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Old Chairs, Stools & Benches

Whether you are looking to create an intimate elegance dining area or a cool retro-inspired space or functional work area we have a wide range of authentic and original vintage chairs, wooden folding chairs, vintage metal chairs, antique wooden chairs, retro chairs, stools and benches.
Creating an eclectic dining space can be done by pairing antique and vintage tables with our selection of vintage chairs, retro chairs, industrial metal stacking chairs, old school chairs and antique church chairs. Industrial stacking chairs often also known as mid-century chairs are great space savers as they can be stacked up to 8 high. Vintage folding chairs and tubular metal stacking chairs are to modern space management as Vodka Martinis are to James Bond. Vintage wooden chairs and metal folding chairs are a great way to save space. They can be stored flat, piled high or simply stored in a cupboard, especially when they are not regularly used. Our versatile wooden stools make great seats as well as small tables and TV stands. Turn hallways into functional spaces with a wooden bench. Our kitchen bar stools and wooden bar stools work well as informal kitchen bar areas, small living room side tables and bed-side tables.
We have a constant supply of vintage stacking chairs and vintage folding chairs in a variety of colours. Colours include blue, black, brown and red. Create a warm rich setting with rich red or orange toned vintage chairs or use pastel colours for a retro colonial look.
Vintage chairs that can stack can come in several styles and were used for a wide variety of purposes. They were used as stacking school chairs, tubular framed chairs, hall chairs, church chairs, community hall chairs and office chairs.
As these chairs stacked on top of each other they took up less room so were perfect for businesses with limited storage capacities.
Originally designed by Bruno Pollock c.1931 and named RP6 the stacking chair had a grey enamelled tubular steel frame and red canvas seat and back. It was fabricated by Pel in Oldbury in the Midlands from 1932.
Stacking chairs were used in schools, halls and hospitals just before WWII and were mass produced in larger quantities after the war as low-cost mass-produced bent plywood became available and a greater availability of steel and iron. Other table and chair makers such as Nest-A-Bye, Remploy, Bamco, Cox, and Remploy started to make a similar curved tubular steel designed chairs with a bent plywood seat and backrest in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.
Vintage chair with the characteristic tubular steel design does not vary much between makers. A tubular steel frame was welded with runners along the bottom for increased stability. It was painted grey or a bright red, green or blue. A curved seat and backrest were then riveted. The steel frame made them strong and allowed them to be stacked to save space. Up to 15 chairs can be stacked in a single column.
Now with their stylish mid-century curves and natural wood and nod to their industrial heritage vintage stacking chairs have made a come-back and can be seen everywhere from dining rooms to offices to restaurants and bars.
We stock a wide range of vintage stacking chairs for home, bar, restaurant and commercial uses.
Vintage wooden chairs can be used in informal dining situations. They work best when paired with a contrasting table. So red chairs with an oak table. We always hold a large quantity so we can offer them for use in bars, restaurants and functions like vintage style weddings. Each vintage chair is unique and we try to keep the timeworn character of each chair as original as possible.

We stock only authentic and original antique and vintage chairs. Each has been checked and were needed repaired. Our best sellers are our green metal folding chairs and our blue folding chairs.

See our full range here. We always have a good stock of chairs ready to be despatched anywhere in Europe. If you are working on a retail or commercial project and want more information contact Carl.

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