Travel Inspired Interiors | by Scaramanga

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With summer holidays just around the corner, we thought we would try out some travel inspired interiors inspired by intrepid travellers exploring tropical lands or simply discovering quiet undiscovered and hidden parts of... READ MORE

Scaramanga | Boho Mini Backpack In London

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The Perfect bag for London The small backpack is a must have for travelling this summer! It is lightweight, making it easier to carry when visiting popular tourist destinations. Despite the bag looking... READ MORE

Stylish Home Office Furniture

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With more and more people working for home having an area or room to work from is essential. We’re going to show you how you can create a flexible work area with stylish... READ MORE

Travel Inspired Interiors | by Scaramanga

Travel Inspired Interiors | by Scaramanga

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With summer holidays just around the corner, we thought we would try out some travel inspired interiors inspired by intrepid travellers exploring tropical lands or simply discovering quiet undiscovered and hidden parts of the British Isles. We were trying to create a look that is inspired, in-part, by early 20th century explorers, gentleman’s club and the textures and greens of jungalow styled interiors. There are elements of eclectic styling in our travel inspired interiors as it’s unlikely an entire house or even a room would be created in this ‘junglaow explorer’ stylle. It’s a look that allows you to experiment and try objects out.  What we love most about eclectic styling there are no rules! When looking to create a individual and unique home most people have old piece they have collected over time and new acquired pieces. The trick is getting the blending right so it is harmonious. It’s a theme that would work well if you love travelling and bringing back a memento from an exciting and memorable trip.

Junglow explorer interior design

Statement Piece

We started with a functional vintage sideboard as a statement piece with three drawers and two generous cupboards. It has a lovely light lime-washed finish. It is an original solid teak colonial dressing table that would have been used in the early 1900s in a British expatriate’s home in India. The large top is an idea area for interesting displays and collections. We then dressed it with vintage and antique items that a Victorian or Edwardian traveller may have used on their trips: a portable typewritter, world globe, original photos from India and Malaya. We hung a large vintage school map of India on the wall. We have maps of North America, the Middle East and Asia.

A solid teak antique jewellery maker's work table
A solid teak antique jewellery maker’s work table

Dark brown club chairs or a tan leather sofa add a formal feel of being inside a gentleman’s club when paired with formal larger teak or oak furniture. This solid teak side table looks like a collector’s chest that an explorer wold have used for his specimens. The darker the wood and the more polished and unmarkled the furniture pieces are the more formal the space will look.

wooden storage boxes and chests

Create Stylish Storage

You can never have enough storage space when creating To the left of the sideboard we have stacked up old wooden boxes and chests, the type that may have been used to hold equipment on an expedition. These sit on small compact chests of drawers. If you have a small narrow space stacking small boxes, crates and chests will create extra storage space without having to find a single piece that fits exactly. The boxes are all different sizes and styles and the woods are different textures and colours.

wooden storage chest



British explorers and colonialists loved to collect items from their travels. So unusual curios fit in well with decorative pieces. We’ve added colourful tribal art from India, Africa and Indonesia amongst tropical plants, bundles of letters and old photos. Not all the items need be old you could mix in new, handcrafted artisan items and pick your favourite travel photos and print them in black and white and add a sepia filter to give them an old look. We placed an old Laxmi solid brass lamp in an antique marble bowl and added colourful potpourri.


Old books, especially travel books work well, vintage maps, antique cameras, vintage globes, travel bags and old books should be used to create finishing touches in an explorer / colonial inspired space vintage maps, antique cameras, globes, travel bags, old books and china to create finishing touches in a colonial inspired space. We have added contrasting materials: old glass bottles, a small display cabinet and antique brass padlocks. Vintage storm lamps along with the storage chests really add a feel of real outdoor travel.

Flashes of colour are added with old tins, vintage cotton bedspreads from tribal villages. Lots of house plants will also break up the browns from set furniture pieces.

Fabrics were inspired by botanical, animal, paisley and were made from readily available locally made cotton and linen. So long flowing light coloured cotton fabric will give a room soft filtered light. Mixing throw cushions and tropical printed bedcovers or traditional vintage covers will give an eclectic travel look.

Framed botanical prints, military portraits and oil paintings of Victorians in formal poses also add a sense of formal occasion.

wooden storage boxes

Small Explorer Displays

Of course you may not want to turn a whole room into an a explorer jungalow space. Or you may want to start small. For a small space choose a small surface perhaps a side table and crate a mini display on top, to the sides and below.

We used two old wooden storage boxes as a side table and placed one on top of the other to make a table. A small globe, books and a small Indian temple lamp gives the set a touch of the exotic East. Then we simply added lots of small tropical plants in old terracotta pots.

wall mount wooden cabinet

If you don’t have floor space for an explorer’s table or want to keep your displays contained then try a wall mounted cabinet or small cabinets on a mantelpiece and fill these with your explorer curios.

