Indian Summer: Ethnic Interiors Chic

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If you love travel or tales of the East let you home tell a story of a love for exciting world travel, intriguing creative cultures and overseas adventure. We’ve styled two spaces: Indian Summer:... READ MORE

Scaramanga’s Dream Destinations

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It’s that time of year when short trips and summer holidays are fast approaching. It’s also the time we are rushing around to find the perfect travel bag! Whether you are looking for... READ MORE

Cold War Dundee Secret Bunker

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Scaramanga gets a behind the scenes tour Inside the painstakingly restored Dundee secret bunker from the Cold War. Scaramanga director, Carl, found a mysterious looking card on my desk from Gavin at 28th... READ MORE

Find Out How Our Handmade Leather Bags Are Made

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handmade leather bags

We’ve had the pleasure of designing handmade leather bags for over 13 years. A lot of time and effort goes in to the whole process of bag making from finding inspiration, to creating a functional, practical, and stylish bag that will last for years to come. Furthermore, the team look at fashion trends and work with fashion experts to validate these trends. We also work with customers to find out what design they would like to see next.

We have come a long way since Carl found his first leather satchel bag at a market during his travels to India. Impressed with the durable and vintage looking leather, he wanted to create a fashionable version. Over 13 years later, we have expanded our collection massively to give you a bag for every occasion.

The Design Process

The first stage of creating our handmade leather bags is the design process. As a team, we work out every small detail of our designs from metal hardware to material. In addition, our talented bag makers in India know exactly what we are looking for. Our makers regularly send us samples of material so we know exactly what’s available to us.


The Scaramanga designing team is quite small and managed by Carl. When we know we want to introduce a new collection, we look at the bags we already have and discuss aspects that we can improve. Throughout the whole process, we ensure we are true to who we are as a brand and ensure all designs reflect our core values.

Sampling Leather Bags

When we have finally completed our design, we send this to our makers top sample expert, Laltu who will bring the handmade leather bags design to life. Laltu has been working with leather for over 30 years. He started as an apprentice leather bag maker when he was 16 and progressed to team leader. He has worked on every bag and accessory we have ever made.

We meet up with Laltu every year in Calcutta to discuss all of our designs for the year ahead. This meeting with Laltu is critical to the sample meeting our design brief.  There’s always a lot of questions and design briefs to go through with him and we are always happy with Laltu’s samples. The sampling can be a long process that requires a lot of redesigning and it’s always expected that several samples will be made to achieve the final design. We have been working with our makers for 9 years and we have never looked back.

Making our Handmade Leather Bags

We use a semi-vegetable buffalo leather in the majority of our handmade leather bags due to the durable leather and vintage style. This leather is also infused with natural oils, waxes and dyes which means we use far fewer harmful chemicals. It’s important to us to be a sustainable and ethical business that has less harmful effects on the planet, and this starts with our products.

The tanned material is a tough-wearing leather that features a unique ring pattern. Our bags are made from parts and we use patterned templates. Leather cutters hand-cut parts and are trimmed more accurately by team members using the templates.

Our handmade leather bag makers use a skiving machine to reduce the thickness of certain parts of the bag. This is usually done to leather pieces that will overlap. In addition, once they are sewn together, they have an even thickness. Each set of similarly sized bags are made by a team of four to five people. The team is managed by a team leader and will also have junior and senior members varying in skill level and experience. They make the entire bag from leather pieces to finished article.

Our leather bag makers will use a variety of traditional hand tools. They also make their own tools to fit the purpose of the tools to their needs. Once the pieces are cut exactly, grey cotton lining and zips are then temporarily positioned in place with tape. Other team members make small parts such as straps and attach metal hardware such as rings and buckles.

Senior team members and machinists will hand build the body of each leather bag and add the piping. They will also encourage other team members through this process to learn from the best. Several styles of our bags are sewn inside out to ensure the bag is of the highest standard. The main body of both our bags are double and triple stitched for extra durability and use a nylon thread that will last for years to come.

Once the handmade leather bags collection is completed, the team in India send them over to Scaramanga headquarters to double check everything and ensure they are ready for our lovely customers to enjoy. If you would like to find out more about how our leather bags are made, feel free to contact us now.

Indian Summer: Ethnic Interiors Chic

Indian Summer: Ethnic Interiors Chic

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If you love travel or tales of the East let you home tell a story of a love for exciting world travel, intriguing creative cultures and overseas adventure. We’ve styled two spaces: Indian Summer: Ethnic Interiors Chic, using two styles: 1. eastern antique furniture with colourful fabrics, contrasting textures and materials and 2. a classic colonial style with natural teak vintage furniture and pastel colours to create a more neutral classic travel look. Or fuse both styles for a well-travelled global nomad or eclectic style. By using world design influences to create depth and personality to rooms with colourful and spicy tones against neutral shades to create striking spaces you can make the look unique and your own.



