It’s Our Birthday! Thank You for 15 Years!

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How it all Began… From an inspirational trip to a North-West Indian market in 1998, to the creation of our first leather satchel in 2006, the realisation and conception of Scaramanga (born from... READ MORE

Indian Summer Interiors | by Scaramanga

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Indian Summer Interiors Indian Summer Interiors bring the colours of that special time of year in August when the sun shines brightly to enhance the natural colours outside. On these bright sunny days,... READ MORE

Sustainability with Style

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Back in the ‘good-old’ days…after the Industrial Revolution, new technologies, new materials and seemingly endless energy sources made it more profitable to create brand new products from scratch rather than repair and reuse... READ MORE

Bring your interiors outside this summer

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The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the evenings are wonderfully light – it must be British summertime! Here at Scaramanga, we love our vintage and retro homewares, but they don’t... READ MORE

Vintage Valentines Gifts 2020 | by Scaramanga

Vintage Valentines Gifts 2020 | by Scaramanga

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We have a lovely collection of unique Valentine’s Day Gifts , for men, women, galentines and more. Rose are nice, cards are sweet, but why not consider giving a unique valentines gifts such as vintage padlocks that symbolise locking up your love, to personalised gifts that made just for your loved one. So ditch the ordinary this valentine’s day 2020 and shop the Scaramanga collection of unique gifts.

Nothing is more personal than a personalised gift for women.  But sometimes a girl doesn’t want her classic leather handbag embossed with initials, so we thoughtfully designed little leather bag tags that can be embossed with initials, dates or words that simply attach to any one of ladies handbags.  Nice, right?! These are interchangeable and comes in our antique caramel leather or hunter distressed leather.

personalised leather purse

personalised leather handbags

Our old vintage padlocks have been a top seller now for years, they are each one of a kind and sourced from all around India. Used for locking up bar windows in India, these vintage padlocks are now used by many as gifts to lock up love.  Give someone one of these brass padlocks, then make a special outing to a bridge or other memorable landmark, lock up your love, then toss away the key and that’s your Valentine’s Day sorted. Shop our love locks today and thank us later 🙂 The best Valentines gifts!

love padlocks

vintage love padlocks

Next up in our Valentines Gifts hit list, our thoughtfully design our  leather rucksack for those who spend as much time in the city as they do exploring the country. It’s smart shape conveniently holds laptops and folders and is obviously smart enough for the daily commute. Backpacks for men are hard to find, they tend to be designed just for the outdoors, that’s why we find our backpack for men really fills a void. This is one of our favourite valentines day gifts for men and will help you go straight in the good books.

leather backpack

Another great ideas for Valentine’s Gifts for men or women is one of our vintage shaving boxes. Especially if you’ve got a man with an affinity for his beard and you’ve got him all the beard oil on the market! This is something new that most likely he won’t have. These vintage boxes were once used by Indian barbers who would give wet shaves on the streets, they would carry their supplies inside and use the mirror to show their clients their freshly shaved face. If your guy has a beard, then he’ll need a place to store all his waxes and oils, so have a look at our large collection of vintage shaving boxes today. This has to be one of our favourite valentines gifts for him.

unique valentines gifts for men

unique gifts for men

If you know a writer, artist, poet or traveler then consider giving them a unique leather journal. Handcrafted by talented artisans, our leather journals have the appeal of something Indiana Jones would carry and are loved by man. The rich distressed leather inspires and invokes a bit of nostalgia in writers and the leather softens with time.  You can take this unique gift a step further and personalise it with initials, dates or a little word. Our vintage journals also affordable with our small vintage journal. Enjoy choosing a leather notebook that your friend is sure to love. This best valentines gift for her.

leather journal

leather journals

Do you know a women who appreciates the small things? If so, our leather handbag, the wristlet clutch is a perfect choice. This leather handbag has multiple compartments, leaving women feeling organised and secure always knowing where things are. We designed this handbag with a wristlet handle so it’s easy and comfortable to carry. If you would like a personalised gift for Valentine’s Day then opt for embossing and we’ll happily add her initials, a special date or meaningful word to the attached bag tag. tan clutch bag

