It’s Our Birthday! Thank You for 15 Years!

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How it all Began… From an inspirational trip to a North-West Indian market in 1998, to the creation of our first leather satchel in 2006, the realisation and conception of Scaramanga (born from... READ MORE

Indian Summer Interiors | by Scaramanga

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Indian Summer Interiors Indian Summer Interiors bring the colours of that special time of year in August when the sun shines brightly to enhance the natural colours outside. On these bright sunny days,... READ MORE

Sustainability with Style

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Back in the ‘good-old’ days…after the Industrial Revolution, new technologies, new materials and seemingly endless energy sources made it more profitable to create brand new products from scratch rather than repair and reuse... READ MORE

Bring your interiors outside this summer

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The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the evenings are wonderfully light – it must be British summertime! Here at Scaramanga, we love our vintage and retro homewares, but they don’t... READ MORE

Father’s Day Gifts 2020 | Scaramanga Gift Shop

Father’s Day Gifts 2020

This might be the strangest Father’s day in lockdown but it a time where you can finally thank your Dad for his endless love and support with our unique father’s day gifts 2020. What better way to do that than an original gift that he can treasure forever. Whether your dad is the sporty type that wished he went professional, or the traditional Dad that still wears cufflinks, we have a wide range of gifts that he will love! A Scaramanga gift lasts longer than Father’s Day, it lasts a lifetime.

Father's Day Gifts

The DIY Dad

Is your dad a DIY ‘fanatic’ who loves to fix things? If yes we have a wide range of rustic gifts to make him even more excited about his next creation. Our canvas & leather apron would make the perfect Father’s day gifts 2020! With 4 specialised pockets and a leather loop to hold tools such as hammers, your dad will be able to hold as many tools as he likes while working. The leather and canvas material is naturally distressed which adds to the rustic design. Why not make it even more unique and personalise the leather pocket with your Dad’s initials?

leather and canvas apron

The Professional Dad

Is it time for your Dad to shake up his work style? We have a range of bags and leather goods to help him maintain his professional reputation. If your dad has had the same briefcase for 15 years and is in need of an upgrade. The men’s leather briefcase would make the perfect choice.

father's day gifts 2018

Give your dad a subtle business style upgrade with our leather laptop bag. The leather laptop bag is compact so you don’t feel bulky when traveling to work. However, it also has enough space to hold a laptop and documents.

Our brand new men’s leather tote bag would also make a fantastic Father’s Day gifts for Dad’s who want it all. If your Dad prefers a bag that take him from work to the weekend with ease, look no further than the leather laptop tote bag.

leather tote bag for men

The Traditional Dad

Celebrate the traditional Dad by gifting him something he will treasure this year! A great place to start is with the vintage barber boxes. These old boxes were historically used by barbers to hold their scissors, razor blades and other tools. In addition, your dad can hold his razors and grooming essentials in a classic way.

 The ‘Trendy’ Dad

For all the ‘trendy’ Dad’s who has a beard…but not a hipster beard. Treat him to a new men’s grooming set that he can proudly store his oils and razors in! The best father’s day gifts 2019 has to be our luxury leather wash bag. Made from distressed hunter leather, this spacious grooming bag would be the perfect accessory for the trendy dad. He can fit all of his beard oils, shampoo and aftershave. This would also make the perfect travel wash bag.

deluxe wash bag

  The generous Dad

Give your dad a stylish new way to hold all of his (your) money. It’s time to thank him for everything he has done and gift him with the best father’s day gifts of 2020. What better way to do this than a brand new leather wallet. We have a wide range of wallets that your Dad will carry around with pride. one of these wallets are the men’s leather wallet with coin pocket. Your dad can keep all of his money in one place thanks to the small coin purse. This men’s wallet offers 6 card slots that are accompanied by a plastic section for I.D, along with a press-stud fastened coin pocket.

leather wallet for men

Global Bohemian Interior Styling With Scaramanga

Global Bohemian interior styling is a real fusion of decorative patterns, earthy colours and natural textures found in handmade crafts around the world. The style is often carefully curated against a white / neutral background to give a contrast. So imagine hand-thrown ochre coloured pots, mixed with bold spiced honey block-print textiles, beaten copper pots and rough cut brown-coloured hardwoods. It’s a celebration of rich tones and rugged textures from distant lands and a trend style we’ve loved for years. If Like Scaramanga’s founder, Carl, you like collecting and buying curios and eclectic items on your travels then it’s a style that’s not hard to recreate.
This trend is a diverse celebration of globally-inspired patterns – taking homes on a journey of global eclecticism. The look welcomes the fusion of decorative Ikats, colours and intricate Indian block prints. Rich tones and rugged textures symbolise the authentic, handcrafted style of this nomadic trend. It’s a form of eclectic styling. A meeting of nomad and traveller inspired by travels across the world.

