archive of her older work she works through her new designs.
Shweta has spent many years researching Indian miniaturists and spent time with renowned Merwar artist Manish Soni. has added her own unique

Her wallpapers are classic timeless designs that can work with period homes or contemporary interiors. Shweta's Tropical in porcelain white


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