We’ve used a fabulously decorative antique Rajasthani damchiya from north west India. Traditionally they are used as wedding chests and will keep clothes and fabrics. They are very recognisable from their highly decorative and carved fronts. Small handpainted glass panels depict Hindu mythology, usually stories of Hindu gods. The chest looks like a gallery wall of brightly painted pictures.On top of the damchiya we have styled a small red Indian temple with tiny Indian statutes and mini cati in terracotta pots, small painted cow toys and plants in old pots.


Antique Damchiya Chest from Rajasthan and Gurjarat


The room’s centre features an iron edged antique military chest, antique oak reclining leather armchair as our main pieces in this living room. Then we’ve added a low level carved old merchant’s chest with a dark old wooden bowl, old sari wall-hanging and lots of tropical plants to transport this room back 100 years. We specialise in old, antique and vintage chests, boxes and trunks with over 1,000 in stock at any time.



The merchant’s table has a lovely original timeworn faded pink, blue and cream finish. Over the years paint has worn away to reveal older colurful paint. Merchant’s tablses and desks vary in size, style and colour. They can be used as side tables in living rooms, as bedside tables and larger ones as coffee tables. They always have drawers and lots of storage areas. We’ve used lots of greenery to add more colour and texture. Mix different shaped old pots with newer simple terrcotta pots. We love succulents, cacti and palms.  and We’ve also mixed materials by adding darker carved stone and marble figures of Indian gods, an old glass ink bottle, an enamel painted team pot and carved wooden spice box. You can go further and add more personal items like old letters and vintage postcards. These can be kept togther in a small wooden box or compact chest of drawers.


The living room coffee table trunk was once an army officer’s chest. They make fantastic tables that ooze character. This old chest was originally a dark green, which has worn away ovee time to reveal the thick teakwood. We’ve decorated it with old brass cups, old brass padlocks, an child’s toy cow and a stone bowl with small brass temple lamp and of course even more plants.



In the second room we have styled them to look like an 19th century explorers home. So fewer vivid colours, but pastel shades giving the space a more formal feel. We have kept our main pieces of furniture in natural wood and add. A teak vintage armoire with a stack of old sutcases give a lot of storage. Usually found in a bedroom for storing clothes an armoire can be used for books and other interesting curios. So if you have vintage, collectable and interesting items you love collecting don’t hide them away in drawers and cardboard boxes. Get them out and show them off! We’ve receated a small vintage styled office with a foldaway table and chair. Of course vintage travel trunks, vintage suitcases and antique chests give a space a well-travelled feel. For additional storage use old suitcases either on top of a vintage cupboard or several under your bed.

vintage armoire



Like original colonial styling we have kept the colours neutral. Light colours keep interiors cool in the tropical heat, so any colonial inspired space should use creams, whites, pale greens and blues, which when paired with darker colonial furniture gives a wonderful contrast. Create a statement in a home office or bedroom with an extra large vintage map or map mural and contrast with a with woven rugs over natural flooring.

antique armoire


British colonial style would not be complete without unusual curios collected from intrepid world travels. Try vintage maps, antique cameras, globes, travel bags, old postcards, books and china to create finishing touches.

old wooden chests



Fabrics were inspired by botanical, animal, paisley and were made from readily available locally made cotton and linen. So long flowing light coloured cotton fabric will give a room soft filtered light. Mixing throw cushions and tropical printed bedcovers or traditional vintage covers will give an eclectic travel look.



Tropical plants such as palms and ferns in simple terracotta pots will transform spaces into dramatic pattern rich areas reminiscent of British colonial clubs.


Thick framed reclaimed wooden windows with shutters could be used as decorative mirror.

antique wooden shuttered mirror




Vintage Brass Lassi Cup


terracotta plant pots



Scaramanga’s Dream Destinations

It’s that time of year when short trips and summer holidays are fast approaching. It’s also the time we are rushing around to find the perfect travel bag! Whether you are looking for the perfect flight bag to carry all of your travel essentials, or a leather backpack to help you explore in style, we have you covered.

First things first you need all your documents safe and organised but obviously stylish! 

Our travel wallet stores your passport, any papers you need to take and has a zip section to keep your money safe. 

personalised travel wallet
Leather handmade travel Wallet

We have plenty of travel accessories suited for all your travel needs! 

Now you have your documents and your case sorted, time to look for holidays! For our first Dream Destination; We love nothing more than a long weekend city escape. Hop on a short flight from Edinburgh to Valencia for a few days. Who doesn’t love a bit of sunshine at the weekend?!

Beautiful coastline of Valencia, Spain.
Dream Destination to Valencia, Spain.

There are very few cities like Valencia, able to harmoniously combine the remnants of its farthest past, dating to the year 138 BC, with the most innovative and avant-garde buildings from the new millennium.

