What’s in your man bag?

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What’s in your Man bag /men’s messenger bag/satchel?

The contents in a man bag can tell a lot about a person. A computer indicates a business man who works on the go. A leather journal may suggest a creative person who likes to keep a notebook handy for whenever they get inspiration. Furthermore, a messy bag with random objects suggests someone who lives a chaotic and busy life. A leather satchel bag is an extension of who you are and the life you lead, so it’s important you choose the right one.



It’s not surprising that men and women carry different items in their bags. Men tend to carry more electronic items like their iPhone or computer. This seems to be down to men’s lust for technology, as these gadgets can be bulky. We no longer want to stuff our pockets full of items as bulging pockets just don’t look right.

The beauty of having a leather shoulder bag is that it can be any size to suit your life needs. If you are a business man who needs to fit paperwork, laptop and spare clothes for the gym, a large briefcase with extra compartments would help you achieve this. If you are looking for a subtle bag to fit your essentials and nothing more, a small messenger bag would make the perfect choice!

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The Statistics

Four times as many men carry a laptop in their man bag compared with women. However, did you know that almost twice as many men than women carry glossy magazines? This can sometimes feel as heavy as a computer. We have also learned that 50% of men and women in London carry a book in their leather messenger bags.

Out of pure curiosity we’d like know what’s in your man bag and could you cope without your man bag, messenger bag or satchel?


Scaramanga’s men’s leather bag range includes: leather messenger bags, leather satchels and travel bags. Feel free to contact us for any further information.

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  1. Had my messenger bag for amost a year.
    Use mine to carry my laptop, keys, paperwork from work, bus pass. It also tends end up with a lot of junk like receipts, empty crisp packets …I’s be lost without my bag.

  2. I’ve had a messenger bag for a few years and can get away with using it for a night away – also use it a lot for work when in and around London but is a little small and always feel that it may look a bit ‘hand baggy’ if you know what I mean so I’m not that keen on it. This is why I’ve just ordered a Scaramanga Large Wide Satchel with the optional handle – this way I can also use it as a brief case.

  3. Could leave home without my Messenger bag. Today I’ve got: my compact laptop, mobile, Guardian newspaper, a few pens, some junk mail I’ve not opened yet, a diary, some notes from work and some shop receipts. Scaramanga I love your Leather Overlander travel bags. I might just drop a few hints to my girlfriend. Jack

  4. Still waiting (impatiently) for my small wide satchel.

    I have used manbags of various sizes for years. I would not leave home without one! I carry my phone, my ipod, moleskine notebook and pen, keys, memory stick. Sometimes a raincoat, bags for shopping, books now and then.
    I feel naked without a bag on my shoulder!

  5. Daniel W

    I’ve got my Mac Book Pro, mobile, a copy of 1984, my glasses a few pens and scruffy sheets of A4 in my canvas messenger bag. Had mine only six months. Need to upgrade my bag soon to a leather satchel or messenger again.

  6. Hello Paul – as far as we know your bag has be sent. Our apologies for the delay.

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