Vintage Outdoor Tables

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Vintage Outdoor Tables

Give your family outdoor space they can be  proud of with our wide range of outdoor tables. We love adding vintage tables in various styles to our gardens as it provides endless character that your guest won't stop talking about. We don't repurpose our tables so you won't have to worry about your friends steeling your ideas. Whether you are looking for a folding table to show off in the summer or a vintage fire pit to keep the family warm during summer nights, we have you covered. 

Our most popular outdoor furniture this summer is our vintage outdoor tables. These are a great accessory to have as it will fit all of the family and more. The distressed metal makes a beautiful contract that catches everyones eye. The blue featured throughout the vintage table is also striking and will compliment your current furniture beautifully. We are overjoyed to offer this fantastic metal table and metal bench as a set as it will complete the vintage interior in your garden. You can also include this set in your home during the winter as a contemporary dining furniture.  

If you are looking for a smaller design, the vintage bistro table would make the perfect choice. It will make you feel you are sitting at a luxurious cafe when you are enjoying your morning coffee outdoors. The charm and character created by the traditional wood and metal will make this piece an outdoor tables to be proud of. You can be assured the piece will last for years to come as it is made from teak wood. This is a sturdy and hardwearing material that will hold your new garden table together fantastically. This coffee table would also make a great addition to a small kitchen in need of character and vintage style. 

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