Vintage & Antique Leather Suitcases Used 6 Different Ways

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I think we all, well most, have a love for old leather suitcases, right?  A suitcase can symbolize so much for people, they can say, I’m going somewhere, or I’ve been somewhere, they also say I’ve been seen or I’ve … Continued

Vintage & Old School Furniture: Scaramanga’s School Salvage Mission

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  Vintage & Old School Furniture A few weeks ago we received a call from a hospice who asked if we were interested in buying some vintage and old school furniture they were getting from a Victorian grammar school that … Continued

5 Ways to Decorate with Mirrors

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We love mirrors!  We find them to be a very high value decorating piece, not because we’re vain and want to see ourselves, but because they add so much depth and light into rooms, they’re windows really.  When placed right … Continued

How to get Industrial Style in your home

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While certain trends in interior design come and go, others make such a lasting impression that they go from trend to classic style.  This is how we view Industrial Style.  Yes, it very much started out as a trend, only … Continued

Is it recycled, up-cycled or reclaimed?

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Recycled, up-cycled, reclaimed, etc….feeling a little overwhelmed with all these design terms?  Don’t worry, we are too!  We hear them used (and overused) interchangeably all the time.  Some have been around forever, such as recycle, while others, like up-cycled is … Continued

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