We have filled an old Indian jewellery cabinet with old camera equipment. The cabinet opens from the front or back and an old brass padlock can be added to make the display look like museum display cabinets.

Wall mounted cabinets come in all shapes and sizes. A natural wooden wall cabinet give a more formal look to the display, while a shabby chic cabinet will make a space look more lived in and relaxed. Their style can vary from plain and simple to ornate decorative display cabinets with carved finials and moulding and Art Deco geometric patterns.

wooden display cabinet



wall mounted cabinet
Get your vintage and antique curios and collections out and on display in a vintage cabinet


antique travel trunks - as a coffee table with storage


vintage furniture set design








Scaramanga | Boho Mini Backpack In London

The Perfect bag for London

The small backpack is a must have for travelling this summer! It is lightweight, making it easier to carry when visiting popular tourist destinations. Despite the bag looking neat and compact, there is much appreciated space to carry your summer essentials. The small backpack securely fastens with a metal buckle which allows you to travel care free. The perfect combination of practical and stylistic qualities makes this bag a true dream to wear. We tested out this theory in front of famous landmarks in London and the results were everything we hoped it to be.

London monument

Comfortable qualities are a must! 

London requires a lot of walking, especially when you are determined to visit all of the popular destinations in one day. The small backpack is comfortable and efficient, which made the journey around London more enjoyable. I walked from Buckingham Palace, all the way to the national history museum, and I was thankful for the compact qualities. The straps on the bag can be easily adjusted to suit your personal preference, adding to the comfortable nature of the bag. The straps give you the opportunity to be hands-free, allowing you to read your map at any time.

Buckingham Palace

Ergonomics Creating Security 

You are guaranteed to be surrounded by a sea of people when walking around London. You want to feel comfortable to make sure you are enjoying your surroundings, rather than worry about losing an essential part of your life, your phone. The metal buckle at the front of the bag allows you to fasten your belongings tightly and securely. There is a magnetised clasp that secures the small pocket at the front of the bad, with the buckle fastening over, giving you extra security.

Boho Leather Mini Backpack

Small but spacious 

The bag may look small on the surface, but has a perfect amount of space to fit in all of your summer essentials. This was warmly welcomed when visiting Camden Market. In ordinary scenarios you are faced with either packing your purse, phone and sunglasses, or sacrificing these much needed objects to have more space for new purchases. This bag allows you to do both. The small external pocket inside allows you to store more essentials, and helps you organise what you have in your bag. This is a perfect solution for making it easier to find your keys, a problem that many of us share.

Camden Backpack


Traveling in style 

Camden Market regularly push the boundaries to achieve fashion and ideas that are ahead of the times. The small backpack will allow you to fit in with this ideology perfectly. The boho style gives the bag a unique quality, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. The hunter leather that is used is high quality and long lasting, keeping you on trend for longer. The vintage inspired leather bag is authentically distressed, a style that is very much on trend. You are guaranteed to walk through Camden Market with added confidence, knowing that you are wearing a bag that stands out, and designed with practicality in mind.

Camden Market



The Boho Backpack mini is a perfect blend of practicality and on trend. The wide range of qualities allows you to feel comfortable, secure and look amazing. This bag made my trip to London care free and enjoyable, and I know it will make your trip just as amazing. Check out the Leather Boho Backpack on our website.





How to style Vintage Mirrors | by Scaramanga

How to style Vintage Mirrors | by Scaramanga

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Simple tips to create space and style in your home. 

Mirrors can achieve more than just a clear reflection. It has the ability to instantly grab your attention as soon as you step in to a room, and it can be a positive experience when styled correctly. Mirrors are a certainty in a regular household. However, you can use trickery and style to achieve character, and stand out from the crowd. It can be as simple as placing a large mirror in the middle of a room, to creating a feature wall.From antique mirrors to shabby chic, we are going to show you the best ways to achieve a spacious and on trend room to brighten your home and your day.

Vintage Mirrors

Decorating a fireplace mantle.

Placing mirrors above your mantle is a classic style trick. It gives the illusion of height and reflects characteristics of the opposite side of the room. Using more than one mirror that are varied in size can make a great statement. As you can see in this example, we have layered mirrors together in a symmetrical fashion to guide your eyes to the centre, making the mirror in the middle the focal point of the room. We have used contrasting colours to stand out from the neutral surroundings. The vintage style gives the room a personal touch and creates a comfortable, homely atmosphere.


Tall Mirrors to create space.