People want real homes that reflect their personalities and feelings. So a global bohemian styling is about blending old and new from different places, eras and styles to create a look that is a mix of contrasting elements. That means things don’t have to match. Uniqueness and individuality are prized rather than complying with any particular style. People are drawn to pieces that have character and have an interesting narrative. Old and original Indian interiors whether traditional tribal, functional metal industrial or simple homewares such as concrete pots, wooden boxes and cabinets work very well with interiors from Africa, the French countryside, styles and eras. A 50 year old Indian barber’s shaving box can sit on a salvaged driftwood shelf next to a stone Japanese statute and next to modern coloured glass bottle in harmony.

Vintage trunks and suitcases

There’s a certain amount of authenticity required. So we feel less is more. Make sure they are authentic and real, even if it means you are constrained by a budget. Buy fewer pieces, but make those pieces stand out. Let’s face it, it’s very hard to fake handmade crafts to look like the real thing. So look to buy from reputable stores. (ahem, Scaramanga) In the image above we have used a stack of coloured vintage storage trunks as a side table and they’re surrounded by tropical plants and small boxes, stone Indian gods, an antique padlock and vintage postcards.

Vntage copper pot used for carrying water

We have worked with Dundee-based interior designer and stylist Sooz Gordon who regularly creates eclectic schemes for commercial and individual clients. Sooz says: ‘Home for me is about being surrounded by personal and meaningful objects. I like mixing and matching different styles, eras and trends. I can honestly say there is no right or wrong route when designing. I am drawn to pieces that have character and have an interesting narrative. As a designer and maker, I look for quality materials, and appreciate craftsmanship and artistry’.

The centre piece of our global bohemian interior styling photo is the restored Indian folding table. We carefully restore these tables without losing any of their aged charm. It’s the kind of furniture that can be used indoors or outside. It’s light enough to be easily carried and moved.

vintage travel inspired interiors

Add extra texture with tropical plants in simple vintage plant pots. Mix spikey cati with varigated spider plants and trailing ivy. Look for different shaped pots and old and new pots. We’ve paired spikies with smoothe curves.

Add lots of greenery – create clusters of potted house plants rather than single pots around a room or space. Mix textures with concrete, faded vintage clay pots with chipped edges and smooth geometric curved pots with succulents and cacti. We have used an distressed turquoise vintage storage cabinet without glass to display plants and a skull. A grat idea if you don’t have that much surface space, but have wall space. See Scaramanga’s exclusive range of terracotta plant pots available for pre-order.

We hope you’ve been inspired by our spotlight on the global bohemian interior styling trend. In summary use a lot of time-worn materials, upcyced and vintage furniture, earthy colours and asymetrical patterns, abstract shapes like ikats and paisleys. Remember style and buy what you like and not what you’re told to like!

To see more of our vintage furniture visit our vintage furniture website. We have new stock arriving every week. So if you don’t see what you’re looking for contact us and we’ll try to find it for you.


How To Restore A Table The Scaramanga Way

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How to restore a table is part of a series of step-by-step guides showing how we bring our vintage furniture back to life without losing character and charm. We started buying these old and vintage tables about 6 years ago. We started with just 10 and this year we will buy and sell over 300. They’re incredibly flexible and versatile. They can go through a long and comprehensive restoration process to prepare them for use for another 30 years. We will tell you a little about their history, how they are restored and how they can be used around your home.

They’re very strong and sturdy, incredibly flexible, versatile and can be set up in seconds. They usually have an iron frame and legs. A top or legs and top made from tropical hardwood. Other styles include wooden legs and top. They’re built more for function than good looks, but because they have been used so man times, they develop a unique character of their own. They’ve usually been painted several times and older layers of paint and the dark hardwood are often exposed. The big domed bolts and washers used to secure the wooden tops and tubular steel frame give them an industrial look and feel.



