Indian Summer | Vintage Furniture | Home Decor

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Create your own Indian summer our new range of home decor. As the nights draw darker and colder bring warm yet vibrant earthy tones into your home decor this Autumn for that cosy feel. Scaramanga’s new... READ MORE

Locked In Edinburgh Vintage Props

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We met Jackie Jack and Heidi Richardson last week after they drove up to source vintage props for their successful business Locked in Edinburgh. The city’s no 1 escape rooms! They were so taken by what we... READ MORE

Indian Summer | Vintage Furniture | Home Decor

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Create your own Indian summer our new range of home decor. As the nights draw darker and colder bring warm yet vibrant earthy tones into your home decor this Autumn for that cosy feel. Scaramanga’s new collection of vintage furniture embraces the beauty of an authentic Indian Summer. You’ll get seduced by the warm, yet vibrant colours, rich tribal textures and unique patterns and shapes.

The new collection consists of wooden chests, trunks and boxes, vintage cabinets and cupboards. As well, it has blankets, home accessories and stunning vintage art. Join us on this beautiful sensorial journey of original vintage furniture.

Warm Earthy Hues | Home Decor

Vintage Furniture Scaramanga


Bring the warm earthy hues of Autumn into your home with this gorgeous range of eclectic vintage furniture. This is as much practicality in these gorgeous new interiors as there is beauty. If a mirror could be a season, then our repurposed vintage mirror would be Autumn. This stunner has been upcycled from an old door frame in India. The wood has been hand-carved and displays some of the finest woodworking skills out there. This is a real statement piece of vintage furniture for your home.

Pair this mirror up with our new wall vintage art and you’ve got yourself the ideal Indian Summer gallery wall, home decor at it’s finest! These vintage pictures are old prints of iconic Indian figures from gods to politicians to activists. Each picture is accompanied with a colourful wooden frame.

Brass Chapati Bowls Vintage Furniture

Brass Home Decor

Don’t skip the details when it comes to home decorating. Our brass home accessories and chai glasses are the finishing touches you need to achieve that glorious Indian Summer look. The brass chapati bowls range in different sizes, each has been handmade, so there is no 2 bowls that are the same.  These beauties remind us of Autumn dusk or the ‘golden hour’ as some call it. The brass gives off different hues depending on the angle in which you’re looking at them. They make a great desk or table accessories, a few clustered together would look lovely on a countertop for kitchen storage.

Drinking Glasses

Speaking of kitchens, what about these traditional chai glasses?! The perfect size drinking glasses are your kitchens best accessory. They can be used for warm or cold liquids, therefore you’ll have the convenience of using these for either a warm cup of spiced chai tea or a glass of bold red wine. Even more, they are very durable!

Vintage Furniture Scaramanga

Wooden Boxes, Trunks and Boxes

We love a wooden box, or 256! We source these gorgeous wooden boxes, trunks and boxes from across the globe. They provide amazing storage, decor and sometimes even extra seating. Our collection of wooden chests consists of all different sizes and shapes. Some wooden boxes have been intricately carved, while others are simple and smooth. Either way, you’re getting a one of a kind piece of vintage furniture. Oh and colour! There’s no shortage of colourful vintage trunks in our home decor collection. However, we have a range of traditional teak chests, too. You will be spoilt for choice, we promise!

Vintage Furniture Scaramanga

Vintage Furniture Scaramanga

Vintage Bench

Every hallway needs a bench, it’s like an unwritten rule in home decorating. This metal bench brings that popular shabby chic look to any room. Make this bench cosy with blankets and throws. it will provide comfort when you get home and want to take off your shoes. We always have a glorious range of vintage trunks, we can’t keep them in stock. All our vintage and antique trunks from steamer trunks to mid-century leather suitcases are completely authentic and original. No reproductions here. Shop our exclusive range of vintage travel trunks today.

Autumnal Colours & Textures | Home Decor

Vintage Furniture

Just like an Indian Summer, you’ll see our furniture makes a sensory impact. The colours and textures of our wooden cupboards and vintage chairs are unbelievable. Most noteworthy, this range of furniture taps into the vibrancy that’s still left as the summer comes to a close. Think of that bright blue sky on a crisp Autumn day or that firey red sunset.

Vintage Cupboards and Cabinets

This gorgeous colourful chest pictured above is an antique Damchiya chest sourced from India. This type of antique chest would have been used as a hope chest or dowry storage for an Indian bride. It’s intricately carved to show the value and importance of what’s stored inside. Today this vintage cupboard would make a lovely statement piece in your home. Use it as a sideboard in a dining room or console table in a living room, or perhaps are you bedroom dresser.

