Bloggers Love Scaramanga Leather Bags-& we love them!

Bloggers Love Scaramanga Leather Bags-& we love them!

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We have been so lucky over the past few months to have started working with some international fashion-savvy bloggers who happen to love our leather bags.  It has been a such a treat to see how different bloggers style our bags and more, how our bags suit so many different fashion choices.  Below are some of our favourite photos from just three of our favourite bloggers, more to come next, so stayed tuned.

Meet Charlotte who shares her stellar fashion over on  She has our Mini Boho Backpack and after seeing her wear it, you’ll want it to!

leather backpack fashion blogger 17411180819_9c210465f1_k mobileboho


Meet Christie, she is a serious style icon over on  She has fabulously styled our Classic Leather Satchel, our new Leather Shopper Tote Bag, and our Leather Retro Bag.

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Next, meet Bianca who styles, travels and eats oh so beautifully over at, she has our Leather Boho Backpack and our MIni Leather Boho Backpack and wears them both marvelously!

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 13.50.19 Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 13.51.39 Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 13.52.33


Who are some of your favourite fashion bloggers?

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  1. All the pictures of leather bags are wonderful. It would be everyone’s desire to get these beautiful leather bags. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures.

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