Valencia is full of culture, cinema, theatre, museums and magic. Thanks to its location, Valencia has historically been Spain’s Mediterranean port and has that special charm of cities that are also seaports. The fine sand and clean water, the vastness of the sea and the closeness of the coastal mountains makes it the perfect holiday destination.

Another Dream Destination of ours is New York! Explore the world famous architecture, take in a show on broadway, spoil yourself in the shops and treat yourself in some of the many award-winning restaurants. There are so many things to see and do in New York, you may need more than just a weekend away!!

New York City at sunset
Dream Destination 2. New York City


It wouldn’t be truly a Scaramanga Dream Destination Blog without mentioning India!  We love and adore Jaipur and believe many of you would too! To learn about the rich history and culture of India, Jaipur is the perfect choice. The place has many attractive locations that reflect the connection of India with its glorious past.

Popularly known as the ‘pink city’, this place is one of the best family vocational spots. Also, make sure to visit the various temples and museums available at this place for having a better idea of India.

Jaipur, walled city
Jaipur Walled City
Dream Destination, Jaipur
Jaipur, India


Not only do we know the best Dream Destinations… we also know how to travel in style!

If you are looking for beautiful hand luggage, check our handsome leather weekend bags, including this leather duffle bag. This would make the perfect choice (in our obviously non-biased opinion). 

weekender bag for men
Leather Duffle Bag


This travel bag has endless space for clothes, magazines and any other travel essentials. If you are traveling for business, you can fit up to a 15” laptop. We have also included an adjustable arm strap to allow you to carry all of your holiday essentials without compromising your look. This leather holdall is made from hunter leather to give you that vintage style while ageing gracefully.

Our girls over on instagram have also taken their Scaramanga bags on many adventures across the globe from exploring the beautiful temples in Cambodia, touring around Canadas stunning scenery,  to spending the weekend wandering around London. Our Scaramanga Leather backpack was made for adventures! 

You of course need your luggage personalised, who wants to pick up 25 of the same case rolling round and round the luggage carousel until you eventually find yours?! Make yours unique to you with one of our personalised luggage tags. Or why not get matching ones with your bestie? 

personalised leather bag tag

We have a great range of Travel Accessories for your own Dream Destinations. Shop the Link to find what you are looking for.  Don’t forget to tag Scaramanga in all your Dream Destination photos. Use #MyScaramanga and we will repost all our favourites.


Cold War Dundee Secret Bunker

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Scaramanga gets a behind the scenes tour Inside the painstakingly restored Dundee secret bunker from the Cold War.

Scaramanga director, Carl, found a mysterious looking card on my desk from Gavin at 28th Group Observed. He had popped in and was looking for an old civil service / HMSO steel cabinet from 1970s / early 80s for project to fully restore a very secret former nuclear bunker in Dundee. Very different from the not-so-secret bunker across the river Tay in Fife. Luckily we had exactly what he wanted. We had bought most of the cupboards and fittings from Ladybank Post Office when it closed a couple of years ago and it had a lot of Victorian, Edwardian and mid-century vintage and industrial furniture including a metre high shelved cabinet.

Gavin asked if we would like a private tour of the secret bunker as a thanks for discounting the grey steel cabinet they had just bought.
Of course we would!

So a handful of us: Kelly, Marko, Emma and my kids: Ella (8) and Josh (10) arrived late one frosty evening in November. Not knowing what to expect we banged on the thick metal door of what looked like a small old concrete shed.

The steel blast proof door was opened by Steve, one of the volunteers. He took us through the decontamination chamber and down into the dark shaft into the bunker.

We were given a detailed tour and shown around the three levels. We saw a huge generator, air-purifiers and domintories. The highlights include the communications room where a pair of red ‘hotline telephones’ were kept. In the event of a nuclear attack the Area Commandant would use the phones to call local towns and villages who would then activate the 4-minute warning sirens found on top of notable public buildings like a townhalls or police stations. it would have alerted the public of the iminent arrival of nuclear bombs. It would be heard up to 10 miles away. Carl’s highlight was seeing our vintage filing cabinet!

Be careful there could be zombies out there!


Josh and Ella loved the main control room, which Gavin and th rest of 28 Group restored to as close as possible to the condition it would have been in in 1991 when the bunker was abandoned. It would have been packed with state-of-the-art computer technology and systems. With extra large perspex boards with a map of Scotland and brightly coloured images, notes and marking spread across the map  – showing potential attack points. Josh and Ella also liked the retro 1970s kitchen and canteen, but that was because of the cake and hot chocolate!


Dundee nuclear bunker with communications equipment

One room is filled with white boards built in to a long blue desk – where bunker staff would write information relayed to them by smaller posts across Scotland

The massive 30ft (9.1m) deep headquarters was abandoned in 1991 – when the Soviet Union collapsed – and fell into disrepair over the next 14 years.