Vintage Chairs

These handmade woven vintage stacking chairs are very unusual. They would bring life and character to the kitchen table or dining room table. Or one could be used as a bedroom or even office chair. The woven natural fibres are busting in charm with their tribal appeal. They would complement a vintage style home or even be that statement feature in a minimalist or contemporary home. They are extremely durable and comfortable.

Vintage Furniture Home Decor


Vintage Furniture Home Decor

Side Table and Coffee Tables

The coffee table or side table is probably the most important part of a living room or lounge. We can put our feet on these tables. We can set our food and drink on them, besides that, these tables also prevent us from losing the tv remote, well, sometimes. Therefore, they are vital! We have a unique range of coffee tables in that most aren’t traditional tables. This side table above in an old merchants desk from India. Use by street merchants as they sat on the ground at markets. These unconventional coffee tables are sturdy and durable and of course will make a splash in your living room, therefore a real conversation piece!

Vintage Furniture Home Decor Scaramanga


Scaramanga Vintage Furniture


Women’s Holiday Bags | Scaramanga Summer Style

Women’s Holiday Bags

We are officially in the middle of Summer which means many of us are getting ready for our summer holidays. Summer is a month that we all look forward to throughout the year as it means we can update our wardrobes with bright and vibrant colours. Just before you post that out of office email, make sure you are fully prepared. The most important item to think about is your women’s holiday bags. Whether you are planning a city break close to home or a magical holiday under the sun, we have a range of women’s leather handbags that will make your trip a dream.

women's holiday bags

leather handbag

Bella Handbag

The Bella handbag is a small and sophisticated handbag that will fit everything you need for the day. Made from tanned hunters leather, this bag is a sturdy design that will keep all of your holiday belongings secure. We have designed the leather handbag with a front pocket so you can keep your keys and phone in a place that is easy to access. You no longer have to dig through your vintage handbag to find your keys! The Bella leather handbag is a slick design with a touch of distinctive Scaramanga style. Similar to our previous collections, the bag is slightly distressed to add a touch of character to your summer style.


original The Ella Saddle Bag

Women’s holiday bags are a great way to represent your unique style as well as pack all of the essentials you need for a fun filled day. The Ella saddle back achieves this perfectly. We are a big fan of saddle bags at Scaramanga due to their compact style and practical nature. We wanted to design that is slightly bigger than expected with a saddle bag, and we came up with the women’s saddle bag. The main compartment is big enough to fit all of your essentials for the day as well as extra space for a book to read at the beach. The clasp fastener allows you to easily access all of your belongings whenever you desire.

Keep your keys and phone secure in the zipped compartment underneath the flap. This is also a great way to keep them separate from your other belongings. You can wear this gorgeous cross-body bag over your shoulder with the comfortable shoulder strap. We have added an adjustable function to the strap so you can make the leather handbag comfortable for you.

leather cross-body bag

cross-body bag

women's shoulder bag

Gemini Leather Crossbody Bag

If you are looking for a compact but mighty bag to stand out throughout your holiday, the leather cross-body bag would make the perfect choice. The leather shoulder bag was designed in a compact style so you have enough room for your small essentials and feel comfortable at the same time. As shown in the photography above, the gemini crossbody handbag will complement any outfit and colour. If you have packed a vibrant holiday wardrobe with endless colours, then the small handbag would fit in perfectly.

Similar to our Ella saddle bag, the leather gemini bag features an adjustable arm strap. In addition, this will allow you to fit the leather bag to your comfort. The bag features a double zipped fastener that separates two small sections. This will allow you to keep your make up and phone in different compartments of the bag. We have also squeezed in a small pocket so you won’t lose your favourite lipstick during your travels. To give you extra luxury, we have lined the bag with a grey lining. The brown leather and grey material complement each other beautifully.

leather saddle bag

Vintage shoulder bag Leather Saddle Bag

The 12” Leather saddle bag is the ultimate holiday accessory! It is the perfect size to fit everything you need for a daytime adventure or a girls night out. The traditional buckle on the front of the bag securely fastens all of your belongings. In addition, all you have to worry about is to enjoy your day. Fit your purse, lipstick, keys and phone in this classically striking saddle handbag. We love an additional pocket at Scaramanga and we have included one on the front of the saddle bag for extra storage.

Sarah has styled the saddle bag with a colourful stripped dress that compliments the brown leather beautifully. This is a great example of how you can style your shoulder bag throughout your holiday.

leather laptop backpack

leather backpack Mini Soho Backpack

The Soho Mini leather backpack is a new design for team Scaramanga. This laptop backpack is a great way to carry your laptop as well as enjoy a day full of adventure. We have included a padded divider inside the leather rucksack to ensure your laptop is secure at all times. The slip latch closures are also a great security mechanism for your belongings. It will also allow you to access your belongings in a less time consuming fashion.