Indian wedding tent tables

Table History

Originally they are used as wedding guest dining tables. An Indian wedding will often have more than 500 and sometimes 2,000 guests, who over several days are treated to an amazing feast of Indian curries and traditional dishes as they celebrate the bride and grooms nuptials. These tables are usually covered with a decorative table cloth and then seat 4-6 guests.

Often called ‘tent tables’ across northwestern India, they are used repeatedly during the Indian wedding seasons. Traditionally Rajasthani weddings would have been held in brightly decorated decorated tents – to keep the desert dust and searing sun off the guests. The Indian bride, groom and their parents will look for auspicious dates in the Hindu calendar. January, February and May are usually the months with the most dates, which means in Rajasthan larger cities like Jodhpur, Jaipur and Udaipur will see hundreds of weddings taking place on the same days.

We buy them their original very well used condition and spend around 2-4 hours restoring each table. Each batch of tables is different. A batch could number 10 or 150. Over the years the are hired out for wedding events they really do take on their own character. They will be painted and repainted every few years, over time the older layers of paint make come through. The wedding hire table owners will add their name and contact details on the tables. Some will need minimal restoration work and other substantial work to bring them back to life. We aim to retain their original patina and character. So we don’t strip off the old paint, sand down uneven edges or even fill the gaps between the planks.

Restoring A Vintage Table

Here is a step by step guide to how expert blacksmiths and carpenters restore old wooden tables. Below you will see how we buy the tables: rusty, damaged and in need of some serious expert restoration. Sometimes we need to repair damaged wood. We took one table and spent 4 hours painstakingly restoring it. It gets taken from a rusty grubby table to a piece that’s going last for at least another 20 years.


This is a metal-framed table with a wooden top in it’s ‘found’ condition


Rusted iron table as we find them in Rajasthan, India


This is how many of our tables look before we start the restoration. You might be able to see bad / perished wood along the edge that will need to be replaced

Smaller damaged wooden sections are cut out and a similarly sized and coloured replacement is added. Sometimes an entire length of a plank needs to be replaced using old parts of other tables. Of course it’s not a perfect replacement, but that’s how the tables would have been maintained during their life and in no time at all with use and wear and the replacement section will blend into the rest of the table. Where there’s significant corrosion we’ll remove the worst with sandpaper.

We have removed the top because the frame was damaged and the left edge needs to be removed and replaced with reclaimed wood.


Often we’ll remove all the wooden panels and Sankar, who comes from a long line of traditional Rajasthani blacksmiths, will repair the frame and legs which can become twisted and the folding legs may be wobbly. Where we’ve removed the top to repair the frame, we’ll check the wood before we replace the top. We use bolts and nuts to secure the top. The wood used for the tabletops is

Our carpenter has replaced the perished wood with reclaimed wood and is sanding it down


Rajasthani blacksmith Sankar reattached the tabletop to the frame


Chunky bolts are used to attach the repaired top to the repaired iron frame


The top is now been secured to the frame


Years and years of use have given the top an original time-worn finish.


The final stage is to sand the top and the frame to remove rust and give a smoother surface. Then use a polish to nourish the old wood


The penultimate stage involves washing the tables to remove dirt and grime. We finish off with a few drops of oil for the folding legs’ joints and several layers of polish to nourish and revive the old wood and prevent corrosion. Our vintage metal tables are now ready.

Once finished our tables retain their original old and well-used character


Where To Use An Old Tables

The folding tables can be used as an industrial style dining table, office desks (Carl has one in his office), outdoors / /patio dining table, a large number of them can be lowered to a height that allows them to be used by wedding guests sitting crossed legged, making them perfect as coffee tables too. Being folding tables means they are very useful where space might be a challenge.

outdoor furniture

For an eclectic look pair the table with mismatched dining chairs – mid century, vintage and antique chairs in different colours. For an industrial style try Remploy plywood chairs or Tolix style chairs. WE thnk any atyle would work with these tables.

Use a folding table as a home office desk. When not in used for working, take it outside.


Old tables can be used as a desk for working at home or in an industrial influenced office. They can be easily moved. No toolbox and complicated instructions needed. Of course, they are at home in a kitchen or dining room. See Scaramanga’s full range of old and vintage dining tables we have many in stock.