Until 26 years ago, the bunker would have been on the front line in the event of a nuclear attack on the UK, providing a place for 80 men and women ROC volunteers to measure nuclear blast waves and radioactive fallout. They would have been literally sealed into an air-tight underground complex. Civilian volunteers would have assessed and managed the devastating scale of nuclear Armageddon after a Soviet attack.


Between 1956 and 1965, the British government constructed 1,563 monitoring posts at a distance of 15 miles apart including the likes of Cupar, St Andrews and Arbroath. These were controlled by 31 larger HQ and control centres just like the Dundee bunker restored by 28 Observer Group HQ. Unfortunately only a few of the large centres remain and I suspect the location of many are secret or forgotten!

The Caledonian Headquarters, in Dundee, was capable of keeping 80 Royal Observer Corps (ROC) – a civilian defence organisation – alive for at least a month in the event of all-out nuclear war with the Soviet Union. They would have been tasked with collecting data from smaller monitoring stations scattered across Scotland. So secret was the Dundee nuclear bunker that nobody knew it existed. Even the houses a few metres away.

Main control room at Dundee secret bunker

Several have been preserved by private individuals or charitable trusts like Gavin’s team. They have spent almost 15 years carefully bringing it back to life with incredible attention to detail. It is the only remaining Royal Observer Corps sector bunker left in original condition in the UK. Many others in Ayr, Edinburgh, Inverness and Aberdeen have been demolished. The bunker has Geiger counters, and equipment essential for detecting nuclear blasts and the fallout as well as authentic uniforms from the time, medicines, and a four-minute warning system.

A colour sketch of one 1,563 monitoring posts dotted around UK


A big thanks to Gavin, Steve and the 28th Observer Group for our exclusive tour of the bunker. The Dundee nuclear bunker is not open to the public.
28th Observer Group can be contacted on Facebook. They may be able to organise private tours.






Here’s the Vickers Armstrong 1980s grey filing cabinet in the secret bunker in Dundee



Marko looks through top secret Cold War Era MOD documents








Father’s Day Gifts 2019 | Scaramanga Gift Shop

Father’s Day Gifts 2019

Father’s day is the time of year that you can finally thank your Dad for his endless love and support with father’s day gifts 2019. What better way to do that than an original gift that he can treasure forever. Whether your dad is the sporty type that wished he went professional, or the traditional Dad that still wears cufflinks, we have a wide range of gifts that he will love! A Scaramanga gift lasts longer than Father’s Day, it lasts a lifetime.

Father's Day Gifts

The DIY Dad

Is your dad a DIY ‘fanatic’ who loves to fix things? If yes we have a wide range of rustic gifts to make him even more excited about his next creation. Our canvas & leather apron would make the perfect Father’s day gifts 2019! With 4 specialised pockets and a leather loop to hold tools such as hammers, your dad will be able to hold as many tools as he likes while working. The leather and canvas material is naturally distressed which adds to the rustic design. Why not make it even more unique and personalise the leather pocket with your Dad’s initials?

leather & canvas apron

You also have the option to treat dad to a half apron. This canvas apron shares all of the qualities of the full sized apron. The only difference is that it wraps around the waste to give more flexibility.

leather and canvas apron

The Professional Dad

Is it time for your Dad to shake up his work style? We have a range of bags and leather goods to help him maintain his professional reputation. If your dad has had the same briefcase for 15 years and is in need of an upgrade. The men’s leather briefcase would make the perfect choice.

father's day gifts 2018

Give your dad a subtle business style upgrade with our leather laptop bag. The leather laptop bag is compact so you don’t feel bulky when traveling to work. However, it also has enough space to hold a laptop and documents.

Our brand new men’s leather tote bag would also make a fantastic Father’s Day gifts for Dad’s who want it all. If your Dad prefers a bag that take him from work to the weekend with ease, look no further than the leather laptop tote bag.

leather tote bag for men

The Traditional Dad

Celebrate the traditional Dad by gifting him something he will treasure this year! A great place to start is with the vintage barber boxes. These old boxes were historically used by barbers to hold their scissors, razor blades and other tools. In addition, your dad can hold his razors and grooming essentials in a classic way.

 The ‘Trendy’ Dad

For all the ‘trendy’ Dad’s who has a beard…but not a hipster beard. Treat him to a new men’s grooming set that he can proudly store his oils and razors in! The best father’s day gifts 2019 has to be our luxury leather wash bag. Made from distressed hunter leather, this spacious grooming bag would be the perfect accessory for the trendy dad. He can fit all of his beard oils, shampoo and aftershave. This would also make the perfect travel wash bag.

deluxe wash bag

  The generous Dad

Give your dad a stylish new way to hold all of his (your) money. It’s time to thank him for everything he has done and gift him with the best father’s day gifts of 2019. What better way to do this than a brand new leather wallet. We have a wide range of wallets that your Dad will carry around with pride. one of these wallets are the men’s leather wallet with coin pocket. Your dad can keep all of his money in one place thanks to the small coin purse. This men’s wallet offers 6 card slots that are accompanied by a plastic section for I.D, along with a press-stud fastened coin pocket.

leather wallet for men

Outdoor Furniture | by Scaramanga

Outdoor Furniture | by Scaramanga

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Outdoor Furniture, because Summer!

