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Create your own Indian summer our new range of home decor. As the nights draw darker and colder bring warm yet vibrant earthy tones into your home decor this Autumn for that cosy feel. Scaramanga’s new collection of vintage furniture embraces the beauty of an authentic Indian Summer. You’ll get seduced by the warm, yet vibrant colours, rich tribal textures and unique patterns and shapes.

The new collection consists of wooden chests, trunks and boxes, vintage cabinets and cupboards. As well, it has blankets, home accessories and stunning vintage art. Join us on this beautiful sensorial journey of original vintage furniture.

Warm Earthy Hues | Home Decor

Vintage Furniture Scaramanga


Bring the warm earthy hues of Autumn into your home with this gorgeous range of eclectic vintage furniture. This is as much practicality in these gorgeous new interiors as there is beauty. If a mirror could be a season, then our repurposed vintage mirror would be Autumn. This stunner has been upcycled from an old door frame in India. The wood has been hand-carved and displays some of the finest woodworking skills out there. This is a real statement piece of vintage furniture for your home.

Pair this mirror up with our new wall vintage art and you’ve got yourself the ideal Indian Summer gallery wall, home decor at it’s finest! These vintage pictures are old prints of iconic Indian figures from gods to politicians to activists. Each picture is accompanied with a colourful wooden frame.

Brass Chapati Bowls Vintage Furniture

Brass Home Decor

Don’t skip the details when it comes to home decorating. Our brass home accessories and chai glasses are the finishing touches you need to achieve that glorious Indian Summer look. The brass chapati bowls range in different sizes, each has been handmade, so there is no 2 bowls that are the same.  These beauties remind us of Autumn dusk or the ‘golden hour’ as some call it. The brass gives off different hues depending on the angle in which you’re looking at them. They make a great desk or table accessories, a few clustered together would look lovely on a countertop for kitchen storage.

Drinking Glasses

Speaking of kitchens, what about these traditional chai glasses?! The perfect size drinking glasses are your kitchens best accessory. They can be used for warm or cold liquids, therefore you’ll have the convenience of using these for either a warm cup of spiced chai tea or a glass of bold red wine. Even more, they are very durable!

Vintage Furniture Scaramanga

Wooden Boxes, Trunks and Boxes

We love a wooden box, or 256! We source these gorgeous wooden boxes, trunks and boxes from across the globe. They provide amazing storage, decor and sometimes even extra seating. Our collection of wooden chests consists of all different sizes and shapes. Some wooden boxes have been intricately carved, while others are simple and smooth. Either way, you’re getting a one of a kind piece of vintage furniture. Oh and colour! There’s no shortage of colourful vintage trunks in our home decor collection. However, we have a range of traditional teak chests, too. You will be spoilt for choice, we promise!

Vintage Furniture Scaramanga

Vintage Furniture Scaramanga

Vintage Bench

Every hallway needs a bench, it’s like an unwritten rule in home decorating. This metal bench brings that popular shabby chic look to any room. Make this bench cosy with blankets and throws. it will provide comfort when you get home and want to take off your shoes. We always have a glorious range of vintage trunks, we can’t keep them in stock. All our vintage and antique trunks from steamer trunks to mid-century leather suitcases are completely authentic and original. No reproductions here. Shop our exclusive range of vintage travel trunks today.

Autumnal Colours & Textures | Home Decor

Vintage Furniture

Just like an Indian Summer, you’ll see our furniture makes a sensory impact. The colours and textures of our wooden cupboards and vintage chairs are unbelievable. Most noteworthy, this range of furniture taps into the vibrancy that’s still left as the summer comes to a close. Think of that bright blue sky on a crisp Autumn day or that firey red sunset.

Vintage Cupboards and Cabinets

This gorgeous colourful chest pictured above is an antique Damchiya chest sourced from India. This type of antique chest would have been used as a hope chest or dowry storage for an Indian bride. It’s intricately carved to show the value and importance of what’s stored inside. Today this vintage cupboard would make a lovely statement piece in your home. Use it as a sideboard in a dining room or console table in a living room, or perhaps are you bedroom dresser.

Vintage Chairs

These handmade woven vintage stacking chairs are very unusual. They would bring life and character to the kitchen table or dining room table. Or one could be used as a bedroom or even office chair. The woven natural fibres are busting in charm with their tribal appeal. They would complement a vintage style home or even be that statement feature in a minimalist or contemporary home. They are extremely durable and comfortable.

Vintage Furniture Home Decor


Vintage Furniture Home Decor

Side Table and Coffee Tables

The coffee table or side table is probably the most important part of a living room or lounge. We can put our feet on these tables. We can set our food and drink on them, besides that, these tables also prevent us from losing the tv remote, well, sometimes. Therefore, they are vital! We have a unique range of coffee tables in that most aren’t traditional tables. This side table above in an old merchants desk from India. Use by street merchants as they sat on the ground at markets. These unconventional coffee tables are sturdy and durable and of course will make a splash in your living room, therefore a real conversation piece!

Vintage Furniture Home Decor Scaramanga


Scaramanga Vintage Furniture


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