Vintage Industrial Gym Furniture | by Scaramaga

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Bring something unique to your industrial style space by adding vintage gym furniture.  That’s right, you can bring the past to the present with these nostalgic gym benches, industrial lockers, climbing rope and even a gym horse.  They aren’t only … Continued

NEW Vintage Office in a Pack | Scaramanga

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first Vintage Office in a Pack.  Our exclusive and limited edition vintage office conveniently gives you the ability to have a new office for a great price that you don’t have … Continued

Scaramanga’s Vintage Industrial Furniture

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Vintage Industrial furniture is probably our favourite style of interiors these days!  We find that a good mixture of interiors is always best; vintage pieces can take the coldness out of industrial furniture, while industrial pieces make vintage furniture a … Continued