Did you know that Scaramanga also has a range of Outdoor Furniture? Our metal folding chairs, outdoor tables and fire pits can all be used to furnish your patio in Original Scaramanga Vintage style. So if you’ve got some outdoor entertaining on your social calendar this Summer, then have a look at our selection of patio furniture! We guarantee that it won’t be what all your friends have.

wooden folding table

Vintage Folding Table

The vintage folding table all have original paint on them, so they each have a unique distressed paint job. Which of course gives them that sought-after shabby chic or farmhouse look.  You don’t see many multi-functional vintage pieces of furniture. Use it when you want to then fold it up and store it away when you don’t need it or want additional space. We also have these vintage tables in green and white. These vintage tables are the most popular choice in our range of outdoor furniture. They’ve been purchased by many bars and restaurants for their rustic chic patios!

wooden folding tables

New Metal Plates


Our new vintage metal plates are fit for every purpose – a single counter-top dish, or even as a stack of 6 for a summer garden party. Bought as a set, they will add colour and cheer to any table setting, indoors or outdoors. Even great for those retro camping trips.

These authentic plates each have character-enhancing irregular edges and enamelling, small chips, minor dents which give them a wonderful vintage feel.

vintage metal plate

Old lanterns

Nothing makes a garden more spectacular than colourful lanterns that you can fill with tea lights. The warm colours make an enchanting space that your friends and family are sure to love. Our selection of Moroccan lanterns start at just £5, so you can stock up a few without breaking the bank. Oh and course you can look on Pinterest to see loads of inspiration for Outdoor Furniture ideas.

Outdoor Furniture

Chai Glasses

You can get glasses just about anywhere, so why not treat yourself to something unique, ours are original chai glasses from India that chai tea is traditionally served it. They are the perfect size for water, wine, juice and more. They bring a certain style to your tabletop and can be used as a conversation starter too!

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Vintage Storm Lamps

We like to get creative with our summer decor and this summer we have been making terrariums from our vintage lamps – cute, right?! These old lanterns can be used as table lamps as well, giving a little mood lighting if you will. Just pop a strand of fairy lights or a candle inside and watch as the magic happens.

Outdoor Furniture

Global Nomad Interior Styling With Scaramanga

Global nomad interior styling is a real fusion of decorative patterns, earthy colours and natural textures found in handmade crafts around the world. The style is often carefully curated against a white / neutral background to give a contrast. So imagine hand-thrown ochre coloured pots, mixed with bold spiced honey block-print textiles, beaten copper pots and rough cut brown-coloured hardwoods. It’s a celebration of rich tones and rugged textures from distant lands and a trend style we’ve loved for years. If Like Scaramanga’s founder, Carl, you like collecting and buying curios and eclectic items on your travels then it’s a style that’s not hard to recreate.
This trend is a diverse celebration of globally-inspired patterns – taking homes on a journey of global eclecticism. The look welcomes the fusion of decorative Ikats, paisleys and intricate Indian block prints. Rich tones and rugged textures symbolise the authentic, handcrafted style of this nomadic trend. It’s a form of eclectic styling. A meeting of nomad and traveller inspired by travels across the world.

Wooden storage repurposed as wall shelving

People want real homes that reflect their personalities and feelings. So a global nomad eclectic style is about blending old and new from different places, eras and styles to create a look that is a mix of contrasting elements. That means things don’t have to match. Uniqueness and individuality are prized rather than complying with any particular style. People are drawn to pieces that have character and have an interesting narrative. Old and original Indian interiors whether traditional tribal, functional metal industrial or simple homewares such as terracotta pots, wooden boxes and cabinets work very well with interiors from Africa, the French countryside, styles and eras. A 50 year old Indian barber’s shaving box can sit on a salvaged driftwood shelf next to a stone Japanese statute and next to modern coloured glass bottle in harmony.

There’s a certain amount of authenticity required. So we feel less is more. Make sure they are authentic amd real. Even if it means you are constained by a a budget. Buy fewer pieces, but make those peieces stand out. Let’s face it. It very hard to fake handmade crafts to look like the real thing. So look to buy from reputable stores. In the image above we have used a stack of coloured vintage storage trunks as a side table and they’re surrounded by tropical plants and small boxes, stone Indian gods, an antique padlock and vintage postcards.

Vntage copper pot used for carrying water

We have worked with Dundee-based interior designer and stylist Sooz Gordon who regularly creates eclectic schemes for commercial and individual clients. Sooz says: ‘Home for me is about being surrounded by personal and meaningful objects. I like mixing and matching different styles, eras and trends. I can honestly say there is no right or wrong route when designing. I am drawn to pieces that have character and have an interesting narrative. As a designer and maker, I look for quality materials, and appreciate craftsmanship and artistry’.

