Scaramanga Original Restored Vintage Wooden Bowls

Scaramanga Original Restored Vintage Wooden Bowls

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Scaramanga spends a lot of time finding rare and unique original vintage pieces to offer our customers something different that they can’t get anywhere else. More often than not, a lot of vintage pieces need a little restoration, so we work with expert craftsmen carpenters who value and understand the integrity of the piece and are able to bring it back to what it used to be.

Indian sleeper train leaving from Delhi
Indian sleeper train leaving from Delhi


We’ve spent a lot of time traveling through India for rare vintage pieces and one item that is spread from villages to cities are old hardwood bowls for keeping food dry. They exist in various sizes and some are more decorative than others, each looking different from another as they were originally hand-carved.

vintage wooden-bowls-1

Most of the bowls we get are roughly 70-100 years old and have spent those years being used daily, so they need a little restoration. You can see that the wood is slightly muted and are in need of a little tlc.


The first thing the carpenters will do is rid the bowls of any rotten or perished wood, so the bowls will then last for more years to come.





vintage wooden bowls

Then the carpenters will use reclaimed hardwood, similar to what the bowl was originally made of and fill holes and crack.


antique wooden bowls

Then they will sand down the bowl so are the hardware is even and if you’ve ever held tropical hardwood after sanding, it is incredibly soft and luxurious.

vintage wooden bowls

The bowls are then cleaned and polished and ready to use.  As you can see here there isn’t too much difference, however the restored bowls have a deeper colour due to the polish.


original vintage bowl

These bowls have been used by our customers for numerous things, as they look like a piece of art, they can sit on a table alone and make a real statement.  However, they are lovely with various things place in them such as flowers, candles, rocks, etc.


vintage wooden bowl

Here are a few of the bowls we have in stock at the moment and we are always adding to our collection of bowls.


These are the lovely large serving bowls you’ve seen above; large hand-carved and we’ve styled it with autumn potpourri,  which is great for Christmas decorating:

vintage wooden bowls


These are smaller versions of the bowls and are the same; hand-carved, unique with a smooth finish:


These are the smallest versions of what have; they are not a deep bowl, but more shallow and again great for multi purposes:


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