Team work makes the Vintage dream work. Meet the team behind Scaramanga

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Team work makes the Vintage dream work. Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they wear company branded fleeces. 

Welcome to the next instalment of our Meet the Team series, today we have Nicola. One of our favourite things is learning more about our favourite retailers and the team behind the business. So, its only right we do the same.

Nicola is our sales assistant. She lovingly wraps and ships all your orders on a Saturday. She is the lady you have all met if you have popped into our shop over the weekend.  We have come up with a few questions to get to know her a little better….

Meet the team, Nicola

Name:  Nicola King 

Job Role:  Saturday Girl 

Favourite Quote:  Everything you ever dreamed of is on the other side of fear. 

How long have you worked at Scaramanga:  A year and a half.

Whats your ‘Best Bit’ about your role: It’s peaceful and calm on Saturdays, and customers are relaxed and happy, often shopping with their families for just the right piece for their home. 

Vintage red cabinet & old boxes

See our Original, Vintage interiors here. 

Name your Top 3 films: I’m much more of a reader than a film buff, but I love British movies, particularly Mike Leigh filmsAnother Year, The Sense of an Ending, Vera Drake. 

Nicolas favourite films

Why do you like working for Scaramanga: I like helping people find things for their homes. I love the idea that the items have a new lease of life instead of being replaced by modern mass-produced stuff. 

Whats your favourite Bag from the store: I really like the Hamilton. If I were a smart office worker I’d carry my Mac Laprtop and Very Important Papers in one of those. 

Hamilton, £149

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work: I’m studying for a PhD in Food Science, so I spend my time exploring ways to encourage people to eat a more sustainable, healthy diet incorporating traditional Scottish foods such as oats and barley, and sustainably produced meat and fish. 

We hope you love getting to know our terrific team here at Scaramanga. We love sharing a little more behind the scenes with you. Leave us a comment below if you liked this post or give us an idea of what you would like to see more of.

Meet the Team: The people behind Scaramanga

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The A Team has nothing on us!! 

Welcome to the next instalment of our Meet the Team series, today we have Graeme.
We love to get to have a sneak peek behind businesses and get to see the inner workings of our favourite companies. So we thought we would let you see into ours and meet the team behind Scaramanga.
Graeme is our Warehouse manager. He’s the man who wraps up and ships all our larger furniture orders. He can tell the weight of anything on the shop just by looking at it!!  We have come up with a few questions to get to know him a little better….

Name: Graeme Main
Job Role: Warehouse Manager
Favourite Quote: If it’s not broken don’t fix it.
How long have you worked at Scaramanga:  Almost 7 years
What’s your ‘Best Bit’ about your role: Seeing the arrival of different furniture pieces and getting positive feedback from happy customers who have just received their furniture delivery/ items.
Name your Top 3 films:  La Bamba, The Matrix and Highlander. The older films are always the best!!
Graeme favourite films
Why do you like working for Scaramanga: We have a great team who are always positive even on days that are very challenging.
Whats your favourite Bag from the store:  Mens weekender as it is perfect for nearly all eventualities.
What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work: Listening to music or going out for a meal with my family. I was going to add I go to the gym but I didn’t want to lie.

Vintage Blue Room Ideas: 6 Ways To Style Your Home With Blue

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Classic blue is Pantone’s colour of 2020. About time too! We’ve been expecting, really wanting to see blue as a big colour trend for a little while. So we are going to show you 6 ways to style with blue to create vintage-inspired rooms.  As many you know blue has been a favourite colour of ours since we started 14 years ago. Our blue furniture and interiors come from Rajasthan, the desert regions of north-west India. We buy a lot of furniture from the ancient city of Jodhpur aka ‘the blue city’. Jodhpur is famed for its blue old city walls, blue houses and blue interiors and furniture is also painted blue. . It’s clean and elegant and so easy to incorporate into your home.

So how can you style your home with blue? A blue kitchen - cabinets and cupboards

A Blue KItchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s the natural place to want to start. A blue kitchen would mean blue kitchen cabinets and cupboards. There’s a considerable commitment to invest in a fully fitted kitchen. If you do then navy blue is the colour many interior designers are in love with at the moment, but any hue would work. Think blue cabinets and cupboards with exposed brick-work walls and sanded wooden or flagstone floors. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to rip out an old kitchen, then painting you old shaker style cabinets is perfectly good. Do it yourself or get an expert in for the day.

