Personalised Gifts With Scaramanga

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Personalised gifts is a great way to give your loved one a unique gift this Christmas. Adding a special date or symbol to a gift can make it more special for your loved one and they are guaranteed to treasure it for years to come. Make that wallet for your dad or new backpack for your sister even more personal with embossed initials, a special date, or a unique symbol. Our personalisation service offers a wide range of choice when it comes to colours, fonts and symbols. This includes Gold, Silver, and blind embossing along with two different font sizes. We have also introduced new zodiac signs, landmarks and symbols that you can learn more about on our personalisation section on our website now. Don’t play it safe this Christmas, make it personal.

personalised leather coasters


Personalised Gifts For Dad

Buying for Dad can be very difficult. How do you get a gift for someone who doesn’t know what they would like themselves? You no longer have to worry about this as we are here to save the day! Personalised gifts are a great place to start. We highly recommend treating the men in your life to a personalised wallet. This makes a typical Dad gift that much more unique and touching. A wallet is a gift that your Dad is guaranteed to love and need. Our men’s wallet is a perfect choice as it allows him to fit his coins, cards and notes in one place. Adding the embossing on the front of the wallet is the final piece to make this the perfect gift.

personalised leather wallet

Personalised Travel Gifts

Have you planned to take your loved one to a romantic trip away? If yes, why not break the news with a personalised luggage tag with the appropriate symbols, lettering and dates. Personalised gifts is a great way to make a big reveal even more special. You can also apply this to a travel document wallet by embossing a date or initial on the front of the wallet.

personalised travel wallet

Personalised Gifts For Her

When the women in your life say they don’t want anything for Christmas, Don’t believe them! They want you to buy them a brand new leather handbag with a touch of personalisation. This will show that you have put a massive amount of thought and effort in to selecting their present, making you a certain favourite this holiday season. The mini Soho backpack looks fantastic with a small amount of embossing on the front. However, if you feel like embossing the bag is too risky, you can opt for a personalised bag tag that she can choose to remove.

personalised leather bag tag

canvas & leather bags

Does your loved one always lose their keys? Gifting a personalised keyring can be a great way to solve this problem Not only will they have a fancy new keyring to add to their collection, it will also help them to find their keys easier.

personalised gifts

personalised keyring

Whether you opt for an original wallet or a trendy backpack for women, we can assure you that personalised gifts will make you a firm favourite with family this Christmas.

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