Indian Street Food + Tuk Tuk Partnership | by Scaramanga

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A highlight of a trip to India for Carl are the delights of Indian street food. India food is laden with wonderful smells, tastes and colours from history, geography and culture. Street food can be found on virtually every street … Continued

Buying Vintage Furniture & Antique Interiors: Scaramanga’s Latest Trip

Carl’s is in Jodhpur buying more antique and vintage furniture and this year’s trip marks our 10 years buying furniture and interiors. Carl has a list of furniture stock to buy and we are always on the look out for … Continued

Vintage Furniture: Restoring The Scaramanga Way

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We are passionate about antique and vintage furniture and have been searching for and sourcing unique original and authentic old furniture for 10 years. Scaramanga’s founder, Carl, has an extensive network of knowledgeable antique and vintage furniture dealers and restorers. … Continued

How to Care for your Leather Bag

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You’ve got your new leather bag, now what?  Do I treat it?  What if it gets wet?  What if it gets scratches on it?  How long will it last?  These are VERY common questions we get and rightfully so, everyone … Continued

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