It’s Our Birthday! Thank You for 15 Years!

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How it all Began… From an inspirational trip to a North-West Indian market in 1998, to the creation of our first leather satchel in 2006, the realisation and conception of Scaramanga (born from... READ MORE

Indian Summer Interiors | by Scaramanga

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Indian Summer Interiors Indian Summer Interiors bring the colours of that special time of year in August when the sun shines brightly to enhance the natural colours outside. On these bright sunny days,... READ MORE

Sustainability with Style

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Back in the ‘good-old’ days…after the Industrial Revolution, new technologies, new materials and seemingly endless energy sources made it more profitable to create brand new products from scratch rather than repair and reuse... READ MORE

Bring your interiors outside this summer

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The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the evenings are wonderfully light – it must be British summertime! Here at Scaramanga, we love our vintage and retro homewares, but they don’t... READ MORE

Rustic Vogue Interior Styling

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Rustic Vogue interior styling is a real fusion of decorative patterns, colours and natural textures found in handmade crafts around the world. The style is often carefully curated against a more neutral background to give a contrast. So imagine hand-beaten brass bowls, mixed with bold coloured wall cabinets, natural stone coasters and leather suitcases. It’s a real fusion of rich tones and rugged textures from distant lands and a trend style we’ve loved for years. If Like Scaramanga’s founder, Carl, you like collecting and buying curios and eclectic items on your travels then it’s a style that’s not hard to recreate.

The Rustic Vogue interior design style (also known as Modern Rustic) incorporates natural materials, like wood, rattan, clay and stone. It differs because it has more modern elements and neutral colours. Rustic Vogue décor style is embracing rustic charm and warmth with a modern twist. We adore the tones and aged textures that symbolise the authenticity of our pieces.

Our first interior style of 2021, Rustic Vogue

People want real homes that reflect their personalities and feelings. So rustic vogue styling is about blending old and new from different places, eras and styles to create a look that is a mix of contrasting elements. That means things don’t have to match, in fact it is better that they don’t. People are drawn to pieces that have character and have an interesting story to tell. Old and original interiors whether traditional tribal, functional metal industrial or simple homewares such as concrete pots, wooden boxes and cabinets work very well with interiors from Africa, the French countryside, styles and eras. An old vintage industrial bread baking tray can sit next to a hand carved, stone coaster and a red retro antique post box in harmony.

There’s a certain amount of authenticity required. So, make sure they are authentic and real, even if it means you are constrained by a budget. Buy fewer pieces, but make those pieces stand out. Let’s face it, buying mass-produced items never look as good as the real thing. So look to buy from reputable stores. (ahem, Scaramanga) In the image below we have used a stack of coloured vintage storage trunks as a side table and they’re surrounded by tropical plants and vintage bread tins, stone Indian coasters, an antique padlock and an old retro postbox

How to style your home for the Rustic Vogue trend

The centre piece of our Rustic Vogue interior styling photo is this eye-catching turquoise wooden chest. We carefully restore these chests without losing any of their aged charm. This piece can be moved from room to room with ease. Looking great as a bed side table (As shown in the image below), used as a coffee table in your living room. The possibilities are endless.

The main focus of our Rustic Vogue edit. the turquoise chest

We hope you’ve been inspired by our spotlight on our Rustic Vogue interior styling trend. In summary use a lot of beautifully aged pieces, especially those with a super patina. We also love up-cycled and unique colours and asymetrical patterns. But try and refrain from buying too many ‘trend.’ pieces and buy what you like and not what you’re told to like!

Antique ghati coffee table, perfect for the Rustic Vogue trend

To see more of our vintage furniture visit our vintage furniture website. We have new stock arriving every week. So if you don’t see what you’re looking for contact us and we’ll try to find it for you.