Adjustable arm straps featured on the back of the backpack for women will comfortably allow you to fit the backpack to your personal needs. Alternatively, you can also carry the leather laptop backpack with the provided handle at the top of the rucksack. We have added extra luxury with the grey lining that blends with the brown leather perfectly.

small satchel

leather satchel bag

women's leather satchel Small Leather Satchel

Satchel bags are the first Scaramanga design and remain one of our favourites to this day! The small satchel in particular is a classic design with a striking look. Adjust your leather satchel to your needs with our extendable shoulder strap. This will allow you to make the bag comfortable for you. The fastening buckles features a brass material to add a touch of extra luxury to your style. You will also feel assured that your belongings will be safe at all times. We wanted to stay true to the classic school satchel by keeping the design simple but trendy.

The impressive main compartment will allow you to fit everything you will possibly need for the day. We have also included an internal zipped compartment so you can keep your smaller essentials in a memorable place.

See more of our women’s holiday bags and photography on Instagram now!


Locked In Edinburgh Vintage Props

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vintage props
We met Jackie Jack and Heidi Richardson last week after they drove up to source vintage props for their successful business Locked in Edinburgh. The city’s no 1 escape rooms! They were so taken by what we stocked here at Scaramanga that they came back a few days later to buy more! We got chatting to them to find out more about their exciting business. Of course, we’re planning a Scaramanga office trip to try them out, we love an escape room!
What is an escape room?
For players who have never played before and have no idea what to expect, we liken the experience to the old tv programme, the Crystal Maze. Teams basically have to think outside the box to solve clues and linked puzzles to navigate out our rooms in 60 mins or less.
What are your escape room themes?
The Distillery themed room story revolves around a break-in thought to be an “inside job”. Players have 60 mins to solve puzzles and in the process identify the culprit. The Secret Lab has been sealed since 1972 due to a suspected LIE virus. An hour to problem solve and recreate a vaccine to save Edinburgh from imminent destruction. The newly opened Cutting Room revolves around a cold case serial killer. 5 new bodies discovered still alive in need of 5 replacement organs to survive. Crack the codes and save the victims………
How did Locked In Edinburgh get started?
Our journey into Escape Games started with playing a couple of Edinburgh rooms and feeling the buzz that comes with successfully completing a good escape room. We finished the games thinking we could probably design them better!
Heidi already had an office at Summerhall (formerly The University of Edinburgh Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies) and was aware that part of the building was basically derelict and mostly unused. The idea began to create an authentic room themed on the original use of the building.

How important are props to a good escape room? 

In terms of prop buying, we are lucky enough to recycle a lot of props from things that other people at Summerhall throw into the skip. It’s not about saving money, it’s about keeping our rooms true to the theme and feeling like the original old building that we inhabit. When we buy items they must be in keeping with the age, theme and above all robust to stand up to inquisitive players. Often we look at an item and judge whether it will withstand being dropped or thrown about a room! Harsh but realistically a few players are what we describe as disruptive and tend to be destructive with our prized finds.
So what’s next for Locked In Edinburgh?
In terms of the future, we’ve just opened our new ‘Cutting Room’ and feedback is favourable. There’s always a lot of secrecy surrounding escape rooms so we’re not giving anything away…….. except there’s always a new room in the pipeline!

Interested in finding out more? Visit Locked in Edinburgh –


Locked in Edinburgh vintage props


Locked in Edinburgh vintage props


Locked in Edinburgh vintage props

Scaramanga In America | Leather Travel Bags

Scaramanga In America | Leather Travel Bags

A selection of our leather travel bags have taken a trip to the bright lights of U.S.A to experience the American dream for themselves. If you are looking for the perfect summer style to experience the beautiful beaches of California or to explore the magical city of New York, we have a range of leather bags to make your experience even more enjoyable.

Traveling in America is a once in a lifetime experience. In addition, we encourage you to update your style with a brand new bag so you remember it in the best way. You will always have a constant reminder of your time in America with your loyal Scaramanga bag.

leather travel bags

leather travel bags

As Seen In Utah

The gorgeous weekender bag was spotted in Utah! The leather travel bags are the perfect accessory to enjoy a trip in Utah. The weekend bag has a large main compartment to fit all you need to enjoy a day full of nature and fun. The beautiful scenery and endless opportunity for adventure reflects the qualities of the weekend bag beautifully. This adventure bag is not just for a weekend getaway, it will also quickly become your new and favourite friend. The caramel colouring of the leather makes this even more eye-catching. Furthermore, we designed this bag with a soft antique leather to ensure you feel comfortable at all times.