Vintage kitchen cupboards and cabinets


We cannot forget the going for a bolder use of vivid blue with a deeper blue used on the walls and on the cabinets. It’s bold and not for the faint-hearted. Try Farrow and Ball’s irk navy – Stiffkey Blue – – – If that’s too intense then a paler blue give a more soothing natural look.

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

Pastel blue walls or even ceiling allow you to then mix other pastel shades into other parts of the kitchen.



vintage kitchen - mixed materials and eclectic
A kitchen we designed and fitted

Eclectic Vintage Kitchens

If you have or want a more eclectically styled kitchen then ou can mix blue free-standing cabinets with other colours. The good thing with free-standing cupboards is you can swap one piece for another, so you can bring in a blue cupboard or wall cabinet while leaving everything else as it is. An eclectic kitchen is one that can evolve over time. The kitchen above shows a combination of styles, colours, textures. There are eight different types of wood, painted and natural woods, old stone, bare metals and mixed together.

If a painting an entire room blue is a step too far look to create smaller areas or pockets of ‘blueness’. So vibrant blue textiles here or a faded blue cupboard or armoire set against a satin grey polished concrete floor. Go even more micro with a collection of blue antique medicine bottles in a blue vintage bathroom cabinet or a stack of small vintage tins with tropical house plants.

vintage tins in a vinatge inspired kitchen

Vintage tins are the perfect place to store those really small items you would usually throw into a drawer and forget about. The best ones are those with colourful and interesting graphics. They can be stacked in mini piles. Perfect for kids stuff too. Pencils, pens, rubbers, Pokemon cards…


Mixing Blue & Other Colours

The colour green is still a very popular colour from 2019 and green and blue can be pair together especially if your using plants. So create clusters of potted house plants rather than single pots around a room or space. Use different pot heights and shapes to create height and depth. Mix textures with concrete faded vintage terracotta pots with chipped edges and smooth geometric curved pots with succulents and cacti.


Blue Bedroom

Creating a blue bedroom with a mix of other colours is not tricky. Like our suggestions for kitchens, we love eclectic styled spaces. So for a bedroom mix styles, so no single one dominates. There really are no rules. Experiment. Styles the pieces and furniture you love. We have used a small blue vintage cupboard as a bedside cabinet. Another larger cupboard is used as a storage cupboard for clothes.



Blue Storage Inspiration

In this turquoise and pale blue vintage cabinet without glass, we’ve simply displayed plants with books and curios. A good idea if you don’t have a lot of surface space for plants.

A small blue kitchen rack shelving unit with built-in-compartment, that could be used anywhere in the home. We think it would look best in a child’s room for their favourite books and momentoes or in a bathroom.

woode blue chest

An antique blue Indian wedding chest from south-east India. We love time-worn painted furniture, especially wooden chests. There’s something intriguing about a locked boxed! Old chests can be used as blanket boxes at the end of a bed, as coffee tables, as a hall chest for sitting on to put shoes on. We’ve got hundreds of wooden chests, boxes and trunks. Only a few are blue.




Old Blue Doors & Room Panels

This antique Indian blue wall panel with doors could be used to divide a larger space into a bright and colourful room into a magical space full of faded colours, patterns and textures. It could be simply attached to a wall to give the impression of going into an outside terrace or the doors could really lead to another room / part of a room. We think it would work in a garden room / summer house or terrace.

This 1930s Art Deco wooden door from the north western Indian state of Gujarat mixes bold blue panels with geometric shapes and patterns.

If you can’t make a real doorway then consider a false door. Just fix a pair of old large blue doors to a wall to give the look of an old door.

and we’re lucky to be able to acquire a blue interior from the amazing fortified desert city. Not to boasting or anything, but we did have a sneaky suspicion that the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 was going to be blue. It felt like it was time for a blue. Their 2020 colour is called Classic Blue, and it’s just that: a classic blueWe hope we have given you some inspiration for adding blue to your home whether by painting walls, ceilings, using a more intense blue or a softer lighter pastel blue. A blue kitchen is a good starting point whether an entire blue fitted kitchen, repainting older units or adding free-standing cupboards to an existing eclectic kitchen or starting to project to create an eclectic space. Visit our website to see our wide range of blue and painted vintage furniture and interiors. If you live in or near Fife pop in for a chat, cup of tea and a chocolate digestive!