Interior Design Trends For 2021 By Scaramanga

At this time of year we look ahead to the big interior design style trends for 2021. After a year like no other, when we’ve all been spending much more time at home you’ll notice a theme with trends making your home cosier. We are looking for more personal and inviting spaces with warmer with softer textures, bringing the outdoors in with natural materials and lots of plants.
Your home is a reflection of you and the other people you live with. A home should really be about living with what you love. Sooz Gordon, Dundee-based interior designer says: ‘Home for me is about being surrounded by personal and meaningful objects. I am drawn to pieces that have character and have an interesting narrative. As a designer and maker, I look for quality materials, and appreciate craftsmanship and artistry’.
So we’re going to bring you trends that’ll allow you to dig in again in 2021. Whatever you choose you can’t really go wrong. Use your home space to express yourself in 2021.
We would never advise following trends for big spend pieces because they could easily fall out of trend and you may be left with an expensive piece or an entire room that you regret having spent so much on to not like anymore.

We’ve picked out all our fave 2021 trends that are really easy to bring into your home right now. Nothing crazy, no remodels required, just little things you can change in your home to bring it up to date with the latest interior design ideas.

So here’s some Scaramanga inspiration for 2021.

Scaramanga interior trends for 2021

Rustic Vogue

OK, this is our favourite trend. It seems to have been influenced by one of our favourites from 2020’s global bohemian. This look is a crowd-pleaser, appealing to anyone who loves their modern home comforts but wants to inject some character details into their living spaces, too. It works ideally in homes that already have some interesting features, such as exposed beams, original floorboards or panelled walls, but can equally be re-created with a considered balance of old and new pieces that work together in harmony. You don’t need a period property the look and style works with modern houses and flats. Think Bohemian style meets modern rustic.
It’s a real fusion of decorative patterns, earthy colours and natural textures found in handmade crafts and interiors mixed with contemporary, authentic vintage and antique interiors from across the eras. So imagine hand-thrown ochre-coloured pots, mixed with bold spiced honey block-print textiles and rough-cut honey-coloured hardwoods mixed with vibrant coloured 1970s pop-art and subtle 60’s Scandi cool. Reclaimed wood is often the core material that holds this look together. It could be natural wooden floorboards, old exposed beams or even panelled walls. Antique cupboards and armoires can be used to frame other pieces with colour and texture. Look for unique pieces that show plenty of grain and texture, rather than items that are perfectly finished.
It’s a celebration of rich tones and rugged textures from distant lands and eclectic mixing. Overall it’s a trend style we’ve loved for years. If Like Scaramanga’s founder, Carl, you like collecting and buying handmade curios and eclectic vintage and antique items on your travels then it’s a style that’s not hard to recreate.
There are really no hard a fast rules. Mix old and new.

Image credit: Future / Kasia Fiszer


So what exactly is cottagecore? In short, it would seem cottagecore is an aesthetic that seems to have started out on social media. It’s all very wholesome, pastoral and based around rural life. It could be described as ‘country rustic’. Look for classic off-white cupboards and storage. Faded painted dining table and chairs. Printed Morris and Co inspired printed fabrics. You can mix styles and eras by incorporating antique French country styles with vintage shabby chic. Just think cosy, a touch of kitsch and in a good way ‘cluttered’. Try car boot sales, eBay and Etsy.

The Home Office

Working from home is now a reality for millions more people across the UK. Even once things start to return to normal many more people will continue to be based at home. This permanency means many more people are going to be designing their home spaces differently as a proportion of their day will be spent at home working. We will see more dedicated and private homeworking space in place of makeshift desks. So spare rooms / guest rooms will be set up as permanent home offices.
A home office really needs to be a comfortable space that allows thought and creativity. So, think artwork or patterned wallpaper.
Even if you don’t have a dedicated home office you can still create a ‘separate’ space to work in, you just have to think out the box a bit – use an alcove, corner of a room, transform a hallway we have even seen people using a wardrobe as an office! Of course, a home office chair needs to be comfortable. Try an antique library for a classic look, or mid-century cantilevered seat for an interesting look.


image: Ideal Home copyright


It seems that we’re seeing a swing away from the stark no-fuss Scandi minimalism towards bold, bright in-your-face full-on flamboyant interiors. Expect bold colours, lots of patterns, different styles and eras mixed and mismatched. Eclectic glamour – imagine 20s elegance mixed with 70s sass. So curved pink velvet sofa with scalloped and curved edges paired with a vintage hand-made copper pot and a 60’s dark teak sideboard. It’s not such an easy style to achieve, but once mastered it looks amazing and will over-power the senses.