We have a lovely collection of painted postcards in stock, these make amazing gifts that will impress just about anyone. These intricately painted birds have been hand painted onto lovely old postcards that each come with their own history. One of these would be very special for valentines day gifts, but a few would start a lifelong collection of artwork. Colourful and vibrant art doesn’t have to be expensive, these lovely hand-painted pictures start at £4.50.

valentine's gifts 2017

Do you know somebody that doesn’t buy bags for themselves, but need one? This leather duffle bag has been our best selling bag since we got it. It’s the ideal weekend bag or travel bag, not only is it designed for style, but it’s extremely practical as well. The large compartment that makes up this weekend bag will hold a few changes of clothes, couple pairs of shoes and much much more. The leather is thick and sturdy, which is why it’s an ideal travel bag, but it will soften and be very supple in no time. This is a bit more of an investment gift for a valentines for him, but we’re sure the quality and style of this leather duffle bag will last for many years to come. We’ll let you in on a great offer, we offer free UK shipping on orders over £70 and free International Delivery on Bag orders over £100.

leather duffle bag

You literally can’t go wrong with giving him a new wallet, right? This men’s wallet with coin pocket is ideal as it will hold notes, bills, multiple cards and coins.  The thick hearty leather allows this men’s wallet to last for years to come and it only gets better looking with age. This is kind of a no-fuss wallet for no-fuss kind of guys.  Shop more Valentine’s Gifts for men today and we make waiting till the last minute doable with next day shipping.

mens wallet with coin pocket

Meet the Team: The People behind Scaramanga

We love to get to have a sneak peek behind businesses and get to see the inner workings of our favourite companies. So we thought we would let you see into ours and show you the people behind Scaramanga.
So, in the fourth blog of our ‘Meet the Team’ series we have Kelly.
Kelly is our Senior Bookkeeper. She keeps track of all our spending and ensures Sam from Marketing doesn’t blow the budget!
We have come up with some spit-fire questions to get to know her a little better….














Name: Kelly Stevenson


Job Role: Senior Bookkeeper


Favourite Quote: “Family is where life begins and love never ends… ♥”
How long have you worked at Scaramanga:  9 months
Whats your ‘Best Bit’ about your role: I love it at the end of the month when everything reconciles.
Name your Top 3 films: Meet Joe Black, The Wizard of Oz and Point Break

Why do you like working for Scaramanga: I like that we are a small team and that the office has such a great atmosphere to work in. 



What’s your favourite Bag from the store: My favourite bag is the Bella Bag, it’s my everyday bag, I can fit everything I need in it and more… 

leather handbag

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work: I love long country walks with our crazy Springer Sam, trying to spend time with my kids, which gets harder with every passing year as its not ‘cool’ to hang out with mum and days out at vintage/craft fayres


Ways to declutter your home

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Ways to declutter your home 


A guest blog from Becky Derbyshire, AKA The Lifestyle Blogger UK. Becky hasn’t written a wonderful blog for us giving you great inspiration for decluttering your home. 

The idea of living a more simple, straight forward life, with less stuff and clutter sounds attractive to many, but often, they begin to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and defeated around the idea of owning less and where to start the decluttering process.  


Decluttering your home and your life, doesnt need to be as painful and as difficult as some make it out to be. Once you know how and you get the process started, it can be so simple and refreshing! 


The Benefits of Decluttering Your Life 

There are many benefits to owning fewer things. Here are a few of the tops ones 


Less to clean 

Cleaning is already enough of a chore during your free time, so why make it harder on yourself by adding lots of things you have to clean around. Especially if they are things you have zero emotional attachment to, or worse, dont even care about or are therejust because! 



