Traditional Old Merchant Chests And Boxes

  Traditional street markets in India are great places to wander around. The jumble of winding, glittering, medieval streets, which never seem to lead where you expect them to, scented by spices, incense, lotus blossom, with shops and bazaars selling … Continued

Oh the places you go.

Summer is coming.   And, with summer comes summer holidays!  Whether you’ll hop in the car and drive somewhere for a short weekend getaway or fly somewhere warm and tropical for a two-week long stay, you’ll need a bag, right?  … Continued

Meet The Maker: How To Make Handmade Leather Journals, Notebooks and Sketchbooks

At Scaramanga we believe in making classic leather journals using traditional tools and materials and most importantly of all, staying true to original book-binding and leather working techniques and traditions. Hitesh, who runs his own leather journal making business, in … Continued

Meet The Furniture Restorer: Old Wooden Chests And Trunks

Scaramanga specialise in authentic vintage and antique furniture and interiors. Ranging from cupboards and cabinets to chairs to chests and trunks. Bill Bowie has been working with wood for over 70 years and helps us restore and repair our vintage … Continued

Zen and the Art of Scaramanga

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Wabi Sabi is the Japanese art of appreciating the beauty in the naturally imperfect world. It is an ancient aesthetic philosophy rooted in Zen Buddhism, particularly the tea ceremony, a ritual of purity and simplicity in which Zen Masters prized … Continued

Gift Guide for Mothers Day

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The festive season is a distant memory and Valentines Day has been and gone, but just when you think you’re out of the woods when it comes to gift-giving, Mothers Day rears its head. If you’re thinking about ditching the … Continued

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