Work from Home in Style

Work from Home in Style

With most having to work from home having an area or room to work from is essential. We’re going to show you how you can create a flexible work area with stylish affordable home office furniture. We believe the key to setting up or updating your home office is flexibility. A work from home space may not permanent, it may be shared and its components may be used in other areas and parts of your the home. Many people don’t have a separate office or study room so having the ability to move it easily and quickly is important. All our of office furniture suggestions are in stock and you won’t have piles of parts, screws and confusing assembly instructions. The joy of vintage and reclaimed furniture is that it comes fully assembled and ready to use.

home office furniture

We’ll start with a desk, except we’re using a vintage folding table that started its life as outdoor wedding table in India. They are super sturdy with thick tropical hardwood in an iron frame giving them a nod to an industrial look without looking too harsh. The original distressed blue paint finish adds a flash of colour (also available in red & green). Measuring 155cm x 59cm these tables are narrower than most kitchen tables so could fit into slim rooms. Best of all they fold flat for easy storage and transportation. With flexibility in mind the tables are perfectly suited for gardens, patios and summer houses. Or anywhere a strong table is needed.


Now you’ll need something to sit on. If you like mixing styles then go for a solid wood chair, if space is a driver then go for a stacking chair. These chairs can stack together nice and neatly. Keeping space used to a minimum. They have a Burgundy red, padded seat and back which make them super comfortable.

padded stacking chairs

Vintage Stacking Chair, Was £60 Now £45

Or if you’re looking for something a little more statement, look no further than our Vintage Leather Swivel Chair, £495

Vintage green swivel chair

Storage is critical, with most people using desk top and laptop computers most people don’t need lots of storage for files and folders. We’d recommend modular storage like metal tote tins, £30, which can be easily moved and stack.

small metal tote tin

Vintage tins make great pen, pencil and felt-tip pens and small desk accessories.  They are strong and look very striking. They’ll hold books, files and folders. Handy side handles make moving them around very easy and they can be stacked. Of course a home office during the day may become a study for children during home schooling, so being able to separate and store your work from other users’ work might be important.

Vintage shelving with folder dividers
Reclaimed office shelving with dividers for files and folders can be used books and decorative accessories. This green shabby chic shelving unit would look perfect in any home office. Vintage Shabby chic Shelving, £350

shabby chic shelves

Of course a home office furniture can make working from home seem characterless. So it’s important to decorate it with personal possessions. We believe in mixing styles and an office should be no exception. Make the space extra interesting by contrasting. Of course home offices  designed for working from home are pretty hi tech if you use a computer add low tech vintage accessories like an old telephone, old storage tins and wooden stationery boxes. Add house plants in old terracotta pots to add earthy textures and colours to break up shiny modern plastic of printers and laptops. We’ve used old colourful film posters. We would love to see your Work from Home style, share with us over on Instagram #scaramangaworkfromhome



tcbs40306-5 Blue folding table, was £235 now £150 James Leonard Retro Stacking chair

James Leonard Retro Chairs, £85

old and vintage tins make ideal storage for pens, flash drives, adaptors and all those small things that can clutter a desk


vintage bread tins can be reused as desk tidies, prices from £30


Old cigarette tins can be reused as business card holders






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