Less to organise 

Finding the things you do want and use suddenly become so much easier. Things dont just disappear into the abyss of clutter anymore. You can actually move around your home without knocking things over and enjoy the space as it was intended.  


Less stress 

Looking around at the clutter you have managed to build up over the years can be so nauseating, stressful even. Wouldnt it be nice to be able to look around and see a home you love, clutter free.  


Less debt 

Most households live pay check to pay check, (according to a various surveys), so why spend your hard earned money on something unless it is something you love, need or know you will et a lot of use out of. Spending less time shopping for material possessions and adding to the already growing amount of clutter means your wallet and bank accounts remain fuller, your credit card statements are lower, and your home doesnt get filled with costly things you really dont even need. 


More energy 

With less debt, and therefore more financial freedom, and of course, a cleaner home, you can focus your time and energy on the things you really enjoy instead of worrying about how much time youll need to put aside at the weekends, or evenings to tidy up.  


So now you know some of the main benefits of decluttering your home and your life, where do you begin in this clean up operation? Well, here are a few of our top tips to get you started 


Start slowly 

If youre new to the world of decluttering, you can slowly build momentum by starting with perhaps a few minutes a day, or when you do have a spare rainy Sunday afternoon.  


Donate clothes 

The best way to declutter your wardrobe and to find out what clothes you do and dont wear, simply hang all your clothes with their hangers in the reverse direction. After you wear an item, face the hanger in the correct direction. After a few months, if you still have items of clothes facing the wrong way (clothes you havent worn), discard the clothes and take them to a charity shop for someone else to love and appreciate.  


Donate items 

It doesnt just have to be clothes you get rid of. Maybe there are pieces of furniture lying around the house that you just dont use or are just therebecause. Take note of these items and if after a few months you havent used them, put them in your donate pile along with your unused clothes. Upcycling old pieces of furniture is very common at the moment so perhaps you could try selling the furniture on your local Facebook selling page, you might get a little something for it that could go towards your Summer holidays or a nice meal out with the family.  


Create a decluttering checklist 

Its a lot easier to declutter when you have a visual representation of where you need to get started. 


Take before and after photos of a small area 

Choose one part of your home, like your kitchen counter, and take a photo of a small area. Quickly clean off the items in the photo and take an after photo. Once you see how your home could look, it becomes easier to start decluttering more of your home. 


Get help from a friend. Have a friend or family member go through your home and suggest a handful of big items to throw away or give to someone else. If you defend the item and want to keep it, your friend has to agree with your reason. If they dont agree, its time to get rid of it. 



Use the Four-Box Method 

Get four boxes and label them: trash, give away, keep, or re-locate. Enter any room in your home and place each item into one of the following boxes. Dont skip a single item, no matter how insignificant you may think it is. This may take days, weeks, or months, but it will help you see how many items you really own and youll know exactly what to do with each item. 


No matter which decluttering tip above you choose to get yourself started, the main goal is to take your first steps in to the decluttering world so you can see how much better it feels on the other side. Once you have finished going through your entire house and feel happy with whats left, get yourself some good storage solutions to keep things looking tidy and clutter free. Keeping on top of it once youre done will be so much easier and could mean cleaning only takes a few minutes a week! 

Blue Display Cabinet, £425
Was £1150, Now £977.50

Meet the Team: The People behind Scaramanga

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 Meet the Team


We love to get to have a sneak peek behind businesses and get to see the inner workings of our favourite companies. So we thought we would let you see into ours and show you the people behind Scaramanga.

So, in the third blog of our ‘Meet the Team’ series we have Kelly.

Kelly is our wholesale Manager. She manages all of our Stockists and is the genius behind all your personalised goodies.

We have come up with some spit-fire questions to get to know her a little better….


