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Summer is coming.   And, with summer comes summer holidays!  Whether you’ll hop in the car and drive somewhere for a short weekend getaway or fly somewhere warm and tropical for a two-week long stay, you’ll need a bag, right?  You know the how it goes, this bag is too small, that bag doesn’t have a zipper, this bag doesn’t have enough pockets, that bag has too many pockets.  If you think that you’ll never find the perfect travel bag look no further, we have some great options this season to consider.

We at Scaramanga LOVE our leather bags, but one thing we might love more (well, maybe) is traveling.  So I didn’t have to look far to ask some fellow experts (my colleagues) about their last holiday, favorite travel bag and their top travel advice.

I started with the big boss man himself, Carl.  He told me about his last trip to India, which happened to be the annual buying trip for the company.  You can read about his fantastic trip here.  He traveled to many different cities during his two week long trip, so having the perfect travel bag was essential and that bag for him was the Small Overlander.  He liked it because it was compact enough for daily travel, getting on and off the trains and buses was no problem, but large enough for the essentials such as his small laptop, charger, a couple notebooks, camera, jumper and a couple water bottles.  He also liked the fact that it has a handle because it makes it easy to grab and go and of course the option of carrying it either way is always good.  His travel advice would be to get off the beaten track and do some real exploring.

  image(34) image(33)


Next our sweet Eilidh told me about traveling to Oxford for the weekend.  She took her Small Holdall and didn’t need anything else.  I can personally attest to the greatness of this bag (I carry the large one everywhere!).  She was able to bring a couple changes of clothes, reading material, camera, purse,  and other essentials for the entire weekend.  She said it is great for short trips because it fits everything you need, but more, because it has the long and short strap options for carrying it.  Her advice was to take a notebook and suggested this one so you can write down things or places you come across.

image(38) image(37) image(36)


I moved onto Ben and his last trip was to Estonia.  Oh, so many questions about Estonia!  But we’ll stick to the topic here.  I asked Ben about his favorite travel bag and his reply was, his trusty rucksack.  Not a Scaramanga bag???  Bad news.  But the good news is: we’re at least honest here, but more importantly, we are making a rucksack!  Yay!  We are making two sizes and should be ready before June.  We all agree that it is about time we make a rucksack because traveling or not, they are fantastic, so stay tuned.  Even though Ben didn’t travel with one of our bags, his travel advice was spot on…carry extra socks and go the extra mile for a photo opportunity. Oh, but he does carry our mens wallet and wears his leather bracelet, so he’s still part of the team.

image(28) image(29) image(27)

The lovely Sharon told me about her trip to Disneyland Paris with her family.  A surprise gift from her husband that she said was truly magical for them and their son.  She likes to travel with the Flight Bag 1 because it is perfect for hand luggage.  It has everything you’d need, front pocket, long strap, handle and zipper.  She was able to put all her essentials in it like her travel wallet, jumper, snacks, camera, two books, games for her son and water bottle.  Like her trip, it too sounds magical.  Her travel advice?  Go to Disneyland Paris!

image(32) image(40) image(39)


Last, Jess told me about her trip to Oxford, seems to be a popular destination for our St. Andrews students.  Jess carried the Large Flight Bag and fit all her belongings for the weekend.  Clothes, laptop, books, folders, makeup, camera and shoes.  She likes how it has the zipper because you don’t loose anything if if tips over and the two front pockets allow easy access to her phone, small purse and lip balm.  Her travel advice?  Dry shampoo.  It will change your life.

image(30) image(31) image(26)


Oh and I like the Large Holdall because I can fit my life in it, along with my Ipad Cover (don’t tell anyone it’s a Kindle inside) and my Travel Wallet.

IMG_1750 IMG_1751 IMG_1753



So there you have it, a small peak into the travel lives  of some of Scaramanga’s most valued.  We would love to hear what you like or don’t like about travel bags!  We are always working on new designs, so we would love to hear what you think.

Childrens Satchels at Scaramanga

Childrens Satchels at Scaramanga

Here at Scaramanga, we’re most well known for our beautiful handcrafted and ethically produced adult leather satchels and travel bags, but as we hate to leave anyone out, we also offer a range of childrens satchels, called Junior Scaramanga, that suit almost every occasion. From small bags that are ideal for holding the essentials, to larger satchels that could work as an overnight bag, we’ve got something for kids of all ages.


Sarah With Her Leasther Satchel

Sarah With Her Leather Satchel in July 2012

At this time of year we get a lot of calls and e-mails from people asking for our recommendations for new school bags. Of course our leather school satchels always come top on our list of suggested bags. But you cannot beat a review and feedback from someone who is using one of our leather satchels as a school bag. So we thought we would ask Sarah for her thoughts. (more…)

Traditional Leather School Satchel

Traditional Leather School Satchel

No sooner have the students thrown their textbooks in the air with joy at the thought of six long weeks of summer holidays, are the shops filling up with crisp new exercise books and pens full of ink.  The first week of term creeps closer and closer, and rather than fight through the crowds at your local shopping centre, why not choose from our wide range of leather school satchels, pencil cases and notebooks to kit out the youngsters in your life – perfect if you’re bored of the same old school and college accessories, and want to invest in things which last that bit longer.  A grades guaranteed! (more…)
Meet Our Leather Satchel Makers

Meet Our Leather Satchel Makers

At Scaramanga we’re proud of how our beautiful classic leather satchels are designed, and the hardworking, highly skilled men and women who create our bags. We believe in making classic leather satchels and bags using traditional tools and materials and most importantly of all, staying true to original leather working techniques and traditions. Our leather bags are still made the same way they would have been made in Britain 60 years ago.


Scaramanga Leather Netbook Satchel

Scaramanga Leather i-Pad Satchel £49.50

Got a netbook, ultrabook, compact laptop, tablet or a i-Pad this Christmas? Then you’ll need somewhere to put it when you are out and about. Of course it’ll need to be stylish and have enough space for some of the other things you can’t do without during a busy day. Scaramanga leather satchels or vintage leather bags make perfect laptop or netbook carriers. (more…)

scaramanga-leather-satchels-21 Despite the fact that your university years are the perfect opportunity to really find out who you are and embrace your true self, a lot rides on making a good first impression. Ideally this would involve arriving on a unicorn, but since that’s out of the question you’ll have to get by on your charm and wit. However, it doesn’t hurt to look awesome at the same time, and as everyone knows, a good outfit is nothing without excellent accessories.

One of the downsides of leaving home to further your education is that space is often limited, both in the carrying capacity of your mode of transportation on the way there and in your new home once you arrive. This means that regardless of how extensive your collection of bags may be, you’re only going to be able to take a selection. But fear not! (more…)