Indian Summer

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Indian Summer

Give your home a Scaramanga upgrade by introducing Indian summer home decor to your home. Our favourite part of this trend is the blend of vibrant colours and traditional pieces, what more could you want!? We have collected all of our favourite vintage furniture pieces in one place to help you upgrade your home decor. We have embraced the unique beauty of an authentic Indian summer with a blend of warm and vibrant pieces that will also fit perfectly in a modern home. From large vintage chests to colourful blankets, we have a wide range of furniture that will help you achieve the wonderful trend. 

Details are everything when it comes to home decorating. We have a selection of brass tableware which are the finishing touches required to achieve the Indian summer style. Why not opt for a brass lassi cup to introduce that sophisticated golden hue and traditional history at the same time. Whether you are looking for an accessory for your office desk or your living room coffee table, the brass cups won't disappoint. We also love decorating tables with plant pots to give that feeling of bringing the outside in. 

The stunning chest featured above is a traditional Damchiya chest discovered in India. This type of chest historically would have been used as a hope chest or storage chest. The intricate carvings displays the importance and value of what is stored inside. Today, you can use this vintage cupboard as a focal point in any room in your home. You can use it as a console table in a sitting area, a sideboard in a dining room, or a bedroom dresser. 

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