Name: Kelly Stuart. 
Job Role: Wholesale Manager. 
Favourite Quote: If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you – Fred Devito. 
How long have you worked at ScaramangaAlmost 3 years. 
Whats your ‘Best Bit’ about your role: I love the diversity, I can be working with stockists, helping a props buyer and/or personalising the perfect gift all in the same day! 
Name your Top 3 films: Death Proof, Drive & Bellflower. (A little known indy film that won 2011’s Sundance film festival – check it out!) 

Why do you like working for Scaramanga: I love that no two days are the same and that I work with such a fantastic team. (Even if they do eat all of the good sweets!) 


Whats your favourite Bag from the store: I absolutely love my Wristlet Clutch Bag, it’s just the right size for my daily essentials and perfect for travelling with multiple zipped sections. 


tan clutch bag

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work: I love to travel, random road trips and a good film. 


The Best Vintage Jewellery Box | Scaramanga’s Christmas Top 10

Finding that Christmas gift that’s extra special and unique can be hard. Don’t worry we’re specialists at searching for and finding totally unique interiors and gifts. You can’t go wrong with a vintage jewellery box. We’re obsessed with stylish storage with original charm and character and there’s nothing we love more than sourcing the perfect vintage jewellery box. They come in all sorts of sizes, materials – wood and metal styles, colours  – natural wood, blue, green and white and configurations – open, with lids, secret compartments. We’re experts in restoring original old jewellery boxes. Best of all going original does not have to break the bank. We stock many that are less than £40 and are still totally unique. Best of all there are so many boxes, chests and small loieces of furniture that with no effort can be used as a vintage jewellery box or chest.
Here are our top 10 choices of vintage jewellery boxes for men and women:


vintage shaving box used as a jewellery box

1. Clever Compact Jewellery Box – These ingenious boxes started out as barbers’ shaving boxes. Over 50 years ago barbers would have wandered the streets of north west India cutting hair and shaving men’s faces. They would have stored their scissors, straight razors, blades, oils and balms in these portable boxes. Each opens and folds out to reveal a mirror and small compartments. We have kept them in their found condition and just replaced the mirror and frame where they are damaged. Some have writing on their tops, handpainted pictures of birds and the occasionally their original moulded frame. They are not big, but could be used for your favourite ear-rings or pendants. Prices from around, £37.50.


2. The Old Money Box – Of course jewellery does not have to be kept in a box designed especially for rings, pendants, chains and ear-rings. This wooden money box that was used as a money box by a small market trader in India around 40 years ago. It has 2 money slots for coins. The lid opens to reveal four small and a larger lower compartments for a variety of jewellery. It has a lovely rustic look and feel. Rustic Teak Money Box £60:

3. The Perfect Vintage Jewellery Box  – another money box with more compartments. This compact vintage jewellery box would be our top recommendation for a mens jewellery box. Reflecting the traditional style of woodcraft of the time, this chest would have been used by merchant families to store important document and deeds. Today this chest would make a striking jewellery box. With its lift-out trays, the chest would provide great storage and display compartments for all your treasures. We love time worn wood and it’s a characteristic that just cannot be replicated. It could be used a men’s vanity box for keeping: keys, coins, bracelets and all those other things that seem to come from men’s pockets. Price: £75.

Mens jewelry box for men


4. Small Jewellery Box – We have a few of these compact old boxes that were used for storing spices. The base is made from a single block and the lid pivots to reveal a series of small holes large enough for rings, ear-rings and thin chains and pendants. This is a lovely antique square teak spice box sourced from Northern India. Scaramanga appreciates the rustic aesthetic, skilled craftsmanship and geometric form. This authentic item was once hand carved and lovely used giving it a unique shape, texture and history. Over time the piece has taken on a unique vintage patina that could never be copied.

See more old tikka spice boxesPrices from £15.

5. Treasure Chest – A top favourite of ours is this small very jewellery box with decorative moulded edges and small brass stras embedded into its top. The lid opens to reveal two compartments. A real gem of a treasure box. Looking like a mini treasure chest. It’s small so could be used for your favourite pieces of jewellery. It’s the only one of its kind we have, £95.