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2020 | Leather bags & Furniture

It’s that time of year when we get the opportunity to show mum just how much she means to us. Mother’s day is a perfect opportunity to remind her how amazing she is by showering her with beautiful gifts and love. 2020 is the year of memories, what better way to make memories by treating your lovely mother to a leather bag or home accessory that she can treasure for a lifetime. We encourage you to ditch the standard chocolates and buy an original gift this Mother’s day.

Whoever you’re buying for, whether its your Mum, your Grandma, your Step Mum or your lovely wife, you’re sure to find the perfect Mother’s Day present at Scaramanga.

leather purse, Mother's Day gift

Treat your Mum to a New Bag

We have personally selected our favourite leather and canvas bags to make gift shopping easier and more enjoyable. We are confident you will find a bag that will fit your loved ones style and taste. Whether she needs a new leather handbag, laptop bag for business or a vintage tote bag for her weekend excursions, Scaramanga have you covered! Our best selling Bella Handbag is always a firm favourite, we are sure your mum would love her too!

Bella Leather Handbag

tan clutch bag

mother's day gift ideas

Another great gift idea is a beautiful new purse. An example of this is our Zipped Leather Purse. This leather purse is handcrafted from our soft antique leather. The tan leather purse comes in a delicious caramel colour and is slightly distressed for a truly vintage look. If your mum is looking for the perfect purse to fit all her essentials, then this leather purse is the one and its only £34!!

Leather purse

Make it personal

Add a personal touch to your mother’s day gift ideas and explore our personalisation service. Why not purchase a personalised bag tag with her favourite landmark or treat her to a vintage journal with her initials to make her day even more special. If you were looking to find unique mother’s day gifts, this is a great way to achieve this. You can choose either traditional gold font, silver font or blind embossing (with no colour).

leather journals

Leather Travel Journal, £22

Something for her Dresser

Who wouldn’t love this vintage wooden jewellery box sitting on her dressing table? Why not treat your mum to this beautiful jewellery box, traditionally used as shaving boxes but we think they make the perfect jewellery or trinket box. This is one of our favourite mother’s day gift ideas and we know mum would love it!

Mother’s Day gift ideas for the home

We suggest giving your mum something bright to cheer up these chilly days! Why not treat your to this beautiful blue vintage mirror? We have a wide range of wall mirrors in different colours if blue isn’t her shade. These would add a vintage and original twist to your mother’s day presents. Handmade from solid wood and gorgeous traditional Indian styling, these truly are beautiful gift.

blue vintage mirror

Celebrate mother’s day in style and treat mum to somethings she’s always wanted with our original mother’s day gift ideas. Whether you are treating your mum to a vintage leather bag for everyday life or a vintage jewellery box to keep her trinkets in, we are confident you will find a gift that she will love in our Mother’s Day gift shop.

Let’s make this mother’s day one to remember and thank mum for all of the memories by creating new ones.






Meet the Team: the people behind Scaramanga

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Team work makes the Dream Work.
Welcome to the next instalment of our Meet the Team series, today we have Tracy
We love to get to have a sneak peek behind businesses and get to see the inner workings of our favourite companies. So we thought we would let you see into ours and meet the team behind Scaramanga.
Tracy is our Sales Assistant. She’s the one who packs all your orders so carefully, responds to any queries you may have and adds all your personalisation touches to your leather bags and accessories. We have come up with some spit-fire questions to get to know her a little better….


Name:  Tracy 

Job Role:  Sales Team 

Favourite  Quote:   If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. – Milton Berle  

How long have you worked at  Scaramanga:  8  Months 

Whats  your ‘Best Bit’ about your role:  Getting creative with shop displays – I love having a rummage around in the warehouse for bits and pieces to pull a look together – that place is a treasure trove!  

Scaramanga physical shop in Cupar


Name your Top 3 films:  The Royal  Tenenbaums,   Gregory’s Girl & Halloween 

Tracys top 3 films

Why do you like working for  Scaramanga:  No two days are the same, one day you’re cleaning out vintage Ocean Sample bottles, the next you’re  customising  a gift for someone or helping a customer pick out the perfect wooden chest in our warehouse.  

