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Finding that Valentine’s gift that’s extra special and unique can be hard. Don’t worry we’re specialists at searching for and finding totally unique interiors and gifts. You can’t go wrong with a vintage jewellery box. We’re obsessed with stylish storage with original charm and character and there’s nothing we love more than sourcing the perfect vintage jewellery box. They come in all sorts of sizes, materials – wood and metal styles, colours  – natural wood, blue, green and white and configurations – open, with lids, secret compartments. We’re experts in restoring original old jewellery boxes. Best of all going original does not have to break the bank. We stock many that are less than £40 and are still totally unique. Best of all there are so many boxes, chests and small loieces of furniture that with no effort can be used as a vintage jewellery box or chest.
Here are our top 10 choices of vintage jewellery boxes for men and women:


vintage shaving box used as a jewellery box

1. Clever Compact Jewellery Box – These ingenious boxes started out as barbers’ shaving boxes. Over 50 years ago barbers would have wandered the streets of north west India cutting hair and shaving men’s faces. They would have stored their scissors, straight razors, blades, oils and balms in these portable boxes. Each opens and folds out to reveal a mirror and small compartments. We have kept them in their found condition and just replaced the mirror and frame where they are damaged. Some have writing on their tops, handpainted pictures of birds and the occasionally their original moulded frame. They are not big, but could be used for your favourite ear-rings or pendants. Prices from around, £37.50.


vintage money box that would make a perfect vintage jewellery box. Originally it was a wooden money box

2. The Old Money Box – Of course jewellery does not have to be kept in a box designed especially for rings, pendants, chains and ear-rings. This wooden money box that was used as a money box by a small market trader in India around 40 years ago. It has 2 money slots for coins. The lid opens to reveal four small and a larger lower compartments for a variety of jewellery. It has brass edging and a lovely rustic look and feel.

3. The Perfect Vintage Jewellery Box  – another money box this one made from thicker teak and with more compartments. This compact vintage jewellery box would be our top recommendation for a mens jewellery box. It’s a simple, dark box made from teak with a classic plain look. Like some of our other old boxes this one started out as a merchant’s money box and over time the slots and the sliding lids have worn away. We love time worn wood and it’s a characteristic that just cannot be replicated. It could be used a men’s vanity box for keeping: keys, coins, bracelets and all those other things that seem to come from men’s pockets. Price: £125.

Mens jewelry box for men


small jewellery box

4. Small Jewellery Box – We have a few of these compact old boxes that were used for storing red tikka dye. The base is made from a single block and the lid pivots to reveal a series of small holes large enough for rings, ear-rings and thin chains and pendants. If you look close enough you can still see traces of red tikka that was used for Tilaka is a coloured mark worn usually on the forehead, occasionally the neck, hand or chest. Tilaka may be worn on a daily basis or for rites of passage or special religious occasions only, depending on regional customs in India.
Their tops are decorated with carved circles and other pretty patterns. See this old tikka box Prices  from £30.

wooden jewellery box - treasure chest

5. Treasure Chest – A top favourite of ours is this small very jewellery box with decorative moulded edges and small brass stras embedded into its top. The lid opens to reveal two compartments. A real gem of a treasure box. Looking like a mini treasure chest. It’s small so could be used for your favourite pieces of jewellery. It’s the only one of its kind we have, £70.

6. Secret Compartments – A grand storage box for pendants, chains, rings and ear-rings.  would be this antique merchant’s storage chest. Originally used for storing paperwork, money and receipts, pens and ink. The small lidded compartments for ideal for jewelry. It even has a secret compartment for hiding those extra special treasures. An upper level tray is be lifted out to reveal a large lower level. This wooden jewellery chest has been made from solid teak, a durable tropical hardwood with a lovely grain and golden colour. Highly skilled master craftsmen made the chest around 70 years ago and each box is different. Vintage jewellery box, £185.

7. Jewellery chest – A striking jewellery maker’s chest with workbench with its original faded green paint from Rajasthan, India. Jewellery makers would sit cross-legged making decorative gold and silver ear-rings, pendants and necklaces. Their tools and materials would be stored in the drawers of the storage chest. Compact desks and benches like these can still be found in the traditional artisan market districts in cities like Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaipur. There’s definately no shortage of space in the three drawers, which are shallow to jewellery can be easily seen and taken out. If you’re looking for space then this chest is for you. Price, £275.


Vintage brass jewellery box

8. Old Brass Jewellery Box – Made from solid brass with an understated simple look with a top handle. They are quite small so could be used for those very specal pieces. The lid opens to reveal a small and large storage area, £100. We have several available, see our old brass jewellery boxes. Old tarnished brass is set to be one of 2018’s interiors hot choices for 2018. Look out for aged brass with lighter and darker tones. Imperfect surfaces, dents and edges.


Wooden Printers Trays - Type Setters Tray

9. Go Big. Get Organised – original solid teak vintage printer’s tray salvaged from an old printing factory. Ok, so technically it’s not a vintage jewellery box. Create a feature of your jewellery and mix rings, pendants and mix them with vintage curios and finds such as keys and photos. You can hang trays on walls or lean them against a wall on top of a chest of drawers. We’ve left these as we found them doing no more than simply washing them with a little soapy water. At around 75cm they’re big and have dozens of different sized compartments.  £45, see our vintage printer’s trays.

Wooden Jewellery Box

10. Perfectly Sized Jewellery Box – A mid sized vintage jewellery box with an assortment of compartments and a tray that lifts out ro reveal a lower compartment. A perfect jewelry box for men with an understated simple functional design. Like many of our boxes this chest was originally a money box and it has coin slots in the top. Its a simply chest made a golden teak. Price: £120 See the jewellery box

Of course we have many many more women’s and men’s vintage jewellery boxes, trays and chests. Each has been lovingly restored so it could be used in a very different way it was made for.
For the perfect vintage jewellery box look no further and visit our website here

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