Industrial Interior Design Style For Homes By Scaramanga

Industrial Interior Design Style For Homes By Scaramanga

Our Spring and Summer room inspirations are full of fresh ideas and new collections to help you create your perfect space. Our industrial design room styles are part of a series of six unique distinct interior styles we will be bringing you over the next few months.
The last 20 years has seen old warehouses, barns and industrial buildings renovated and transformed and brought back to life taking the design world by storm. We think that industrial style details are here to stay. If you have been keen to bring an a design style that shows unfinished and raw interiors, mechanical might and manufacturing to your home then try an industrial style in your home. So if you have been enviously eyeing up those New York loft apartments or a London dockland warehouse conversions we’ll show you some ways to change your home with some classic industrial style details.

Overall the style is about displaying the building materials and furniture and fittings that many try to conceal. Industrial styling is about adding a raw, unfinished look to the most thoughtfully designed spaces. So a variety of metal and wood surfaces and edges feature heavily in industrail style design and it’s no wonder that earth tones and neutrals are popular color choices for these this style. Overall it’s about selecting pieces that are as much about function as style.

Exposed mechanical and industrial details: You may be unable to return a room or part of a building to it raw structure or expose brickwork, room beams or ducting, but you can bring an industrial feel to a room or space through furniture, fixtures, and lighting. Instead, the mechanical workings of these pieces are left exposed and are the appeal of industrial details. Industrial If your budget will allow it look for an industrial feature piece of furniture or interior. It could be an industrial dining table and chairs or a kitchen island like this late Victorian carpenter’s bank of drawers with its different sized drawers used for storing tools and materials.

A late Victorian carpenter's workbench make a perfect feature piece
A late Victorian carpenter’s workbench make a perfect feature piece

industrial office

Mixing and blending: unless you are planning a complete room or space make-over we would recommend mixing and matching contemporary, vintage and antique styles with industrial era styles. So modern stainless steel kitchen appliances already have borrowed industrial style. Simple green enamelled factory lighting with Edison bulbs with cupboard doors and drawers fitted with iron hardware, mixed with stackable original galvanised Tote tins or vintage soda crates or vintage apple crates for storage can transform your kitchen instantly.

Antique French oak dining table with repurposed wire pigeon hole, that were made into to industrial style benches
Industrial blending: vintage factiry Coolicon shades with Edison bulbs with repurposed wire pigeon hole, that were made into to industrial style benches


Repurposing industrial: Look to repurpose, reuse and recycle from other areas of your home or buy original repurposed interior to bring out the industrial appeal in your rooms. If you are renovating, look to reclaimed wood, metal and building structural members used in barns, warehouses and older buildings that are being demolished in your area. we have given these antique university index card drawers a new lease of life by adding an iron frame to create a industrial looking console table or sideboard then topped it with a black Bakelite 1950s phone and industrial 1940s Horstman Pluslite inspection lamp. Jason our furniture designer has used reclaimed elm to make a supporting frame for these antique deed boxes, turning them into a compact totally unique shelving unit.

antique index card bank of drawers

This vintage soda crate gives a bedroom a simple hint of industrial style, while storing books
This vintage soda crate gives a bedroom a simple hint of industrial style, while storing books

Vintage industrial office: an easy room to give an industial style could be a home office. We have iron framed and tropical hardwood folding industrial tables available in red, blue and cream as well as stacking mid-century steel framed chairs and folding vintage chairs. Old Tote tins provide lots of stackable storage as do old wooden merchant’s boxes and a 2 over 2 industrial chest of drawers. We have what is the UK’s first vintage office in a box. For just £250 our 7 piece authentic vintage office offers all you need to set up an office. Best of all it’ll take just 60 seconds to set it up. No complicated instructions or missing parts!

A vintage industrial inspired office / workspace

industrial office

PREVIEW low res photosbyzoe-6

Industrial Style can come in all sizes, too.  These painted old metal Tote tins would add and industrial look to any look, won’t break the bank and can be used as storage as well.  This pale green is heavily sought after for kitchen decor these days, too.

Our industril designer Jasn has crreated this rack for a set of painted old Tote tins
Our industrial designer Jason has created this rack for a set of painted old Tote tins
mid century stacking chairs
original mid century steel stacking chairs


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