6. Secret Compartments – A grand storage box for pendants, chains, rings and ear-rings.  would be this antique merchant’s storage chest. Originally used for storing paperwork, money and receipts, pens and ink. The small lidded compartments for ideal for jewelry. It even has a secret compartment for hiding those extra special treasures. An upper level tray is be lifted out to reveal a large lower level. This wooden jewellery chest has been made from solid teak, a durable tropical hardwood with a lovely grain and golden colour. Highly skilled master craftsmen made the chest around 70 years ago and each box is different. Vintage jewellery box, £135.


7. Japanese Jewellery box – A stunning Vintage Japanese Jewellery Box with a lovely golden-coloured grain pattern. Originally this was a sewing box for storing: needles, pins, threads, ribbons and scissors. Today it could be used as a jewellery box, a memory box, a stationary box or for keeping all those little things that just seem to clutter the tops of chests of drawers, desks and tables. Featuring 4 separate front-facing sliding drawers and an additional top-facing storage space accessed through an upper door. This is the established Japanese design configuration for this style of cabinet. Japanese Jewellery Box, £150

Vintage brass jewellery box

8. Old Brass Jewellery Box – Made from solid brass with an understated simple look with a top handle. They are quite small so could be used for those very specal pieces. The lid opens to reveal a small and large storage area, Now in Sale at £50, 50% OFF.  Brass jewellery box. Old tarnished brass is set to be one of 2020’s interiors hot choices for the new year. Look out for aged brass with lighter and darker tones. Imperfect surfaces, dents and edges.


Wooden Printers Trays - Type Setters Tray

9. Go Big. Get Organised – original solid teak vintage printer’s tray salvaged from an old printing factory. Ok, so technically it’s not a vintage jewellery box. Create a feature of your jewellery and mix rings, pendants and mix them with vintage curios and finds such as keys and photos. You can hang trays on walls or lean them against a wall on top of a chest of drawers. We’ve left these as we found them doing no more than simply washing them with a little soapy water. At around 75cm they’re big and have dozens of different sized compartments.  £45, see our vintage printer’s trays.

Wooden Jewellery Box

10. Perfectly Sized Jewellery Box – A mid sized vintage jewellery box with an assortment of compartments and a tray that lifts out ro reveal a lower compartment. A perfect jewelry box for men with an understated simple functional design. Like many of our boxes this chest was originally a money box and it has coin slots in the top. Its a simply chest made a golden teak. Price: £135 See the jewellery box

Of course we have many many more women’s and men’s vintage jewellery boxes, trays and chests. Each has been lovingly restored so it could be used in a very different way it was made for.
For the perfect vintage jewellery box look no further and visit our website here

We’re Back… Find us in Victoria & George, Edinburgh

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We’re back in Edinburgh this time our handmade bags and accessories can now be found at Victoria and George, 96 Bruntsfield Place.
Victoria chats about her store and what you can find in her store.


