Outdoor Furniture | by Scaramanga

Outdoor Furniture | by Scaramanga

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Outdoor Furniture, because Summer!

Did you know that Scaramanga also has a range of Outdoor Furniture? Our metal folding chairs, outdoor tables and fire pits can all be used to furnish your patio in Original Scaramanga Vintage style. So if you’ve got some outdoor entertaining on your social calendar this Summer, then have a look at our selection of patio furniture! We guarantee that it won’t be what all your friends have.

wooden folding table

Vintage Folding Table

The vintage folding table all have original paint on them, so they each have a unique distressed paint job. Which of course gives them that sought-after shabby chic or farmhouse look.  You don’t see many multi-functional vintage pieces of furniture. Use it when you want to then fold it up and store it away when you don’t need it or want additional space. We also have these vintage tables in green and white. These vintage tables are the most popular choice in our range of outdoor furniture. They’ve been purchased by many bars and restaurants for their rustic chic patios!

wooden folding tables

New Metal Plates


Our new vintage metal plates are fit for every purpose – a single counter-top dish, or even as a stack of 6 for a summer garden party. Bought as a set, they will add colour and cheer to any table setting, indoors or outdoors. Even great for those retro camping trips.

These authentic plates each have character-enhancing irregular edges and enamelling, small chips, minor dents which give them a wonderful vintage feel.

vintage metal plate

Old lanterns

Nothing makes a garden more spectacular than colourful lanterns that you can fill with tea lights. The warm colours make an enchanting space that your friends and family are sure to love. Our selection of Moroccan lanterns start at just £5, so you can stock up a few without breaking the bank. Oh and course you can look on Pinterest to see loads of inspiration for Outdoor Furniture ideas.

Outdoor Furniture

Chai Glasses

You can get glasses just about anywhere, so why not treat yourself to something unique, ours are original chai glasses from India that chai tea is traditionally served it. They are the perfect size for water, wine, juice and more. They bring a certain style to your tabletop and can be used as a conversation starter too!

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Vintage Storm Lamps

We like to get creative with our summer decor and this summer we have been making terrariums from our vintage lamps – cute, right?! These old lanterns can be used as table lamps as well, giving a little mood lighting if you will. Just pop a strand of fairy lights or a candle inside and watch as the magic happens.

Outdoor Furniture

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