Maximalism is having a major moment as we seek to curate our homes. After a decade of minimalism we love the inventive return of highly decorative and personal interiors. We are evolving our homes as spaces to be fulfilling, memorable and cabinets of curiosities.

Homeowners are styling their interiors to tell a story, layering old with new to create exciting interior stories. Every piece in their home makes a statement either through the silhouette, fabric choice, colour or unique backstory. It also reflects a growing interest in furniture and objects acting as souvenirs of our lives. People are regaining a sense of individualism by using historical references, dark floral patterns and stained woods in their homes.



Buying responsibly and sustainably

Fast fashion has been under the spotlight for a little while and it seems like the spotlight is now shining brighter on the things we buy for our homes. People want to know where they come from, what materials are used and how they’re made. Of course, reusing and repurposing is nothing new, but people are becoming a lot more accepting of using older materials and reusing furniture and homewares that have been used before. Especially as often things were so well made 50, 100 and 150 years ago. Furniture was handmade using traditional tools using durable materials like hardwoods and iron. This ensures less new materials are being used and less is being resigned to landfill. We’re also seeing traditional craft-based skills in higher demand as people look for well-made items and the demand for restorers with cabinet making and traditional carpentry skills. Read more about our skilled carpenters and artisan restoring vintage furniture and how we buy our interiors and vintage furniture.

House Plants

House plants have never been so popular. Just look at Pinterest and Instagram to see that houseplants have never been more fashionable. From retro 1970s-style cheese plants and hanging creepers to spiky cacti towers and fragile micro succulents. We sure there’re plants to suit your space and style. They bring a myriad of subtle colours, texture and vibrancy like nothing else. We think their resurgence is due their ability to freshen the air and removing pollutants.

We hope you’ve been inspired by our five interior design style trends for 2021. Remember style and buy what you like and not what you’re told to like!

Look out for more detail look at each Scaramanga top interior trend for 2021 starting with rustic vogue in February.

To see more of our vintage furniture visit our website. We have new stock arriving every week. So if you don’t see what you’re looking for contact us and we’ll try to find it for you.


2021 New Years Resolutions with Scaramanga

Once the excitement of the festive season has died down, the next thing to think about in the new year – your list of resolutions, there’s lots to think about. Whether you’re planning an overhaul on your home, up your style game or aim is to make more ecologically conscious choices, here at Scaramanga we’ve got some great things in stock to help you reach all of your goals for 2021.

Vintage Sideboard


Buying Vintage Christmas Gifts: Carl’s Top Tips

Buying Vintage Christmas Gifts: Carl’s Top Tips

My son Josh loves collecting vintage Star Wars figures. The same ones I collected back in the late 70s when I was a little older than he is now. He looks forward to getting the next figure and I love hunting for them when I visit vintage fairs throughout the year. There’s something special about buying, and giving items that are hard to find, aren’t mass produced and have a charm that comes from being old. If you are stuck for truly original ideas, then why not consider buying vintage or antique gifts for Christmas or other special occasions. What can be better than something which is truly unique and original? So, here are my top tips to think about when buying a vintage gift along with some of my recommendations for Scaramanga vintage gifts.

Carl’s Tips:

– It may sound obvious, but buy what you think they would like and not what you like. Will the recipient really ‘love’ it?

– Know what they really like. If you don’t know much about what they like do some research or ask someone who is an expert.