leather travel bags

If you are planning a camping trip to enjoy beautiful scenery during your Summer holiday, the leather weekend bag would make the perfect choice. The main compartment is big enough to fit all the snacks you need and a change of clothes. The wonderful Desiree Moore enjoyed a weekend camping trip to Fairview in Utah and brought her Scaramanga women’s handbag along for the ride. As you can tell from the image above, Desiree managed to fit delicious snacks in her weekender bag to enjoy the great outdoors in style.

leather travel bags

leather travel bags

As Seen In New York

Explore New York in the best way with our unique barrel gym bag. New York is the city that never sleeps, so it’s important you look on point at all times. The gym bag is a great way to stand out in a thriving city without trying too hard. The distressed hunter gives the leather travel bags a distressed feel to show the beautiful imperfections of the bag, mirroring our favourite qualities of New York. The external pockets on the leather travel bag will allow you to keep your phone and keys close to hand as you explore The Big Apple.

leather travel bags

Whether you are enjoying a walk through Times Square or visiting the Statue Of Liberty, you will look and feel on point throughout the day. The leather barrel gym bag can also be used as a reliable hand luggage bag for all of your exciting trips this Summer. The brass hardware compliments the brown leather perfectly, allowing you to create bag envy wherever you go. We selected antique leather when designing this flight bag to ensure it ages with time. A casual style showcased by Marco Bozidar along with the leather barrel gym bag will help you to develop the New York style in no time.  leather travel bags

leather travel bags

As Seen In California

Feel fresh and relaxed while exploring the beautiful lifestyle of California with our popular leather backpack. The leather backpack is the perfect bag to explore the beautiful beaches and relaxed lifestyle of California. The main compartment has ample space to fit everything you need for a fun filled day. The leather travel bags are a chic design that is a must have this summer. You are guaranteed to fit in to the California lifestyle instantly with your new leather rucksack.

leather travel bags

The adjustable arm straps are designed to fit comfortably around your shoulders. You have the opportunity to adjust the arms straps to a length that you find comfortable. We have included a buckle on the flap of the bag to ensure your belongings will be securely fastened throughout the day. If that wasn’t enough, the leather rucksack has a draw string closure inside the leather backpack. You can also keep your phone close to hand in the provided external pockets. You can now take pictures of the beautiful scenery whenever you want!

leather travel bags

As Seen In Wisconsin

Enjoy the bright sceneries of Wisconsin with our canvas and leather backpack. The rustic design will help you to fit in perfectly while exploring the lakesides and beautiful land. We have added a small pocket on the front of the bag to allow you to keep your essentials in an easy to access place. The main compartment of the canvas rucksack will allow you to fit a laptop and any essentials you pick up along your journey. This canvas and leather laptop backpack can fit your laptop which would be great for your next business trip.

leather travel bags

Similar to the leather backpack, the canvas and leather rucksack features a drawstring closure inside the bag to give you extra security while sightseeing. We have added a slip latch closure to the flaps so you can access your daily essentials easier. The contrast of the green canvas and dark brown leather ensures the canvas bag will stand out wherever you go. The handle on top of the bag gives you an alternative way to carry your bag. In addition, this will allow you to keep your bag close to hand.

leather travel bags

A leather bag can make or break a holiday. It can be the worst when you are exploring a new country and all you can think about is how uncomfortable you feel. Our selection of leather handbags will guarantee to enhance your trip. This is due to the high-quality leather and reliable functionalities. Are looking for a chic backpack to throw everything together for an adventure day? Or a large barrel gym bag to use as stylish hand-luggage? If yes, the hand selected handbags featured are exactly what you are looking for. Follow our Instagram now to find out where our bags are exploring next!


The Best Vintage TV Stand: Scaramanga’s Recommendations

Searching for the perfect vintage TV stand is challenging. Especially if you really want to find a unique and original one. Scaramanga are specialists in searching for and restoring stylish vintage furniture. So whether you live in a modern, eclectic or traditionally styled home you’ll find our recommendations useful. Continue to read about: the best size, style and we show our current stock of vintage TV stands.

Modern day uses for old pieces of furniture. Remembering that it’s very unlikely that you’ll find a vintage TV stand for a LCD / plasma TV that was built to be used for a TV. Until 20 years ago TV were so deep they really were boxes. So TV stands were really cabinets with spaces for a heavy TV. Vintage stands were really cumbersome and often took up so much space that they were usually in the corner of a living room or lounge. Today TVs are lighter, bigger and slimmer.

