Vintage ‘Style’ vs Original Vintage Furniture

Vintage ‘Style’ vs Original Vintage Furniture

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There is no question that the real thing is always better than copies or replicas.  From diamonds to food, one can differentiate between authentic things and replica / repoduction stuff pretty easily.  What about vintage furniture?  Do you think it’s easy to tell the difference between original vintage furniture and vintage ‘style’ furniture?  It’s a general assumption that the real thing, in this case, vintage furniture: whether chests, trunks, cupboards, cabinets, tables or chairs are always going to be more expensive than the repoduction or replica; vintage ‘style’ furniture.  Surprisingly this is not always the case.  We see more and more high street retailers offering vintage ‘style’ furniture and interiors. They are often priced at a premium, always mass produced, won’t last very long and has a contrived look to it, for example, the paint is just too perfectly distressed.  So for the same cost, if not less, you can buy original vintage pieces, let’s discuss why it’s important.

1.  Vintage furniture have details that just can’t be easily replicated.

Original vintage furniture have fantastic details that make each piece unique and interesting.  Take one of our vintage armoires below for example.


Coloinal Vintage Armoire Made From Teak
Coloinal Vintage Armoire Made From Teak


Here, you can see all the hand-crafted details that went into making this impressive piece.  It’s like walking through and old city where you are blown away by the magical old architecture and think, why don’t they make building like that anymore?  Each detail on this piece is thoughtful and give it character.


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2.  Vintage furniture comes with a bit of history.

We source our vintage furniture from all over the world, but one of our favourite items have come from old schools or factories that have closed.  This old school art table was made in the 1950’s and was salvaged from a school closing in Cumbria. tcbs40239-1

The history of this pieces is in every little mark and scratch that students left behind.  Sometimes you will get initials and quotes (and lots of gum underneath!) that can transport you back to your own youth.  There is something special about at piece like this where you can keep the history alive.

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3. Collecting or buying vintage furniture allows you learn things about different regions in the world.

Take our Indian blue vintage glass cabinet, any idea why so much of our vintage furniture from India is blue?  Most of it’s from Jodhpur, India and this area is very dry, but blighted by termites. These small insects damaged and destroyed the traditional building techniques which involved the exterior being coated in lime wash. It was discovered that the termites were repelled by copper salt compounds and these were added in low concentrations to the lime washes. Copper solutions under certain conditions produce blue compounds. So they used a lot of blue paint to match this occurring condition, so many houses and thus, interiors were painted blue in this region.


Most of our vintage furniture has it’s original paint, from anywhere to 50-100 years old.  So all the distressing is natural, which gives an authentic patina look, because it is!

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4. Vintage furniture is creatively put to new use; up-cycled.

We have a wide range of antique window frames that have been turned into mirrors, a Scaramanga favourite.


The old shutter panels have been kept on these window frames to give you a mirror that looks and act more like a piece of art, while being a practical mirror.  These really add some rustic character to any home.

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5.  Buying authentic vintage furniture means you get the best quality.

Take our antique wedding chests, now these are old, some are about 100 years old!  But, look at the condition, almost perfect.  How can that be?  Most of these old wedding chests are made from teak, which is a naturally hard-wood, so these pieces are practically indestructible.


With this kind of quality, you can imagine it being passed down from generation to generation, as it 100 years ago.  These wedding chests are all kinds of amazing, have look inside for various compartments and hand-carved details.

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The next time you are in a shopping centre or department store and come across something that is vintage in style, remember you can easily get the real thing for most likely the same price, if not less.  Why bother? Because of the hand-crafted details, history, quality and uniqueness, that’s why.

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