1. Tell us a little about the store and where we can find you:
The shop is called Victoria & George, we’re at 96 Bruntsfield Place in Edinburgh and I’m Victoria.
We opened two years ago and the shop name is actually based on the Victorian and Georgian periods of furniture we stock – the fact I’m also a Victoria is a bit of happy coincidence. However, my poor partner Gareth is now assumed by many people to be called George. I think he’ll forever be known as George, and it’s a bit late to tell some people now!
2. What can customers expect to find in your store?
We source, restore, recycle and paint antique and vintage furniture and homewares, mainly focusing on classic pieces with simple lines – items that would fit perfectly into a cottage, farmhouse or traditional home. Much of furniture dates back to the mid-late 19th century and is made from old pine, elm, oak, mahogany and teak. They’re solid, sturdy pieces that have lasted for more than 100 years and will last for 100 more.
We also like to source antique and vintage items from across the waters – places like India, Japan, France and Belgium. We love our smaller pieces and the things that complement our way of styling and thinking. We stock smaller items such as lampshades, cushions, frames and mirrors and Scaramanga’s range of leather bags and journals.
leather journal
3. Where are you? Tell us something about Bruntsfield?
We’re in the city centre, in the south side, and we feel very lucky to be part of the Bruntsfield community. This area is becoming a bit of a rarity, because we still have lots of small, independent family-run businesses dotted along the street. It has been lovely to hear that some customers have done most of their Christmas shopping just by walking down our little street.
     4. How did you get started?
I’ve always collected antique furniture and bits and pieces, and painting has been a favourite hobby. A few years ago I decided I’d had enough of my full-time career, so I took the plunge, decided to turn the hobby into a job, and that was that. A few friends thought I was a bit mad, but I love doing what I do and I hope the passion for it comes through. It isn’t always very glamorous though – I spend half my life covered in dust and paint, lugging furniture around and driving across the UK in my van to discover treasures
5. When influences where and what you buy for your store/business?
I’ll admit, a lot of it comes down to personal taste – I’ve sourced every single item that is the shop myself. But the main thing for us is to take old pieces and make them better – give them a new lease of life – whether this means restoring or sympathetically painting them. Recycling, avoiding waste, using natural products and being ethical in what we stock is important, and we like to work with businesses with a similar ethos.
6. What are you now stocking from Scaramanga?
We’ve got a large range of items in store, including lots of classic shoulder and tote bags, laptop bags, a range of journals and wallets and plenty of stocking fillers, including pencil cases, key ring purses and very smart leather collars for our furry companions. The range sits beautifully with our antique and vintage furniture, the styles marry together very well.
leather satchel bag
7. What plans have you got for the future?
To get bigger – but not too big. We love the fact we’re a family business and we only work with a few close and trusted people at the moment. Next year we have plans to expand the business a bit, to venture more online and cater to nationwide customers, and to hold painting, making and mending workshops.
8. Do you have a style trend/idea for 2020?
There has been a lot of talk about blue and light green colours being a trend for 2020, and that would be perfect for us!
When we paint furniture, we like to make sure that the colours complement the old pieces we are painting. Modern pinks, pastels and neon shades aren’t our style and we won’t try to make an old piece look new. We love the classic green-blue palette, rich marine-style shades, so we’ll be focusing on that a lot next year.
We love Victoria & George, its such a great shop with loads of unique buys. We are super happy to be back in Edinburgh.
Tag us #myscaramanga in all your purchases, we would love to see you using your new Scaramanga goodies!!

Meet the Team: The people behind Scaramanga

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Meet the Team


We love to get to have a sneak peek behind businesses and get to see the inner workings of our favourite companies. So we thought we would let you see into ours and show you the people behind Scaramanga.

So, in the second blog of our ‘Meet the Team’ series we have Georgia.

Georgia is our Operations Manager. She organises all of us and is the google of Scaramanga, the woman knows everything!!

We have come up with some spit-fire questions to get to know her a little better.







Name: Georgia Porteous 

Job Role: Operations Manager 

Favourite Quote: Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it” – Salvador Dali 

How long have you worked at Scaramanga: Almost 5 years! 

What’s your ‘Best Bit’ about your role: My role is so varied that no two days are the same! 

Name your Top 3 films: Baby Driver, Goodfellas, Blues Brothers 

Why do you like working for Scaramanga: We have a brilliant, hardworking team who are a pleasure to work with. (**Disclaimer** Bribery of chocolate and endless cups of tea may have been offered) 

What’s your favourite Bag from the store: I actually have two! I love the Bella, I’ve used one every day for work for years and it’s surprising how much you can fit inside it. I also use the Gemini as my weekend bag, I love that it’s crossbody so keeps my hands free and it’s compact enough that I can easily access my keys, purse and phone. 

Bella Leather Handbag


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work: I enjoy spending time with friends, doing yoga, going swimming and going for walks in the countryside with my husband and our two rescue greyhounds. 

