Indian Summer Interiors | by Scaramanga

Indian Summer Interiors | by Scaramanga

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Indian Summer Interiors

Indian Summer Interiors bring the colours of that special time of year in Autumn when the sun shines brightly to enhance the natural colours outside. On these bright sunny days, you’ll see deep reds, vibrant greens, bright golden yellows magically enhanced by a fantastic blue sky. These colours can be seen in a lot of our vintage furniture and it’s easy to bring these pieces into your existing interior design scheme. You can find a big statement piece in our vintage furniture collection or some lovely finishing touches with our smaller interiors. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have something unique, original and inspired by the colours of an Indian Summer.

indian summer vintage furniture

You will find a wide variety of styles and colours in our furniture, so there is something for everybody.  Our vintage folding table in deep red has a metal frame and a teak top making it suitable for a vintage, industrial or modern home. It’s incredibly durable and the best part is that it can be used indoors or outdoors. We’ve collected a lot of interesting statement pieces from across the globe and these panelled Indian doors are no exception. This vintage yellow folding door can be used as wall art or find the right joiner and they could be installed to be used as actual doors in your home.

vintage furniture

Vintage Folding Chairs

Nothing can give you a quicker mini makeover than new kitchen chairs. These vintage folding chairs are a lovely neutral colour that will suit many kitchens and unlike a lot of vintage chairs, these are incredibly durable and comfortable. Your family can sit around the table in and comfort! You’ll also find a lot of metal folding chairs in our collection in Indian Summer colours as well!

plant holders

Unique Plant Holders

You’ll find with the changing season some of your certain flowers aren’t available, but succulents are always in season and are the easiest plants to care for. We have a variety of chai glasses, wooden bowls and lassi glasses that will give you a unique way to style your plants or make a beautiful Indian Summer Interiors centrepiece.

vintage furniture uk

vintage wooden cabinet

Find all the colours of Autumn in one with this unique vintage display cabinet from Indian. It literally has the exact colours you will see when you glance outside, the details on this piece are unlike anything we’ve seen. Talk about a statement piece! This would be ideal in the kitchen, living room, bedroom…ok any room, really. Full of character and life, this cabinet is truly an original.

vintage furniture

Vintage Bench

This old Indian truck sign is right on point when it comes to Indian Summer interiors. The vibrant colours make this wall art a stunning piece that will bring life and character to any space. Coupled with a vibrant blue bench, you entryway will make an awe-inspiring first impression to your home. This is no ordinary bench but it has storage so it provides you with an accessible place for the items you want out of sight.

antique wooden chest

Old Wooden Chest

All of our old wooden chests are the perfect home accessory as they provide a classic vintage look with the added bonus of being a great storage solution. Wooden boxes are kind of our thing! So there is no doubt you’ll find the right size, colour and shape to fit perfectly in your home. Because most of our chests like the one above are made of natural teak (which is a classic Indian Summer Interiors colour!) they are wonderfully durable and robust meaning that in addition to providing storage, some can even serve as a storage bench at the end of a bed or in a hallway. More, they make a unique storage coffee table, too.

vintage furniture by scaramanga

How about bringing that golden yellow that only nature can perfect into your home? This yellow storage cabinet is just that. Its distressed yellow finish gives it that perfect shabby chic style and the glass doors make it ideal for storing some lovely curios you might want to show off. Can you imagine how amazing this would look in an all-white kitchen?! Don’t mind us, just dreaming of a kitchen makeover using some Indian Summer Interiors.


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