The centre piece of our global nomad interior styling photo is the restored iron framed sofa. We’re removed the old worn plastic seat and back and used a neutral rope and created a simple woven pattern. It’s the kind of furniture that can be used indoors or outside. It’s light enough to be easily carried and moved.


Vintage storage crates as wall shelving

We’ve suspended thick hardwood rough sawn vegetable storage crates from a market in India and placed objects in each – a niave jaguar from an indigionous Indian group from Colombia, colourful books, an array of succulents in cement and terracotta pots and a painted Indian nandi. The crates are randomly placed and each caret is a different size. If you have travelled then display your travel guides along side your nomadic global treasures.

Add extra texture with tropical plants in simple terracotta pots. Mix spikey cati with varigated spider plants and trailing ivy. look for different shaped pots and old and new pots. We’ve paired spikies with smoothe curves.

Add lots of greenery – create clusters of potted house plants rather than single pots around a room or space. Mix textures with concrete, faded vintage terracotta pots with chipped edges and smooth geometric curved pots with succulents and cacti. We have used an distressed turquoise vintage storage cabinet without glass to display plants and a skull. A grat idea if you don’t have that much surface space, but have wall space. See Scaramanga’s exclusive range of terracotta plant pots.

We hope you’ve been inspired by our spotlight on the global nomad interior styling trend. In summary use a lot of time-worn materials, upcyced and vintage furniture, earthy colours and asymetrical patterns, abstract shapes like ikats and paisleys. Remember style and buy what you like and not what you’re told to like!

To see more of our vintage furniture visit our vintage furniture website. We have new stock arriving every week. So if you don’t see what you’re looking for contact us and we’ll try to find it for you.


Interior Design Style Trends 2019

At this time of year we look forward to the big interior design style trends for 2019 and into 2020.

We would never advise following trends for big spend pieces because they could easily fall out of trend and you may be left with an expensive piece or an entire room that you regret having spent so much on to not like anymore. Your home is a reflection of you and the other people you live with. A home should really be about living with what you love.  Sooz Gordon, Dundee-based interior designer says: ‘Home for me is about being surrounded by personal and meaningful objects. I am drawn to pieces that have character and have an interesting narrative. As a designer and maker, I look for quality materials, and appreciate craftsmanship and artistry’.

So here’s some Scaramanga inspiration for Interior Design Style Trends for 2019.

Global Nomad - Interior Design Style Trends 2019

  1. The colour green – there’s no specific green. several variations ranging from bottle green to leaf green or a green turquoise. We think whichever green you consider using in a room makeover or adding to a room or space you’ll probably be inspired by the botanical trend we’ve seen over the last few years as well as embracing the idea of bringing the outside inside. So look at pastel green walls with natural wooden furniture, bold wall prints.

If a painting a room green is a step too far look to create smaller areas or pockets of greenness. So vibrant textiles here or a deep green cupboard or armoire set against a satin grey polished concrete floor.

Green Interior Design Style Trends 2019

There’ll be lots of greenery – create clusters of potted house plants rather than single pots around a room or space. Mix textures with concrete, faded vintage terracotta pots with chipped edges and smooth geometric curved pots with succulents and cacti.

In this turquoise vintage cabinet without glass, we’ve simply displayed plants with books and curios. A good idea if you don’t have a lot of surface space for plants.


vintage wooden crates used as storage crates

  1. Plastic-free storage crates – We’re already seeing people buying more of our old wooden boxes and crates for storage. People have been really motivated to reduce the amount of plastic they use. And that’s not just single-use plastics. Plastic crates are regularly used all around the house to store everything from clothes to toys, books, Christmas decorations to dry food and anything we don’t really regularly use. Plastic crates often only last a few years as the brittle plastic cracks and breaks. They then have to be thrown away and replaced!

vintage wooden vintage wooden storage crate

Old wooden crates are far environmentally friendly, they were often used for storing fruit and vegetables as it travelled to and from markets. Old wooden crates will stack without a problem.

Many of our crates date from the 60’s so have been in use for almost 60 years. Others are made from tropical hardwoods so are very strong and durable. Best of all they look fantastic. They are so flexible. Use them as side tables, bedside tables, bookcases, wall shelving, under bed storage, toy boxes, log baskets, drawers on shelving and so much more.

global nomad style trend for 2019

  1. Global nomad – this style is a real fusion of decorative patterns, earthy colours and natural textures found in handmade crafts. So imagine hand-thrown ochre coloured pots, mixed with bold spiced honey block-print textiles and rough cut honey-coloured hardwoods. It’s a celebration of rich tones and rugged textures from distant lands and a trend style we’ve loved for years. If Like Scaramanga’s founder, Carl, you like collecting and buying curios and eclectic items on your travels then it’s a style that’s not hard to recreate.