Image: Second Life Marketplace

Vintage TV Stand Dimensions:

You probably want a TV stand that’s at least the same width as your TV. Any narrower and it could get knocked off, you may not have enough storage space and it may not look as if it’s in proportion. The height should be between 50cm and 75cm from the ground (to avoid straining your neck) and the depth (distance from front to back) should be between 30cm and 50cm.

Vintage TV Stand Styling:

So if you’re looking to style a livingroom with authentic antique and vintage livingroom furniture and don’t want a new vintage style stand then the best idea is to look for piece of vintage furniture that has a has drawers and / or cupboard doors for DVDs, cables and remotes.

You might consider an industrial style vintage TV stand – one that might have been used in an office, school classroom, factory or shop. It’s likely to have a mix of metal and wood and it might look strong with bolts and obvious reinforced joints. If it’s old it might also show signs of wear and tear. Furniture made before and just after the war were incredibly well made and built to last for many years.

A country-style TV stand is likely to be symmetrical with simple drawers and cupboards. It might be painted a classic off white or pastel colour. Or a natural soft wood like pine or a stronger hardwood like oak.

Vintage TV stand Vintage Furniture
Our top recommendation, with 4 different sized drawers and a central cupboard: £425

Scaramanga Vintage TV Stand Recommendations:

TV stand storage

We don’t have a wide selection of vintage TV stands for TVs. However, the few we do have are original and totally unique. You’re unlikely to find similar pieces elsewhere. Our top picks were originally used as desks by merchants to store money, receipts and records and the tops were used for writing receipts in India traditional bazaars. Traditionally merchants sit cross legged behind their desks so they are quite low. The bigger the desks the grander the merchant! Artisans also used the compact worktops for making jewellery would have used the drawers for storing traditional tools and materials. Finished pieces of jewellery would have been displayed in small glass display cabinets next to their worktops.

vintage chest of drawers used as a TV stand

They all show signs of having been used daily. There are dents, marks and irregular edges. Often the handles are mismatched and there are obvious signs of historic repair work.


vintage TV stand with drawers, £425


Vintage TV stand Vintage Furniture

Antique and Vintage Furniture Restoration – imperfectly perfect:

We spend a lot of time searching for the best vintage and antique furniture. We don’t just buy any old piece. We look for unique functional furniture that has character, patina and a story to tell. We look for furniture that can be used for purposes that are completely different to their original or current use. Everyone (almost everyone has a LCD or plasma TV so we look for furniture that can be used as a vintage TV stand. People want to know as much as they can about old furniture; where is it from? Who used it? What it was used for? And how old it is? Are some of the many questions we are asked about our furniture.

vintage furniture hunter


We try to preserve as much of the character as we can, which means we don’t chemically strip the desks or workbenches, because this would remove the years of built up colour, wear and use. We simply ensure their joints are structurally strong, then simply wash them with a mild detergent then wax the wood to nourish and bring back some of the natural colour. We aim to simply make our vintage furniture useable for another generation. We want furniture to look as if it has been used for many years in a shop or workshop.

vintage furniture restoration

Our restorers have many years of refurbishing, repairing and making furniture. Ratna has been working with wood for over 30 years. His father was a carpenter as was his grand-father, great grand-father and great great-grand father … His brother and son are also carpenters. Read about how Bill restores our wooden chests. Come and see our full rage of vintage furniture.


Father’s Day Gifts 2018 | Scaramanga Gift Shop

Father’s Day Gifts 2018

Father’s day is the time of year that you can finally thank your Dad for his endless love and support with father’s day gifts 2018. What better way to do that than an original gift that he can treasure forever. Whether your dad is the sporty type that wished he went professional, or the traditional Dad that still wears cufflinks, we have a wide range of gifts that he will love!


The DIY Dad

Is your dad a DIY ‘fanatic’ who loves to fix things? If yes we have a wide range of rustic gifts to make him even more excited about his next creation. Our canvas & leather apron would make the perfect Father’s day gifts 2018! With 4 specialised pockets and a leather loop to hold tools such as hammers, your dad will be able to hold as many tools as he likes while working. The leather and canvas material is naturally distressed which adds to the rustic design. Why not make it even more unique and personalise the leather pocket with your Dad’s initials?

leather and canvas apron

You also have the option to treat dad to a half apron. This canvas apron shares all of the qualities of the full sized apron. The only difference is that it wraps around the waste to give more flexibility.

The Professional Dad

Is it time for your Dad to shake up his work style? We have a range of bags and leather goods to help him maintain his professional reputation. If your dad has had the same briefcase for 15 years and is in need of an upgrade. the Citylander briefcase would make the perfect choice.

father's day gifts 2018

Give your dad a subtle business style upgrade with our leather laptop bag. The leather laptop bag is compact so you don’t feel bulky when traveling to work. However, it also has enough space to hold a laptop and documents.

