Vintage & Old School Furniture: Scaramanga’s School Salvage Mission

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  Vintage & Old School Furniture A few weeks ago we received a call from a hospice who asked if we were interested in buying some vintage and old school furniture they were getting from a Victorian grammar school that … Continued

Scaramanga Leather Ethical Policy-Nothing to Hide

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As Scaramanga grows, more and more people have been asking us, “where are your bags made?”  We find it incredibly encouraging that people are concerned about where their things come from.  We thought we would let everyone who hasn’t read … Continued

Scaramanga – Once Upon a Dream

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What would happen if your favourite Bond villain teamed up with your favourite Disney villain? An unexpected partnership maybe, but you can bet there would twice as much drama and excitement. We are proud to announce that Scaramanga is featured … Continued

Is it recycled, up-cycled or reclaimed?

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Recycled, up-cycled, reclaimed, etc….feeling a little overwhelmed with all these design terms?  Don’t worry, we are too!  We hear them used (and overused) interchangeably all the time.  Some have been around forever, such as recycle, while others, like up-cycled is … Continued

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