– Buy all year round. Don’t wait until the week before Valentine’s Day or their birthday. If you spot the special antique or vintage piece buy it. It could be the only one of its kind!

– Don’t leave it until the last minute; allow time for the antique to arrive. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. Sometimes some light restoration/remedial work may be required.

– You don’t have to buy the best example of the antique unless the recipient is an avid collector. For example, an antique leather suitcase can have some loosely stitched edges and a discoloured top, or lightly corroded catches. It’ll show that it really has been round the world several times!

Going vintage or antique does not have to cost the earth. Totally unique gifts can cost a little over £10. Classic looks, yet well made and guaranteed to be one of a kind. Here are Carl’s top finds. Hurry they are one-offs!



Vintage letterbox A small vintage red post box with a front door and letter slot. Vintage, distressed and iconic – imagine these beauties as features into your rustic, contemporary or retro homes.

Gifting to someone who loves travelling? Try an antique or vintage leather suitcase or antique travel trunk with their original stickers showing the wonderful places the previous owner has visited. Starting from as little as £30 Vintage leather suitcases

Other Scaramanga favourites include small wooden storage boxes and chests, especially with secret and hidden compartments. An old money box with a small iron padlock would make a thoughtful gift for all ages, and add a splash of colour to any room. Don’t worry you don’t have to use it to save loads of money! Instead turn it into a jewellery box or a mini chest for storing your collections or best vintage and antique finds. Our smaller vintage boxes are ideal for holding jewellery and other trinkets. Each has been handcrafted and pre-loved, giving it a unique history.

Rustic leather journal made from reclaimed leather and even the paper has been made from recycled paper from the textile industry. This journal is a great way to give a unique gift this Christmas. This journal is priced at £21.


These are original small vintage shaving boxes that were used by barbers 40-50 years. They would wander streets cutting hair and shaving men. We’ve replaced the mirrors, but pretty much left them as they were found. They make cute jewellery and make up boxes or small boxes for men to store keys, coins and stuff they always leave laying around. Of course they make shaving boxes for straight razors, beard scissors, oils and blades. Each folds out to reveal a mirror. Priced at £37.50.

Antique vintage Hanging Diya Metal Toran are an unusual gift that often appeal to adults as well as children. We believe they make interesting and decorative gifts.

Vintage Torans

Vintage postcards which have been hand painted with popular Indian animals: monkeys, cows, tigers, horses and birds. Many date to 1930s.


You don’t have to break the bank with a vintage gift: original vintage brass padlocks start at just £10.

These are beautiful carved small wooden tikka boxes and pots used for storing coloured dye / tikka, which is mixed with water to make a red / orange or pink paint for ceremonies. Traces of the dye can still be seen. We have several other sizes and styles, prices from £15.

small wooden boxes

Who’s the fairest of them all? Close to 100 years old and full of original charm and character. This is a fantastic Christmas gift for the home. Our colourful reclaimed antique wooden wall cabinets would look beautiful above a fireplace, in a hallway, in a bathroom or in an elegant bedroom. The cabinet is totally unique so you can rest assured that a Scaramanga vintage cabinet is one of a kind.

Going back to the vintage Star Wars figures, I remember having a box that all my toys went into. My Star Wars figures were never given their own special space – these figures really should be displayed in their full 3 inch colourful glory. Display cabinets, cases, boxes and chests. Vintage and antiques deserve to be shown off where people are able to admire them.

One of our best-selling items is our Vintage Wooden Printers Tray Letterpress Drawer. These original Letterpress Trays are totally authentic, and show a lot of character after many decades in a print factory. They make distinctive yet practical gifts, with lots of space for displaying cherished items or organising desk/work space. This is also a great way to keep all of your precious belongings in a memorable place. You can also sort out your storage in style with our reclaimed vintage brick moulds.

