New In Leather Bags

New In Leather bags

The team at Scaramanga have been working extremely hard to create new bags for everyone to enjoy, and we think it is about time to introduce you to them. Whether you are looking for a leather bag for work or your next adventure, we have a wide range of new leather bags that we know you will love!

Leather vintage flight bag

Starting with the antique leather flight bag, we wanted to create a bag that had a perfect blend of vintage style and modern practicality. This leather bag has all of the fantastic qualities of our previous flight bag designs with an added-extra antique twist. The multi-coloured leather is combined with antique brass hardware, combining all of the bold colours beautifully.

The leather travel bag displays a large zipped compartment at the front of the bag, allowing you to store your much-loved essentials in a memorable place. We have added to attractive pockets underneath this zip, giving you all of the extra storage you need.

leather drawstring backpack

The drawstring backpack is a new design for Scaramanga. We wanted to take a traditional drawstring backpack design, and take it to the next level.

We used a new soft leather with a slight shine to it, creating a sleek and fresh style. The leather bag is unique to our other bags which tend to be distressed. The delicious milk chocolate colour makes this bag a must-have all year round.

The small internal compartment takes the traditional drawstring backpack to the next level. This allows you to keep your smartphone and keys in a place that is easy to access. Whether you are on a daytime adventure or an exciting travelling trip, this bag will add fun and practicality to your experience.

wide leather briefcase

Our new travel briefcase has a classic and functional style that will allow you to travel to work with style and ease. It can be frustrating when you are juggling all of your work equipment while rushing to work, this bag allows you to keep everything in one place.

This leather bag has multi-purposes, allowing you to also use it as a spacious overnight bag or for a last-minute adventure.

We have added internal compartments to this leather briefcase, allowing you to organise your essentials in a stress-free way. The wide briefcase contains a large zipped compartment inside. You can place your important documents in this compartment, reducing the risk of losing important files.

Leather Fold Over bag

A contemporary take on a traditional tote is what makes our new fold over bag pretty incredible. This leather bag introduces our new California tan leather which ages fantastically and represents vintage Scaramanga beautifully. The rich chestnut colour makes a strong statement of elegance.

The practicality and timeless elements of this leather bag represents the highly desired qualities of a tote bag with a modern addition of the fold over top, creating a truly unique leather bag that every woman deserves to add to their collection.

new leather saddle bag

The new saddle bag is a cross body bag that defines effortless style. This is a simpler and more classic version of our original saddle bag. We also made this leather bag larger than the original to allow you to fit more of your belongings, making this bag perfect for everyday use.

This leather bag features our original hunter leather, pairing raw texture with iconic style. This practical handbag can be carried cross-body or on your shoulder with its adjustable vintage strap.

leather cross-body bag

Team Scaramanga are very excited about our brand new dual zip cross-body bag. Similar to the new saddle bag, our distinctive hunter leather meets our new practical design. The two zipped compartments will keep your daily belongings perfectly organised so you know where everything is.

Casual and classic, this women’s leather bag is just what you’ve been looking for.


From the modern update with our antique flight bag to the distinctive and practical cross-body design, we have designed these fabulous bags with everyone in mind. We hope that you love these new additions as much as we do!

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