Scaramanga and The King’s Treasure – The Tale Of Robin Hood And Medieval Chests

Scaramanga and The King’s Treasure – The Tale Of Robin Hood And Medieval Chests

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We get many unusual requests, but we thought we should share this one. We received a call from a guardian of the ancient Sherwood Forest looking for two of our finest chests for a medieval king’s palace. Of course everyone knows the legend of Robin Hood and his band of merry men who roamed the sought refuge in Sherwood Forest whilst robbing from the rich to give to the poor. So we were very intrigued and delighted to help The Sherwood Forest Trust search for two medieval coffer’s fit  for a king.

Errol Flynn as Robin Hood with Olivia De Havilland as Maid Marian
Errol Flynn as Robin Hood with Olivia De Havilland as Maid Marian taling about the recent arrival of two chests laden with treasure!

Ian Major, Community Heritage Landscape Officer said: ‘The Sherwood Forest Trust is a charity that works in the heart of Ancient Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire. We needed medieval looking chests to create heritage ‘packs’ that local schools could use, and is part of our Big Lottery and Magna Carta funded ‘Discover King John’s Palace’ project. The chests will be used by schools in the Nottinghamshire area to learn about medieval life, the Plantagenet Kings and Magna Carta. The chests will be full of costumes, coins, wooden bowls, a crown (for the king) and sheets with things to do’.

We have close to a thousand antique wooden chests and trunks and Graeme, our warehouse supervisor, soon found two large solid teak antique chests one with wheels and the other with an elaborate array of removable small compartments.

medieval chests and coffers

Ian confirm by messenger the wooden chests arrived safely at the palace in Sherwoodand have not been robbed by a modern day Robin Hood and associates!

‘The chests are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. My very sincere thanks for helping us with this exciting project. They look even better in real life …. as I initially found it very difficult to track down suitable medieval chests and I am glad I found Scaramanga’.

Medieval style chest

‘The chests look fantastic and will provide a very authentic experience. Imagine the kids bringing the chests into their classroom, and open them with excitement to see what treasures they hold! Scaramanga have been more than helpful in helping us realise this part of our project, from the chat function, to phone calls and follow up emails, your service has been outstanding’.

Antique chest used in King John's Palace to store coins and jewels
Antique chest used in King John’s Palace to store coins and jewels

The Sherwood Forest Trust was established to stop the decline in the area and habitat of Sherwood and to ensure Sherwood Forest would survive for hundreds more years. We protect and champion that huge area that Sherwood once was, we are its guardians not its owner. We champion the natural environment, champion the cultural heritage and champion the communities of 21st Century Sherwood Forest. The Sherwood Forest Trust are the Robin Hood for today.

Despite Sherwood Forest being known by almost anyone around the planet, little has been developed in telling the real story of this great heritage forest. Sherwood was once a royal hunting forest.It would have been mostly open spaces of grassland and heathland with woodland and wood pasture. King John’s Palace is a Grade II listed ruin that was used by many of the Kings of England during medieval times and played an important role in the development of the Magna Carta in 1215.

Find out more about the great work done by The Sherwood Forest Trust.

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