Vintage Storage Chests and Trunks

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Vintage Storage Chests and Trunks

Scaramanga’s vintage storage chests and trunks add a functional chic and tidiness to any living room. They are a must-have way to add a splash of traditional, vintage or rustic storage appeal. Picture one of our chests strategically placed in your living room. Evoking long journeys or padlocked hoards of personal treasure, storage chests become a strong statement piece. Multipurpose and super stylish, they are an item of furniture which doubles ups a lazy footrest, innovative coffee table or an iconic bedside table. Whether their primary function is for storing clothing, valuables or blankets, they make an eye-catching style icon for your home. Over the years, large wooden chests have become a must-have.

Some chests have ornate handle fixtures and others have low-rise wheels making it easy to shift them around the room to suit the occasion.

An antique storage chest or trunk is the perfect piece of furniture to accompany traditional living room or lounge items; they conjure up nostalgic thoughts of journeys long ago taken whilst providing a practical attractive storage solution. They add a surprisingly inexpensive way to add living room charm. They have the ability to be adventurous by giving your living room a personal and unique touch. Adding a chest is an effective way of achieving that sort-after vintage, retro or rustic look. Storage chests throughout history have always been an essential of item of furniture. They have become extremely visual pieces of practical storage furniture demonstrating exceptional carpentry, craftsmanship and an artisan aesthetic. The historical design evolution of our wonderful stock of living room storage is a joy to browse – each chest is an inspiration. Art nouveau and Arts and Crafts, industrial chic, modernist – the chests are an insightful cross-section of travel and storage history. Scaramanga has collected a wide variety of chests to choose from: wooden blanket boxes, coffers and metal trunks. This has made Scaramanga widely recognised as one of Britain’s most respected experts and supplier of living room storage chests.

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