Vintage Letterpress Drawer
Vintage Letterpress Drawer


These mini cabinet repurposed from an antique wooden clock case. They can be wall mounted or simply placed on any flat surface. You can keep all your favourite curio in this little cabinet. Each is different and prices start from £37.50.

vintage clock cases

We hope this blog has give you some help and inspiration when looking for antique and vintage gifts. We feel giving original and unique pieces makes the gift even more personal. Good luck gift hunting!





Personalised Christmas Gifts With Scaramanga

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Personalised Christmas gifts is a great way to give your loved one a unique gift this holiday season. Adding a special date or symbol to a gift can make it more special for your loved one and they are guaranteed to treasure it for years to come. Make that wallet for your dad or new backpack for your sister even more personal with embossed initials, a special date, or a unique symbol. Our personalisation service offers a wide range of choice when it comes to colours, fonts and symbols. This includes Gold, Silver, and blind embossing along with two different font sizes. We have also introduced new zodiac signs, landmarks and symbols that you can learn more about on our personalisation section on our website now. Don’t play it safe this Christmas, make it personal.

Personalised Leather Valet Trays


Personalised Gifts For Dad

Buying for Dad can be very difficult. How do you get a gift for someone who doesn’t know what they would like themselves? You no longer have to worry about this as we are here to save the day! Personalised gifts are a great place to start. We highly recommend treating the men in your life to a personalised wallet. This makes a typical Dad gift that much more unique and touching. A wallet is a gift that your Dad is guaranteed to love and need. Our men’s wallet is a perfect choice as it allows him to fit his coins, cards and notes in one place. Adding the embossing on the front of the wallet is the final piece to make this the perfect Christmas gift.

Mens Leather Wallet, £26 personalised leather wallet

New for Christmas 2020, personalised leather pen case with clip. Pen Case, £12.75  New personalised leather pen case with clip

Personalised Travel Gifts

Are you planning to take your loved one to a romantic trip away, once this pandemic is over? If yes, why not break the news with a personalised luggage tag with the appropriate symbols, lettering and dates. Personalised gifts is a great way to make a big reveal even more special. You can also apply this to a travel document wallet by embossing a date or initial on the front of the wallet.

Travel Wallet, £62

personalised travel wallet

We know that one person who can’t go anywhere without their headphones. Keep their earbuds safe and secure with our New Leather Ear Bud Case, £9.50 
Leather personalised ear bud case

Personalised Gifts For Her

When the women in your life say they don’t want anything for Christmas, Don’t believe them! They want you to buy them a brand new leather handbag with a touch of personalisation. This will show that you have put a massive amount of thought and effort in to selecting their present, making you a certain favourite this holiday season. Our backpack looks fantastic with a personal touch, we do our embossing on a luggage tag so they can have the option to update the personalisation as the years go on.

Woman’s Leather Rucksack, £140

Luggage Tag with Buckle, £6.75

Does your loved one always lose their keys? Gifting a personalised keyring can be a great way to solve this problem Not only will they have a fancy new keyring to add to their collection, it will also help them to find their keys easier.

personalised gifts

Small Leather Key Ring, £4.25 personalised keyring

Leather Key Ring, £5.00

We are sure they will love our new for Christmas 2020, leather bookmarks from only £2.50

Personalised leather bookmark

Whether you opt for an original wallet or a trendy backpack for women, we can assure you that personalised gifts will make you a firm favourite with all the family this Christmas.

Unique Gift Guide for an Unique Christmas

Unique Gift Guide for an Unique Christmas

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We’ve put together a very clear and simple gift guide that will help you shop for everyone in your life and on your list.  We have such a wide range of unique and even one of a kind gift options, that you’ll be sure certain to get something truly special.  So get-gifting! Continued

Scaramanga Men’s Gift Guide: Sleigh his Christmas Gifts this year

With less than seven weeks until Christmas, shopping days are now seriously limited – which means that for some people, serious present-related panic is beginning to set in. While a few weeks is plenty of time if you have a definitive list of things to buy, if you’re feeling a bit lost then it can seem like time is running out. If you’re completely stuck, then try not to despair – here at Scaramanga, we’ve come up with a series of handy present guides that will solve all of your gift giving woes. This week, we’re shopping for the guys!