Integrating a large scale mirror in your home can create the illusion of more space. This is a perfect trick for a small room with a lot of potential. The mirror attracts the light from the windows near by which brightens the rest of the room. This is also great for a smaller room with restricting light. When your room decor is predominately warm colours, it can be very effective to use a mirror with cold colours to allow the mirror to take centre stage. At Scaramanga, we are a big fan of teak wood as it gives a traditional and vintage feel to the room.

Large Antique Mirror

 Decorative Mirrors

An antique, decorative mirror in an entrance of a home can be a great warm welcome. It is key that you get the styling correct as this can be the first thing that visitors see, first impressions are always important. Our antique mirrors are unique and one of a kind. This is a perfect opportunity to reflect your personality and make a statement. A small vintage mirror with bright contrasting colours and decorative qualities can transform a bland room in to a dream.



Styling your bathroom wall

Many people believe that Bathrooms must be practical and simplistic. Adding a vintage feel to your bathroom can deliver a creative twist. We think your bathroom deserves the attention and vintage style that the other rooms in your home receive. Placing a mirror above your sink can centralise your room and give it a visually pleasing focal point. Bathrooms can have a lack of light due to their layout and restrictive windows. A mirror can attract light, and brighten the room.

eclectic vintage modern bathroom

Mirrors are quite clearly a must have in a home of today. When Styled correctly, they can reflect a masterpiece rather than a typical purpose of vanity. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for more of our quirky style tips and updates.




Stylish Home Office Furniture

Stylish Home Office Furniture

With more and more people working for home having an area or room to work from is essential. We’re going to show you how you can create a flexible work area with stylish affordable home office furniture. We believe the key to setting up or updating your home office is flexibility. A home work space may not permanent, it may be shared and its components may be used in other areas and parts of your the home. Many people don’t have a separate office or study room so having the ability to move it easily and quickly is important. All our of office furniture suggestions are in stock and you won’t have piles of parts, screws and confusing assembly instructions. The joy of vintage and reclaimed furniture is that it comes fully assembled and ready to use.

home office furniture

We’ll start with a desk, except we’re using a vintage folding table that started its life as outdoor wedding table in India. They are super sturdy with thick tropical hardwood in an iron frame giving them a nod to an industrial look without looking too harsh. The original distressed blue paint finish adds a flash of colour (also available in red). Measuring 155cm x 59cm these tables are narrower than most kitchen tables so could fit into slim rooms. Best of all they fold flat for easy storage and transportation. With flexibility in mind the tables are perfectly suited for gardens, patios and summer houses. Or anywhere a strong table is needed.


If you are looking for something that would more like a traditional desk then a compact wooden desk with a single drawer might work. It has mid century looks without the Scandi price tag. Assembly takes less than 2 minutes.

Now you’ll need something to sit on. If you like mixing styles then go for a solid wood chair. if space is a driver then go for a folding chair. Like our tables these vintage folding chairs were used by an event furniture hire company for parties and weddings in India. They have a wide comfortable seat and the lovely solid teak grain can be seen just under the faded red paint.

Red folding chairs
Red folding chairs


Alternatives include padded tubular steel framed mid century chairs by Remploy, £45 each or curved 1960s red tubular steel framed chairs with a characteristic curved seat and back, £50 each. If you want to continue with a more industrial style then a metal folding chair like those shown around the blue folding table.

Storage is critical, with most people using desk top and laptop computers most people don’t need lots of storage for files and folders. We’d recommend modular storage like metal tote tins, which can be easily moved and stack.



office in a desk:–Desks/Vintage-Office-In-A-Pack.html

mid sized cabinet:–Cupboards/Vintage-Storage-Cupboard.html

Old sweet tins make great pen, pencil and felt-tip pens and small desk aceesories. Vintage soda crates are strong and look very striking. They’ll hold books, files and folders. Handy side handles make moving them around very easy and they can be stacked. Of course a home office during the day may become a study for children in the evenings and weekends so being able to separate and store your work from other users’ work might be important.

Vintage shelving with folder dividers
Vintage shelving with folder dividers

Reclaimed office shelving with dividers for files and folders can be used books and decorative accessories. A mid-sized cupboard will tidy office files and accessories away from view, while showing off a faded paintwork and antique charm.

Of course a home office furniture can make an office or work area seem characterless. So it’s important to decorate it with personal possessions. We believe in mixing styles and an office should be no exception. Make the space extra interesting by contrasting. Of course home offices are pretty hi tech if you use a computer so add low tech vintage accessories like an old telephone, old storage tins and wooden stationery boxes. Add house plants in old terracotta pots to add earthy textures and colours to break up shiny modern plastic of printers and laptops. We’ve used old colourful film posters and a salvaged cargo ship’s clock.











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