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There is nothing more effective than a cushion cover to give a room a splash of colour it desperately needs. Decorating a room with vibrant cushion covers gives a space the finishing touch it needs and deserves. from velvet sofa cushions to handmade cotton pillows, we have a wide range of these fabulous soft furnishings that you can choose from. It's not just style that bed cushions can provide, it will also keep everyone in the household warm and cosy when relaxing on the couch as a family. 

Our newest member to the scaramanga cushion cover family is the teal velvet pillow. This is the first time we have introduced velvet to our collection and we are glad we did. Velvet is a great example of high-quality soft furnishings that will look fantastic in any home. The teal colour provides a sophisticated and rich feel that would fit perfectly with neutral furnishings. The pompom design at the end of each corner of the pompom is the fun part of the bed cushions. The consistent colour throughout the sofa cushion covers will allow you to mix and match with your existing cushions and throws.

We regularly look out for handmade cotton pillows to add to our collection due to the vibrancy and class they can bring to a room. Our cushion covers are expertly made using traditional methods that will add cheerful style and elegance to any room in your home. Whether you are looking for a simple design or floral print, we are always introducing a wide range of styles to cater to everyone. From Vintage to bohemian, we have what you are looking for. Soft furnishings have the ability to give your space a mini makeover without breaking the bank. our unique sofa cushions are no exception to this. 

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