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Wedding Gifts, Favours, Decor

We are a one-stop shop for wedding gifts, wedding favours and wedding decor. Our range of gifts includes one of a kind antique wedding chests that the new couple will be able to hold keepsakes in for years to come. It also includes personalised gifts that will be unlike anything else they receive. When it comes to wedding favours, you'll be able to get very affordable and unique wedding favours like mini journals, padlocks and accessories. 

Weddings are wonderful (but very stressful) occasions, and one thing that often gets forgotten about in the excitement is the decor. Most venues will supply basic furniture, but how can you make your wedding decor stand out and be memorable? Here at Scaramanga, we have some suggestions on what authentic vintage pieces you can use to ensure that your wedding will be remembered for all the right reasons. We can also make wedding shopping easy, convenient and affordable for you this wedding season. Our range of unique wedding gift ideas and personalised gifts will make your wedding gift extra special. We have a wedding gift collection that will stun, from antique wedding chests & memory boxes to personalised journals and vintage padlocks. We also have fabulous bridesmaids gifts and groomsmen's gifts plus we can supply you with a range of original and unique wedding favours.

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