Whats  your  favourite  Bag from the store: The Leather Backpack, its big enough to hold everything I need for a day out with my family and it looks great with any outfit  

Scaramanga's large leather backpack


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at  work:  I love going for long walks in the local area, where I stay in Glenrothes there are lots of beautiful walks just a short distance from my door, pop my headphones in and go – bliss!  


We love sharing more about the team with you. Let us know what you would like to see more of behind the scenes of Scaramanga.

How to add colour to your home this Spring

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We all need to add colour in our lives.  Colour sets the mood and the tone of the home but when it comes to decorating and adding colour, we tend to focus on the walls, leaving the interior styling and furniture as an afterthought.  Here at Scaramanga, we think when it comes to creating beautiful interiors, it pays to get creative with colour.  You’ll see from our Interior Trend 2020 Blog, we see Blues and Greens as the main headline colours for this year. While the delicate neutrals and Scandi grays will remain popular, vibrant colour is becoming a chic alternative.  So, whether you want a pop or burst here and there, or you want to pack a colourful punch, we’ve got some creative and unexpected ways to add a little more colour to your home this Spring.

blue, vintage Indian doors

Statement Colour

It takes courage to use coloured paint on our walls and it makes us gulp all the more at the prospect of owning a piece of furniture in a bold colour. Bright colours in furniture are rejuvenating – it’s unexpected and a breath of fresh air.  Scaramanga is specifically selects items that can used in many areas of your home. All with their natural knots, textures, aged paintwork and shading of the timber that’s used. No two pieces are the same, so you can be sure to own a piece of originality in your home.

3 antique salvaged green doors

Grouping Various Colours

Why choose one colour when you can have them all. Grouping of various colours can add an impactful and non-permanent pop of colour to your space. Some coloured wall cabinets may be the new gallery wall!

Green colour wall cabinet blue colour wall cabinets


Subtle Colours

Why not try styling an open cabinet. Don’t let all your kitchenware sit behind closed doors, instead, let it become the star of the show.  Why not line up coloured plates on an open shelf, or stack multicoloured plates and bowls to make a pretty feature out of your kitchen storage?

vintage metal plate



Coloured Artwork

Art is not only a great way to personalize a space, it can also bring colour into a room.  You don’t need an extensive collection of fine art, simply a few coloured paintings, vintage posters or map will do. Hanging art on your walls will not only give your walls an instant pop of colour, but the paintings will add another layer of texture and dimension to your space.

vintage school posters


Pops of Colour

Bring pops of colour into your home and make a statement with a single piece of furniture.  Painting vintage furniture is a perfect way to add new life to something old.  How about this beautiful red cupboard, with its previously blue colouring coming through?  It’s much easier and more fun than painting a whole room, and so much more stylish!

Vintage red colour cabinet & old boxes

Have you been brave with colour recently?  How did you introduce it to your home?  We’d love to hear your tips, so comment below.

Meet the Team: The people behind Scaramanga

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meet the team, Shannon
Welcome to the fourth blog of our Meet the Team series, today we have Shannon.
We love to get to have a sneak peek behind businesses and get to see the inner workings of our favourite companies. So we thought we would let you see into ours and meet the team behind Scaramanga.
Shannon is our Marketing Assistant. She’s the director/camera man behind all our great videos and our social media guru.
We have come up with some spit-fire questions to get to know her a little better….


Name: Shannon McAllister

Job Role: Marketing Assistant

Favourite Quote: ‘What’s for you won’t go by you’

How long have you worked at Scaramanga:  2.5 years  

What’s your ‘Best Bit’ about your role: I love working as a team to create fun and interesting content for our customers to enjoy. I also enjoy engaging with our customers throughout social media to get their opinion on all things Scaramanga. 

Name your Top 3 films: The Proposal, Hidden Figures, Dunkirk.

Shannons top 3 films

Why do you like working for Scaramanga: I like the fact that each item we have tells a story. I also like that we work hard to be a sustainable and ethical business that has less harmful effects on the planet. 

What’s your favourite Bag from the store: My favourite bag has to be the mini boho backpack as it’s the perfect bag to wear on a city break. It’s small enough that it doesn’t feel bulky but has enough space to fit everything you need for the day. This bag came everywhere with me when I visited London and it made my trip.  

Mini Boho Backpack, £90

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work: I enjoy long walks along the coastal path in Fife and going to the cinema… I also enjoy eating chocolate if that counts as a hobby!!  


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