Glam Dark Woods – Interior Trends for the Home 2018

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Dark glam woods is a trend that is taking over the world of interior design, and Scaramanga are welcoming it with open arms. 2018 is an exciting year for interior trends and a great opportunity to update your home with a range of dark glam woods. We want to encourage you to dust off your wooden furniture from the corner of the room, and place it centre stage where it belongs! Give your home a Scaramanga stamp of approval by following our top tips to give your home a rich and luxurious feel.

dark glam woods

A vintage pantry cupboard is a great way to introduce your kitchen, bedroom or living room to the glam dark woods trend.

This retro pantry will ensure you that you can update your kitchen with rich colours without overwhelming your home. The chestnut tones can give a neutral room a much needed pop of colour, a fantastic quality of the glam dark woods trend. This vintage cupboard has a distressed effect, creating a range of contrasting colours and bringing the piece to life. If you are looking to add some great visual appeal to a retro styled interior, This cupboard would be a perfect choice.

dark glam woods

This retro dining table is the definition of glam dark woods.

The unusual shape of this beautiful dining chair creates a retro feel that will look fabulous in your kitchen or dining room. Painting over a naturally beautiful piece of furniture like this would be a crime! The contrasting rich shades bring out the natural grain of the wood that creates a beautifully organic look, we love this about the glam dark woods trend. Match this set of chairs with an equally beautiful dining table with gold accessories will give your dining room an expensive and luxurious look. This will guarantee to make your dinner parties memorable for all the right reasons!

Interior Trends 2018 - Glam Dark Woods

Adding a dark wood coffee table as a centre piece in your living room can make a beautiful focal point.

The brass antique handles adds to the glam dark woods theme. The blend of gold and rich colours adds sophistication to your room. We have placed metallic accessories on top of this antique merchants cabinet to reinforce the glam theme. This vintage table is not just a pretty centre piece, it also makes a lovely antique teak merchant’s cabinet with multiple storage compartments. Glam dark woods is a trend that welcomes functionality as well as style.

Glam Dark Wood

The folding function of this fantastic shabby chic piece allows you to get creative when exploring the placement in your home.

This vintage teak folding table can make a fantastic coffee or dining room table. The distressed surface finish of this vintage table creates a blend of wooden textures that makes this a dream in your home. You don’t have to restrict yourself to one glam dark wood piece, why not add multiple examples. The contrasting colours of each piece can make a bland room in to a beautiful visual wonder.

glam dark woods

Glam dark woods are a timeless trend that has always had an important role in the home. The current trends of 2018 are a perfect opportunity to celebrate that. Whether you are looking for a vintage wooden chair to give you a retro feel, or a coffee table that has rich contrasting colours, we have a range of dark furniture that will achieve all of your home interior dreams. 




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