Father’s Day Gifts Under £50 by Scaramanga

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We have a huge selection of the best Father’s day gifts; some well under £50.  Get dad a practical gift, favourite men’s brown leather wallet or a real novelty gift, one of our vintage shaving mirrors.  Either way you choose, … Continued

The Best Leather Business Bags by Scaramanga

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We’ve reviewed our best leather business bags to help you make the right decision when choosing your next work bag.  From size to interior pockets, you’ll be able to see which leather bag, whether it be a portfolio style, messenger … Continued

Fashion Bloggers + Scaramanga Leather Bags

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We are thrilled to share some of our new Scaramanga Brand Ambassadors with you.  These fashion bloggers are some of the most stylish men and women around; it’s no wonder why some of them have over 100k followers! Meet Mel, … Continued

The St. Andrews Look

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Just like any other city in the world, St Andrews has its very own fashion style. The students of the university hail from all around the globe and with them they bring their own unique style. Amongst the multitude of … Continued

Scaramanga at the Fringe

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In August Edinburgh is host to The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The festival is the largest arts festival in the world and takes place over three weeks. Every year thousands of performers take to hundreds of stages all over Edinburgh to present … Continued

Men’s Vintage Leather Bags Define Smart Casual

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Smart casual is, for better and for worse, open to many different interpretations these days.  So we’ve started a new blog series where we will show how two different men’s vintage leather bags can help you easily achieve a smart … Continued

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