Holidays are Coming: Christmas Gift Guide for her

We are now on the countdown to Christmas, the shops are full of festive cards, shelves are heaving with advent calendars and Christmas puddings have miraculously appeared on the ends of the bakery sections in supermarkets everywhere. It might still seem like ages away, but there’s actually only seven weeks until the big day, which means now is the ideal time to start shopping – if you’re stuck for ideas this year, or if getting into shops, isn’t going to happen this year, (2020 has definitely switched things up on us) don’t panic; we’ve come up with a series of handy present guides with great solutions to all of your gift-giving woes.


Let’s introduce you to our team

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Let us introduce you to our team – Let’s get to know the people who work behind the scenes to make Scaramanga run perfectly (most of the time). Find out what a day in the life is like in one of the UK’s best vintage retailers. Next in our series we have our Digital Marketing Manager, Sam . Let’s find out what she gets up to in a day at Scaramanga.

Name: Samantha McBride

Age: 30

Job Title: Digital Marketing Manager

How did you come to work at Scaramanga?: A friend had shown me the job advertised and I thought I would try my luck! I was very lucky, Scaramanga is a great company to work for.

What is your favourite part of your job?: I love creating and planning out our campaigns, especially around Christmas time! I also love helping with the design process of our bags and accessories. It’s really cool to have an idea and see it come to life. It’s also great when I get to use my dog Archie as a cameo in any videos we are doing. He gets a starring role at Halloween.

What is a day in the life like for you at Scaramanga?: My day can be quite varied, I have weekly tasks such as editing any adverts we have running, creating new promotions, planning out our weekly social and email activities. I love writing our blog posts, I find writing quite therapeutic.

What keeps you motivated?: When we get great feedback from a campaign or when customers comment on how well Scaramanga is being represented online it feels great. 

What do you love about the brand?: I love the originality, everything we stock is either an original vintage pieces or, in regards to our bags, we designed everything ourselves; trying to create the perfect style for our customer.

What is your fav bag or accessory?: My personal favourite is our new pixie bag. I like to be hands-free when I am out and about. I don’t tend to take very much out with me. So long as I can fit my phone and my cards I’m happy. Its a really cute little bag.

Your favourite type of furniture we source?: I adore our trunks, especially the leather trunks. The history that comes with them is just incredible. We had an old marines trunk and we were able to track down his history and where the trunk had been with him and I just think having that piece of history in your home is amazing.

Vintage Trunks

Get to know the team behind Scaramanga

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meet the team behind Scaramanga, today we have graeme

Get to know the team behind Scaramanga – Let’s get to know the people who make Scaramanga work. Find out what a day in the life is like in one of the UK’s best leather bag designers, we were most recently awarded Best Original Vintage Leather Bag Specialists 2020 by SME News. Today we get to know a little more about our Warehouse Manager, Graeme.

Name: Graeme Main

Age: 23: 🙂

Job Title: Warehouse Manager

How did you come to work at Scaramanga?:  I was headhunted by an employee.

What is your favourite part of your job?:  Being a part of a great team who are all very supportive and knowledgeable.

What is a day in the life like for you at Scaramanga?:  It can be quite challenging but ultimately rewarding.

What keeps you motivated?: My family and getting nice feedback from happy customers.

What do you love about the brand?:  The uniqueness and great quality.

What is your fav bag or accessory?: The duffle bag.

Mens Leather Travel Bag

Your favourite type of furniture we source?:  I really love the teak wedding chests.

wedding anniversary gifts

We hope you are all enjoying getting to know team Scaramanga a little better and getting an insight as to how incredible employees are. It’s been great fun getting to know what everyone loves best about working for Scaramanga . Stay tuned for the next instalment.

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