This trend is a diverse celebration of globally-inspired patterns – taking homes on a journey of global eclecticism. The look welcomes the fusion of decorative Ikats, paisleys and intricate Indian block prints. Rich tones and rugged textures symbolise the authentic, handcrafted style of this nomadic trend. It’s a form of eclectic styling.

Interior Design Style Trends 2019


We hope you’ve been inspired by our three interior design style trends for 2019. Remember style and buy what you like and not what you’re told to like!

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Unique Valentines Day Gifts 2019 | by Scaramanga

Unique Valentines Day Gifts 2019 | by Scaramanga

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We have a lovely collection of unique Valentine’s Day Gifts , for men, women, galentines and more. Rose are nice, cards are sweet, but why not consider giving a unique valentine’s gifts such as vintage padlocks that symbolise locking up your love, to personalised gifts that made just for your loved one. So ditch the ordinary this valentine’s day 2019 and shop the Scaramanga collection of unique gifts.

Nothing is more personal than a personalised gift for women.  But sometimes a girl doesn’t want her classic leather handbag embossed with initials, so we thoughtfully designed little leather bag tags that can be embossed with initials, dates or words that simply attach to any one of ladies handbags.  Nice, right?! These are interchangeable and comes in our antique caramel leather or hunter distressed leather.

personalised leather purse

personalised leather handbags

Our old vintage padlocks have been a top seller now for years, they are each one of a kind and sourced from all around India. Used for locking up bar windows in India, these vintage padlocks are now used by many as gifts to lock up love.  Give someone one of these brass padlocks, then make a special outing to a bridge or other memorable landmark, lock up your love, then toss away the key and that’s your Valentine’s Day sorted. Shop our love locks today and thank us later 🙂 The best Valentines Day gifts!

love lock

love padlocks

vintage love padlocks

We thoughtfully design our canvas and leather rucksack for those who spend as much time in the city as they do exploring the country. It’s smart shape conveniently holds laptops and folders and is obviously smart enough for the daily commute. Backpacks for men are hard to find, they tend to be designed just for the outdoors, that’s why we find our backpack for men really fills a void. This is one of our favourite valentines for men and will help you go straight to the good books.

leather backpack

Another great Valentine’s Gift for men or women is one of our vintage shaving boxes. Especially if you’ve got a man with an affinity for his beard and you’ve got him all the beard oil on the market! This is something new that most likely he won’t have. These vintage boxes were once used by Indian barbers who would give wet shaves on the streets, they would carry their supplies inside and have use the mirror to show their clients their freshly shaved face. If your guy has a beard, then he’ll need a place to store all his waxes and oils, so have a look at our large collection of vintage shaving boxes today. This has to be one of our favourite valentines day gifts.

unique valentines gifts for men

unique gifts for men

If you know a writer, artist, poet or traveler then consider giving them a unique leather journal. Handcrafted by talented artisans, our leather journals have the appeal of something Indiana Jones would carry and are loved by man. The rich distressed leather inspires and invokes a bit of nostalgia in writers and the leather softens with time.  You can take this unique gift a step further and personalise it with initials, dates or a little word. Our vintage journals also affordable with our small vintage journal starting at just £8.50. Enjoy choosing a leather notebook that your friend is sure to love. This best valentines gift for her.

leather journal

leather journals

Do you know a women who appreciates the small things? If so, our leather handbag, the wristlet clutch is a perfect choice. This leather handbag has multiple compartments, leaving women feeling organised and secure always knowing where things are. We designed this handbag with a wristlet handle so it’s easy and comfortable to carry. If you would like a personalised gift for Valentine’s Day then opt for embossing and we’ll happily add her initials, a special date or meaningful word to the attached bag tag.

tan clutch bag

We have a lovely collection of painted postcards in stock, these make amazing gifts that will impress just about anyone. These intricately painted birds have been hand painted onto lovely old postcards that each come with their own history. One of these would be very special for valentines day gifts, but a few would start a lifelong collection of artwork. Colourful and vibrant art doesn’t have to be expensive, these lovely hand-painted pictures start at £4.50.

valentine's gifts 2017

Do you know somebody that doesn’t buy bags for themselves, but need one? This leather duffle bag has been our best selling bag since we got it. It’s the ideal weekend bag or travel bag, not only is it designed for style, but it’s extremely practical as well. The large compartment that makes up this weekend bag will hold a few changes of clothes, couple pairs of shoes and much much more. The leather is thick and sturdy, which is why it’s an ideal travel bag, but it will soften and be very supple in no time. This is a bit more of an investment gift for a valentines for him, but we’re sure the quality and style of this leather duffle bag will last for many years to come. We’ll let you in on a great offer, we offer free shipping (UK and International) on orders over £70 when you enter code: freeshipping at checkout.

