Vintage Living Room Furniture

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Vintage Living Room Furniture

Is there a more important room in your home than the living room? It’s a special space where you to gather close with friends and family.  That's why we believe your living room furniture needs to be special, comfortable and top quality.

The living room and living room furniture – as a front room, lounge or sitting room has had a long interesting style history. Indeed, we’ve travelled a long since we had our parlour seats rigidly arrange around the fireplace. Anyway, whatever the label, the living room is a place to relax and socialise. It offers an opportunity to reflect your personality. From dreamy comfort, practical storage and stylish decoration, Scaramanga can inspire you to create your own special space.

From comfortable seating - which is the must - to practical storage spaces, Scaramanga has a warehouse full of inspiration for you to create an individual timeless style with lasting comfort. Our unique range of sofas, chairs, tables, practical storage units and decorative pieces are special and flexible enough for you to create a favoured space in your home. Our fancy trinkets, personal treasures, wall hangings all have a story and history sometimes extending over 100 of years. Our original living room tables, coffee tables and side tables allow you to create the space to live your life in the way you want. Scaramanga can help you make essential design decisions from big style elements - such as seating – to subtle attention to detail decoration for your coffee table. If its a splash of shabby chic colour or a muted tone, we have the inspiration for your stylish thoughts. Your need for wild patterns, bold colours or understated style are no problem when it comes to our living room furniture. Simply browse, through our stock images for outstanding designs and features that respond to your tastes and the seasonal changes. Our wide range of stock will complement your personality and lifestyle perfectly - we guarantee it. 

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