The Traditional Dad

Celebrate the traditional Dad by gifting him something he will treasure this year! A great place to start is with the vintage barber boxes. These old boxes were historically used by barbers to hold their scissors, razor blades and other tools. In addition, your dad can hold his razors and grooming essentials in a classic way.

vintage shaving box  The ‘Trendy’ Dad

For all the ‘trendy’ Dad’s who has a beard…but not a hipster beard. Treat him to a new grooming set that he can proudly store his oils and razors in! The best father’s day gifts 2018 has to be our luxury leather wash bag. Made from distressed hunter leather, this spacious grooming bag would be the perfect accessory for the trendy dad. He can fit all of his beard oils, shampoo and aftershave. This would also make the perfect travel wash bag.

father's day gifts 2018   The generous Dad

Give your dad a stylish new way to hold all of his (your) money. It’s time to thank him for everything he has done and gift him with the best father’s day gifts of 2018. What better way to do this than a brand new leather wallet. We have a wide range of wallets that your Dad will carry around with pride. one of these wallets are the men’s leather wallet with coin pocket. Your dad can keep all of his money in one place thanks to the small coin purse. This men’s wallet offers 6 card slots that are accompanied by a plastic section for I.D, along with a press-stud fastened coin pocket.

Scaramanga Summer 18 Collection | Canvas & Leather Bags

We have worked hard to create a collection to help you upgrade your style just in time for Summer. We wanted to create canvas & leather bags that catered to everyone. Whether you are a keen traveller or a sophisticated shopper, we have introduced a perfect mix of canvas and leather bags to fit your needs perfectly. From a slick slimline backpack for work, and a duffle bag for all your adventures, we are confident we have what you’re looking for.

canvas & leather bags The Soho Backpack

The soho backpack is a modern design that was destined to be released in 2018. Based on the highly popular and vibrant area in London, The Soho backpack represents this beautifully. We want to show that work attire can also be chic and trendy. The slimline design of the laptop backpack is perfect for fitting your MacBook Air, as well as many essentials for after work. We have added two slip latch closures to ensure easy access to all of your work items.

We love how the amazing Daniela Constantini has styled the bag with a casual but chic jacket. In addition, this show that the Soho laptop backpack is not just for work.

canvas & leather bags

canvas & leather bags

The Mini Soho Backpack

Stay on trend this Summer with our brand new Mini Soho Backpack. The mini soho  is a compact and chic rucksack that will ensure you stand out wherever you go! Similar to the Soho, we have added slip latch closures to allow you to access your essentials while on the go. If you are planning a last minute Summer getaway, the laptop backpack would be the perfect accessory to take along with you.

canvas & leather bags

canvas & leather bags

Canvas Shopper Tote

The canvas shopper tote is a multi-functional bag that will keep you on trend whether you are enjoying a day trip with friends or planning a day at the beach. We love tote bags at Scaramanga and we wanted to introduce a canvas version to give you as much choice as possible. The canvas tote bags are the perfect accessory to throw all of your essentials together for a last minute adventure. We have included our signature hunter leather to give this classy bag a touch of distinctive Scaramanga style.

canvas & leather bags

canvas & leather bags  Canvas Duffle Shoulder Bag

The canvas duffle bag is a unique design that will ensure you stand out on your next adventure. Our Leather duffle bag is one of our most popular bags and we wanted to create a casual canvas version to provide variation in our canvas & leather bags collection. we have included separate zipped compartments at the front of the bag so you can keep your small essentials close to hand. The main compartment is big enough to fit clothes and essentials for a long weekend away.

canvas & leather bags

canvas & leather bags  The Canvas  Fold-over Bag

Finally, we would like to introduce you to our amazing canvas fold-over bag. Due to the popularity of our leather fold-over bag, we wanted to design a small canvas & leather bags version to add to the collection. The canvas on the tote bag showcases lighter shades to give you a brighter design for summer. You can use this vintage handbag as a practical day bag or a fold-over evening bag. The adjustable shoulder strap will ensure you will feel comfortable when showing off your bag around town.


From leather laptop backpacks to canvas handbags, our new collection has a wide range of bags to cater to everyone. We hope you love our new collection as much as we do! Stay tuned for more information on our new bags on Instagram. 