Leather Bags Autumn Look Book | By Scaramanga

November is just around the corner with the change in weather reminds us that Autumn is in full force. Autumn is a season we look forward to here at Scaramanga. The rich colours and the beautiful scenery inspires us to provide leather bags that gets us in to the spirit of this amazing season. We think the perfect way to begin the Autumn season is with a new bag, and we have chosen four of our favourites to show you how you can give your wardrobe a touch of Autumn.

Gemini Cross Body

The Gemini Cross Body is a perfect bag for an Autumn outing. It can be frustrating when you are going for a stroll in the park, or enjoying a night out with friends, and you are bogged down with a bigger leather bag than you need. The compact size of the leather Cross Body allows you to carry your purse, keys and phone with ease and hands free. Sticking with the Autumn theme, this handbag is crafted with soft antique leather which is a caramel colour, guaranteed to age beautifully.

If you are planning a day trip, or shopping for your new Autumn wardrobe, the classic Leather Britt Tote Bag will be your new best friend. The soft antique leather ensures you will feel comfortable on your daily outings. The shape of the handbag allows you to chuck all your daily essentials in there with plenty of room. There is a small zip compartment on the inside of the leather bag so you can keep your phone and keys in a convenient, safe place. The Britt Tote is a style that every woman would be proud to add to their collection.

The leather Rucksack is a great way to carry all your essentials in a stylish way. This leather backpack conveniently holds everything you could need, with two external pockets allowing you to have easier access to all of your things. You will find a place for everything you need for the day, interior zipped pockets, to a dedicated compartment to hold your phone and keys. The rich colour will compliment your Autumn season wardrobe beautifully.

Mens Leather Travel Bag


The final bag that we think is a fantastic leather bag for the Autumn season is of course the leather duffle bag. This weekend holdall is a perfect blend of practical and fashionable. We are a big fan of the Duffle here at Scaramanga, we gave this bag a modern twist with its zip closure, two handles and a detachable shoulder strap. These practical features will guarantee to make you feel more secure and comfortable when carrying your items, there is more than enough room for a weekend away. This holdall is very multi-functional as you can take it on a day trip or a long weekend or even as your gym bag for after work.   *Adorable pup not included

From the beautiful Gemini to the leather tote bag, there is a wide selection of leather bag styles that you can add to your Autumn wardrobe.

Meet the Team: The People behind Scaramanga

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Meet the Team

We love to get to have a sneak peek behind businesses and get to see the inner workings of our favourite companies. So we thought we would let you see into ours and show you the people behind Scaramanga.

So, first up in our ‘Meet the Team’ series we have Sam. Sam is our Digital Marketing Manager. She organises and communicates all our campaigns.

We have come up with some spit-fire questions to get to know Sam a little better.





Name: Samantha McBride 

Job Role: Digital Marketing Manager 

Favourite Quote:  “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”

How long have you worked at Scaramanga:  5 Months

Whats your ‘Best Bit’ about your role: I love to be creative and organise cool photos and videos for social media 

Name your Top 3 films: Men of Honor, As good as it gets & It’s a wonderful life

Why do you like working for Scaramanga: I like that we work with producers and suppliers in traditional artisan and craft based industries that still use traditional materials, methods and skills. Many of the suppliers we use are small-scale family-run businesses.

Whats your favourite Bag from the store:  I love the Duffle Bag, I think its so chic and classic. I can’t wait for mine to get all beat up and old looking.

leather weekender bag for men

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work:  I love going to the cinema, catching up with my friends or I love going to a new town or city and just spend the day wandering around and finding interesting things.

How to make your home cosy this Autumn

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With the temperature plummeting and the nights drawing in, there’s no better time to make over your house for the colder months. Whether you want to make your lounge a little more cosy, or add in some retro lighting for those dark evenings, we’ve got everything to make your home a haven  this Winter.

autumn interiors


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