leather duffle bag

You literally can’t go wrong with giving him a new wallet, right? This men’s wallet with coin pocket is ideal as it will hold notes, bills, multiple cards and coins.  The thick hearty leather allows this men’s wallet to last for years to come and it only gets better looking with age. This is kind of a no-fuss wallet for no-fuss kind of guys.  Shop more Valentine’s Gifts for men today and we make waiting till the last minute doable with next day shipping.

mens wallet with coin pocket

9 Non-Plastic Storage Solutions for 2019 | Scaramanga

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One of Scaramanga’s 2019 resolutions is to use less plastic. Below we’ve highlighted 9 non-plastic storage solutions for your home. You can easily and stylishly integrate these gorgeous no plastic storage ideas into any room in your home. Guess what? Eco-friendly storage ideas from Scaramanga won’t break the bank either! Something like our old yellow money box is a great desk organiser for only £20.

Thinking small about your plastic consumption can have a big impact on the environment. Next time you go to buy something that is plastic, ask yourself, ‘is there a better alternative?’ In most cases, there will be. Our range of non-plastic storage ideas includes everything you typically need storage for. Below you’ll see how you can organise your desk, hallway, bedroom and everything in between with charming eco-friendly storage solutions. No excuses now 🙂

Leather Suitcase

Ditch the plastic tubs under your bed! This year bring in a charming new (but old) leather suitcase to stylish store your seasonal clothing. You can proudly display these suitcases on a wardrobe or cupboard in your bedroom, no need to him them under a bed. While plastic storage containers are easy, adding a leather suitcase to keep belongings tucked away is much better for the environment and look 100% better.

vintage leather suitcase by scaramanga

Old Yellow Money Box

At first glance you might, ‘what would I use that for?’ These old money boxes from India make ideal desk storage. Say goodbye to any boring plastic desk tidy and go for something unique in 2019. This money box will serve as a desk tidy for all your pens, pencils, erasers and well, anything! Not to mention be a real conversation starter at your next meeting. Make a bit of splash whilst doing your part for the environment.

money box scaramanga

Storage Boxes – Old Brick Moulds

Kitchen storage doesn’t have to be boring, or plastic! These storage boxes, or brick moulds make lovely kitchen storage. They will serve as great counter top storage for canisters, spices, tea and much much more. They were originally used as brick moulds in India where they served to build many structures. Bring some of this history and character into your kitchen this year. Make a real statement by adding a few into your space, we’ll guarantee your kitchen will become the envy of many.

Storage boxes vintage brick moulds scaramanga

Vintage Wooden Bottle Crate

Not just for bottles! It’s so easy to walk in kick off the shoes and in less than 5 seconds the hallway is a right mess. Instead of any plastic shoe racks, how about a wooden crate to keep shoes and boots nice and tidy? These old soda crates will instantly add that popular shabby chic style to your hallway

old storage crates

Metal Storage Trunk

Have a million throw blankets? Us too! Using these vintage metal trunks is ideal to keep them when not in use. One or two stacked next to or behind the sofa or chair make a lovely decor piece. These functional and beautiful trunks are hand painted from India. Each is completely original. So next you need something for your blankets or any storage really, think about these one of a kind metal storage trunks. These trunks bring that instant industrial chic vibe to any space.

vintage metal trunk

Vintage Wire Basket

Ditching the old boring brelly stand for a vintage wire basket is something that will give your hallway top marks. These baskets can be used for a number of things. However, we find they are great as umbrella stands because they have a little weight to them, so they don’t fall over. Plus, they add a chic vintage look to your hallway.

vintage wire basket

Metal Tote Tins

These hand painted tote tins have multiple uses, but particularly like them to organise books or magazines. You can keep an office or bedroom nice and tidy with these while adding a chic industrial decor vibe. These can be stacked up to make a statement piece and provide ample storage to your home. Shabby chic meets industrial chic with these metal tote tins.

Metal Tote Tins


Rustic Stationary Chest

There is nothing like this in plastic, and that’s a good thing. These old stationary chests are hand made to perfection. Roughly 80 years old, they are steeped in history and character. Sat upon a desk, you can keep all your pens, paper and other bits and bobs securely inside. There are multiple compartments inside to keep your belongings super organised. Great for writers who still like paper back books, letters and ink wells. This would be a perfect addition to their desktops.


Rustic Stationary Chest

Wooden Storage Box

How about an old wooden storage box to replace plastic tubs around the house? Yes please! These old wooden storage boxes are absolutely the perfect storage piece. They can be stacked or used on their own. Each has a bit of old paint or writing on them to give them that rustic shabby chic style. Proudly display them anywhere in your home where you need a little style or storage, they’ll do both!

Storage Boxes


Little by little we can make a big difference with our plastic consumption. It’s not about suddenly replacing everything you have, that leads to more waste. However, the next time you need something, think, is there an alternative to plastic. Every little bit counts, you can make a difference. Enjoy browsing Scaramanga’s non-plastic storage solutions.


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