Scaramanga Retrospective | Vintage Leather Bag Collection LookBook

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Leather Bag Look Back

With the launch of our brand new summer collection fast approaching, we thought we would take this time to look back at our previous collections. From the original Scaramanga design, to our most recent leather bag collection, Scaramanga has come along way throughout the years. We started off with the classic satchel and branched out to unique designs in recent years. What better way to celebrate a new collection than take a look back at our previous collections first!

leather bags for men

The Classic Satchel Bag

What better way to start than our first bag design, the leather Satchel bag! Our satchel collection has developed over the years to offer a wide range of options. The original satchel design was based on the old vintage school satchels from the middle of the last century. This truly classic accessory is a timeless design that would make a great impression with your current collection. The hunter leather adds to the vintage style. The natural leather has a distressed finish that creates a classic Scaramanga distressed look.

One of our most popular satchels are the medium satchels with pocket and handle. The medium satchel is the perfect leather bag for long commutes and work life. You can fit up to a 15” laptop as well as a wide range of work essentials. You can also use this bag for overnight clothes or to show off around town. The small pocket is perfect for keeping small essentials such as cables or pen drives. We have updated the lining in the bag over the years. We have a gorgeous grey lining to give your bag a touch of modern style.

vintage leather satchel for women

If you are looking to upgrade your travel bag, the large Overlander would make the perfect choice. This bag is large enough to be used as hand luggage for your next long-haul flight, but is also compact enough to carry as an everyday bag. If you are looking for versatility in your next bag, the Scaramanga satchel is the bag for you.

The Canvas Collection

canvas backpack rucksack bag

We have introduced a wide range of canvas bags to our collection to ensure we cater to everyone. One of our most popular designs is the canvas and leather backpack. The large leather backpack is a reliable rucksack that will give you a touch of luxury on your next adventure. The main compartment will give you the opportunity to carry up to a 15” MacBook Pro and folders while on the go. We have added a front pocket to the canvas bag so you can keep your small essentials close to hand. The distressed canvas gives a beautifully natural feel that will ensure you fit in when exploring. If you are looking for a more compact version, the small canvas and leather backpack would make the perfect choice.

canvas backpack rucksack bag

The canvas holdall is a great travel bag that will reliably accompany you to every trip. The main compartment is big enough to fit clothes for a long weekend, as well as sufficient space to keep your laptop for a business trip.

mens leather bags by scaramanga

Leather Handbags

We have introduced a wide range of leather handbags to the Scaramanga family over the years, and the Britt Tote bag has to be one of our favourites! Add a chic look to your everyday look with this leather tote bag. The main compartment is big enough to fit your laptop and endless accessories to help you through your day. You will most definitely create bag envy with this leather bag.

leather bag

leather bag

The leather Bella bag is a classic design that is one of our favourite designs. It’s brilliant as a work or day bag but also stylish enough for a night out. This leather bag has one exterior zip pocket that will hold your phone and keys, while the interior is very roomy and will fit all daily essentials. Possibly the best handbag ever!

leather bag

We can’t wait to share our brand new summer collection with you! We have listened to the feedback from our collections so far and designed a range of bags that will cater to everyone! Stay tuned…

Top 5 Best Wedding Favours | Scaramanga

Scaramanga Wedding Favours

Wedding season is among us and we want to give you some top tips on how to choose wedding favours that your guests will enjoy for years to come. You have probably already made the big decisions and it’s time to put the small details in place. It’s important to find a personal and unique favour to thank your guests. From mini journals to vintage padlocks, we have a range of items that will add a personal touch to each table.

wedding favours


Padlocks are a great keepsake with endless meaning. Our small padlocks are a great collectable item that represents love perfectly, It will also add a touch of vintage style to each table. You can encourage your guests to write their initials on the padlock and lock it on to a meaningful place like a famous bridge near by. Guests can use their wedding favours padlock as an ornament which will remind them of your beautiful wedding every time they see it.

wedding favours

love padlocks

Personalised Luggage tags

The Leather luggage tags are a great wedding favour that guests can take with them wherever they go. You also have the option to personalise each tag to make it unique for each guest. You can personalise the date of your wedding or your quests name. This will make your guest feel loved as well as make it easier for them to find their bag in the airport on the way home. Our luggage tags are made from our favourite hunter leather to give you that popular distressed look. This will mean you can have a touch of scaramanga at your wedding.

wedding favours

Mini Journals

If you wanted to make wedding favours even more unique, our mini journals would make the perfect choice! Mini journals are a great gift for the women attending your wedding. They can write memories throughout the wedding so they will never forget about your lovely wedding! The mini leather journals are perfect for keeping in your handbag for when you need to take quick notes at work or on the way to the shops. Your guests will most definitely thank you for this! We have a range of sari and leather journals that you can choose from.

wedding favours

Love heart keyring

The leather love heart keyring is very fitting for wedding favours. The love heart keyring is a touching gift that your guests can carry with them on their keys. Furthermore, our love heart keyring is made from buffalo leather, giving you that lovely distressed look. You can also personalise this gift with silver or blind embossing to make it even more personal. Similar to the luggage tags, you can get the keyring personalised with a date or your guests initials.

wedding favours

Passport Holder

A customer recently ordered passport holders for their wedding favours and we think this is a great idea. In addition, our passport holders are a perfect leather gift that your guests can show off on the way home. Furthermore, if you are a couple that loves to travel, the leather passport holders are a great way to represent this. It is this time of year that everyone is planning their summer holidays. It can be very thoughtful to gift your loved ones to a luxury holder.

wedding favours

Wedding favours are a lovely touch to thank your guests for being part of your special day. We have a wide range of small accessories that will fit your wedding perfectly as well as mean a lot to your guests.



Garden Furniture | Garden Party | Scaramanga

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Your garden will be the talk of the town this year if you shop from our unique range of garden furniture. Vibrant and playful, this collection of outdoor furniture can’t be matched. From outdoor tables and chairs to fire pits and vintage cool boxes, you’re guaranteed affordable outdoor furniture that is completely one of a kind. We’ve sourced the globe so you have a practical, affordable and stylish collection of vintage furniture to choose from.

Garden Tables and Chairs

The foundation of all garden furniture is, of course, the garden tables and chairs. That’s why our selection of tables and chairs is unlike anyone else’s. We have wooden folding chairs, folding tables and metal tables and chairs as well as table and chair sets. You’ll get that popular shabby chic rustic look with vintage red folding chairs, with the bonus of them easily folding up and not taking up too much space for storage. A choice of red or cream awaits, but we’re a bit biased towards the red. That pop of colour is unforgettable! Oh and most importantly, they’re sturdy, so you’ll not have to worry about your guests on wobbly chairs!

garden furniture | garden furniture | scaramanga

To accompany the folding chairs, you’ll also see a collection of folding tables. These beauties were used in outdoor weddings in India and now can be your feature piece for your next garden party. They are made of teak and steel, so they’re obviously very durable and will last for years to come. And again, just like the chairs, we love the fact that they can fold up. You’ll get to choose from either red or blue folding tables when you shop at Scaramangashop today.

garden furntiure | garden party | scaramanga

In addition to our wooden tables and chairs, we have this metal vintage table and bench set. This makes a real statement indoors as well as outdoors. From the iconic vintage teal colour to the rustic metal frame, you’ll enjoy every aspect of this outdoor table and bench. Your guests will immediately feel the positive vibes from this table, it just exudes fun and vibrancy!

garden furniture | outdoor furniture | scaramanga

Outdoor Fire Pits

There’s nothing better than sitting around a fire with close friends and family, nothing. Our outdoor fire pits will set the mood and add an element of cosiness to your garden party. And like all our vintage furniture, these Kadai fire pits are completely unique. They are repurposed kadai bowls sourced from India. Kadai bowls would be used in big Indian kitchens for cooking large meals. We’ve forged the metal legs and voila, a completely one of a kind fire pit with charm, character and a bit of history.


garden furniture | garden party | Scaramanga

Outdoor Decor

From vintage cool boxes to Moroccan lanterns, we have outdoor decor that will bring all the finishing touches to your garden party this year. Our popular cool boxes sell pretty quickly as they are a real iconic garden party feature. They are as practical as they are cool! Whether your theme is retro or not, a cool box will be the talking point of your party.

garden furniture | coolbox | scaramanga

What better way to complement a coolbox than on old-school soda crate. We have a delightful range of soda crates that include 7up, Coca-Cola, Pepsi crates, Thumbs Up and Citra. Old wooden crates like these are extremely versatile. They can use them to hold food or drinks in a stylish way, but they can also hold flowers, toys or cutlery. Or use them as an iconic centrepiece, we’re sure they’ll be a real feature piece!

garden furniture | soda crates | Scaramanga

Glasses are a dime a dozen, you can get them just about anywhere. So what makes our drinking glasses so unique? Believe it or not, these are chai glasses from India. Chai is a traditional drink, served just about everywhere in India, it’s meant to be sipped from these lovely little glasses. But you don’t have to serve just chai from these glasses, they’ll hold any liquid at your garden party. Including wine, you are serving wine at your party, right?

garden furniture | chai glasses | Scaramanga

Lastly, you can choose from a variety of colours and sizes in our lantern collection. These look absolutely stunning on tabletops or you can simply hang them from a tree or fence for some create mood lighting.

garden furniture | lanterns | Scaramanga


We hope you find something amongst our vintage furniture collection that you can use for your next garden party. Have a look on Pinterest if you’re in need of garden party ideas. Make your next party memorable with a new vibrant piece.



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